The first time since April people (ladies - which seems to be obvious in the Netherlands) actually danced to the music at the Matinee. It's still growing, good people! Since the dues are being paid by the venue anyway, we dare to give a reconstruction of the list - none of the numbers are very rare at the other side of the North Sea, but at this side none of them are standard.

Furthermore, I take pride in not playing anything for a second time, apart from Donnie Elbert's Little piece of leather. Since there is a new and larger audience now maybe we can consider doing away with this rule.

1. Don Covay - See saw

2. Dobie Gray - Out on the floor

The obvious, the cliché - and for the first time at this Matinee series it was right

3. The Platters - With this ring

4. The Impressions - Can't satisfy

5. The Isley Brothers - Leaving here

6. Frantic Strings - Uptown shuffle

7. Lee Andrews & the Hearts - Can't do without you

8. The Contours - It's so hard being a loser

9. San Remo Strings - I'm satisfied

10. The Drifters - Baby what I mean

11. Laura Nyro & Labelle - Monkey time

Yeah, eat your heart out, Major Lance! Medleyed with Dancing in the street and I wish I could shimmy the frail beautiful singer-songwriter takes care of the dancefloor with the help of able African American friends. A few weeks ago I "discovered" her through her original of Eli's coming, which did away with any nightmarish experience I have with listening to lonely girls behind a piano.

12. Ike & Tina Turner - Such a fool for you

13. Kaddo Strings - Crying over you

Not the Roy Orbison number! I bet these are the other "Strings" again, moonlighting - but I cannot be sure

14. The Ikettes - Can't sit down

Not the Phil Upchurch number!

15. Ramsey Lewis Trio - Wade in the water

16. The Staple Singers - Motherless children

17. The [U.S.] Outsiders - Respectable

The Isleys' number. Actually, the pace of this version may be too high (and the instrumental sound is that of a garage band)

18. Edwin Starr - Backstreet

19. Bill Cosby -Little ole man

Somehow I cannot stand Stevie Wonder's Uptight, but this may do well (just like Nancy Wilson's or Ramsey Lewis' versions (or even The Mammals') - it is undeniably a dancefloor shaker)

20. The Olympics - Baby, do the Philly Dog

21. Merry Clayton - It's in his kiss

22. Brenda Lee - Coming on strong

The forgotten song, mentioned by Golden Earring in Radar love - which did not help. I remember playing this on the radio quite a few years ago and the programme controller calling to ask: "What is THIS?" He was supposed to be a country specialist - and this is one of those fine numbers exploring the boundaries between country and R&B, and a dancefloor stomper it is too.

This was meant to be a rounding-up number, because people were coming in to congratulate someone having a birthday party. After this the pace was brought down deliberately to prepare people for the usual techno tapes, but not too quickly. 22 numbers within one hour - and recognizably songs or tunes - writing it down makes me amazed and brings the old jingle to my mind: More music more music more music....

Rob G.

Right back where we started from

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