Advance your skills or learn more about snowboarding.

I'm glad to see you love snowboarding so much! Now that you've passed the beginner stage, you'll find you learn things much easier and quicker. Carving, jumping and landing will all come with time. Just work at it. To help you along, check out these sections:

I. The Intermediate Tips section: Here's what you came for. Learn how to carve, approach a jump, and land.

II. The Intermediate Tricks section. These are more advanced than the beginner section, but you can start trying them.

III. Cruise by the Park section if you want to learn about snowboard parks.

Snowboarding Link Extras

Dictionary of Snowboarding Terms: SOL has created a list of practically every term, trick and word in snowboarding. Unfortunatly, they changed their site and the tricks aren't listed in one big dictinary anymore. You have to look in the archives, which is the link I gave. To go to their homepage, click here.

History of Snowboading: Find out who created the first snowboard and where we got our start. Lot's of info, but not very many pics.

Snowboard Videos: Download mini-movies in quicktime and see pros perform tricks from snowboard videos.

Snowboard Search: Looking for something in particular? Try snowbot, it's dedicated to the sport of snowboarding and will search for whatever you want.


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Price Extremes
Boots and Bindings
The Board

360 - 1080 - Brandon, X-treme boarder, explains how to do the newest or advanced tricks.

Hey You! You should be a star! Send me your pictures, stories, web addresses and more and I'll post them in this new section. The form is available here.

Visit a snowboard park. If you've ever wanted to know what is in a park, go here.

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Snowboard Companies! A listing of snowboarding comapanies, their web address and their mailing address is listed here.

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