Intermediate Tips
Moving on up! Keep it up and you'll be at the advanced page in no time


Even if you still consider yourself a beginner, you should still read this page and the tricks page. It'll give you an idea of where you're at in snowboarding and will help you transfer into the intermediate group faster. After you've mastered everything on these two pages, you definitly won't need me anymore.


After you've gotten pretty good at doing wide turns, you'll be ready to move into carving. You can't be a snowboard and not carve. It'll teach you the essentials of balance and technique. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Use a beginners hill; probably the one you first learned to snowboard on. Trying to learn on a double black diamond isn't a good idea. Also, starting on an easy hill will help you become better at the harder ones sooner.

  • Take it slow. If you feel your going to fall or getting out of controll, stop for a moment. Get the hang of it and then challange yourself to improve. For example, try making sharper turns and transitioning from your toes to your heels faster and smoother.

  • Watch other people do it. Have a friend go with you that knows how and have them tell you how they learned.

  • Try not to be afraid of falling on your face. It happens to everyone, and it is somtimes the best way to learn. Believe me, I've done my share of face plants :)

Start by bending your knees. Naturally, don't over do it. As your on your heel edge, imagine yourself switching to your toes. Now slowly switch your body weight forward and try to turn the opposite direction. Your going to be using your back leg like a steering wheel. It'll controll the direction the snowboard goes. Use your weight to balance you now that you've switch directions. To turn back, begin to switch your weight back to your heels. Use your back leg again to move the board around. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Remember, nothing works like trial and error (or face plants).


Once you feel ready to jump, there are some techniques to it you should know.

  • Approach the jump at a speed thats good for you. You might not want to even get air on your first jump. Just go over it a couple times to get a feel for it.

  • Now that you've done that, pick a speed that'll get you going fast enough that you won't just coast over it.

  • Make sure your board is flat and striaght when you approach the jump. This means you can't be turning your board trying to slow down. If your nose goes up, you'll land right on your butt. If your board is crooked, you'll crash.

  • Like carving, you'll probably end up with your face in the snow your first few times.

  • Bend your knees as you hit the jump, then right when your about to go in the air spring up for that added oomph.

  • Be careful of hurting your tailbone! Many people fly wildly over the jump, not expecting their but to go in the air. But it happens, and when you land hand on it - ouch.

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