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If you've never snowboarded before and you want to learn, or you've only gone a couple of times, begin here. You'll learn how to get started, basic tricks, and the costs of snowboarding.�

If you consider yourself an intermediate snowboarder, or you want to know what comes next, check out this section. Learning to carve, approaching a jump, and landing are covered here.�

This section is split into two parts: Pictures and Brandon's exper tips

Help on buying equipment:

Price Extremes
If you have no clue how much snowboarding equipment costs, start here. I give you the two extreme prices on equipment, the lowest possible cost I could find and the highest. Then I averaged these two to give you a basic idea on the cost of board, boots, gloves and other items.�

Boots and Bindings Explained
What you need to know about boots and bindings before you buy. Such as how boots should fit, the difference between strap in and step in bindings, and tips for when you go shopping�

The Snowboard
If you want to know what makes up a snowboard, cruise in here. Its all the technological info.


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360 - 1080 - Brandon, X-treme boarder, explains how to do the newest or advanced tricks.�

Hey You! You should be a star! Send me your pictures, stories, web addresses and more and I'll post them� in this new section.� The form is available here.

Visit a snowboard park. If you've ever wanted to know what is in a park, go here.�

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Snowboard Companies! A listing of snowboarding comapanies, their web address and their mailing address is listed here.�

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