How to Ride the Snowboard Park
Everything a Snowboarder should know


Before you drop into a snowboard park, there are some rules you need to follow. These aren't the ski resorts rules, or any written rules, but the Rules of the Snowboard Park that every snowboarder should know.

I. If you and another person go at a jump at the same time, let the person going faster hit it. Or if you here someone yell "My turn" "I'm going" or anything like that, don't go until you know its clear and someone isn't coming in from behind you. It really sucks when someone isn't paying attention and cuts off your turn.

II. If you fall, get up! Snowboarders don't have X-ray vision. They can't see if you cleared the jump or if your laying in a pile of snow. Once you fall, get out of the way as soon as you can. Most people don't waite that long after you before they come flying over the jump themselves.

III. Be courteous. Nothing sucks more than a cocky, rude snowboarder with a lot of attitude. Come on, we know you're not Terje, so stop acting like you own the park. We're all here to have fun!

Jumps you'll see in a snowboard park:

I. Spine: This isn't a conventional jump, but one that usually extends down a good part of the park. Its almost like a really big speed bump. It would go vertically down the middle. Its a fun way to do a quick 180, 360 or method while you go from one side of the park to the other.

II. Gap Jump: This is a more challenging jump. Its like two small jumps combined into one big one. Their is a "gap" on the middle top that you have to clear, while doing a trick.

III. Table Top: This is a fun jump, as long as you clear the "table." Its like a regular jump with the top flatened out. On jumps, you always want to land on the down slope. Its better for your knees and you'll land better. This is especially true on table tops. If you land on the top, flat part its not good.

IV. Half Pipe or Quarter Pipe: Doing tricks in the halfpipe is very different than the above jumps. As you go up the wall of the pipe, bend your knees, and when you reach the lip, spring up and do the best you can to do a trick and land. A Quarter Pipe is built out of the ground (halfpipes are dug into the ground). Its just one wall of a halfpipe, usually placed at the end of the park.

V. Hills: Some jumps look more like hills than regular jumps. They're more pointed at the top. These are best for going off the sides. Expect to come down pretty fast if you go over the top.


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