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Welcome to the section of my site dedicated to you. For the next month I'll be collecting pictures, stories, poems, and anything else you have related to snowboarding. Then I'll post them in this section for you to show off to the world. There are two ways to send me your stuff.

1.) If you have a picture, short video or drawing, you'll need to send it through e-mail. Send it to: [email protected]. You need to include the info you want displayed with your piece of work. Your name and a title are required. First names only because I won't put last names on this site. You could also include what you used to make it or any other inside info you'd like to give.

2.) For all written work, such as stories, poems and links to pages can be sent through this form. If you are sending me a link, please include a brief summary in the text box.


Title of homepage/story/poem/etc. (do not hit enter)

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I do not collect personal information from this website. E-mail addresses, names and other info will be kept completely confidential. By submitting your work to be displayed on the WWW you take responsibility for other's seeing it and possibly using it for their own personal use. So don't send anything you want to keep private!

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The Board

360 - 1080 - Brandon, X-treme boarder, explains how to do the newest or advanced tricks.

Hey You! You should be a star! Send me your pictures, stories, web addresses and more and I'll post them in this new section. The form is available here.

Visit a snowboard park. If you've ever wanted to know what is in a park, go here.

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