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Brandon explains how to do advanced tricks, from 360's to 1080's and everyting in between in his own words.



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 Superman front flip

This trick is sweet.  It is not very difficult trick.  You may want to learn this off of some kind of drop kicker into some powder to save your back/tailbone. The key is all in your knees and legs.

- Take off your nose

- Dive for the horizon

- Stick out one arm over your head and put one hand on your hip.

- Let the rotation from the take off go with your board. Using your knees as an axel, keep your body horizontal so that your knees come to a 90 degree angle.

-When your knees reach this point, kick your legs and bend at the waist. The kick will get your body into rotation.

-After you start rotating tuck for all you're worth.

-Poof. You just hucked a Superman. TOP


Haakon Flip

This is a very high risk (need balls) trick.  You have to huck yourself inverted, switch, 540/720 pipe talk. This is a trick that you must ride into the pipe wall toe-side goofy.  You kind of have to huck yourself diagonally and upside down and inverted all at the same time.  The best way to do it would to find a sequence somewhere of it, or get someone to do it before your eyes.

- Ride into the pipe wall toe-side, goofy.

- Jump off the lip and throw everything over your front shoulder (e.g.. a person who rides down the hill regular, left foot forward. Put all your weight into throwing your arms from the bottom right to the left to send you spinning like a tissue box when you fool around with it. )

-You will wind up coming around landing goofy/regular in the pipe.

-Looks nice with an indy.     

This is a very difficult trick to put down in writing.  Basically because it is one of the most screwed up tricks of them all.  But it looks sweet though. TOP



Where shall I start?  Personally I would start with the backside because I find it easier.

Back Side:

-Make small long carves up to the jump and cruise up the big table top/jump, carving toe edge. When you reach the top of the jump you have to spin like an ass over the top.

- Jump backside off the kicker

- Throwing your weight inverted, while spinning all at the same time.

- think about rotating over your back shoulder.

* when I say back shoulder I mean the one that is facing up the hill.

- you may be able to spot the landing and you may not be able to spot your landing.  Depending on if you rotate right.

- a lot of times you will wash out because of the weird  landings.

- just practice to wean out the landings.

* Huge backside 180's are great practice for landing the rodeo's

* There are rodeo's with more than just 540 rotations. You can try spinning more, but they are much more difficult. TOP


The Stupid One Footed Airwalk

Well if you were to think of doing this trick in any contest you would be going for showmanship/showwomanship points. Unless you did a  Rodeo Airwalk or something.

-You obviously have to go down the hill with your back foot not strapped in.  I don't think that I would try this with clickers. . .well maybe.  I don't know I, have never tried clickers. Anyways, you have to make it very apparent that you have your foot out of the binding, so when you go off of the kicker you should mangle your leg around a bit in the air. Then either get your foot back on the board or, if you're real good, back in the binding.  The landings are usually harsh. That's why I say you shouldn't use this trick in a competition. This can be a very dangerous trick so mangle with care. TOP



The spins are probably the first tricks you will learn because they don't need those shiny chrome balls that you need for a lot of today's new tricks.

- Ride up to the kicker

- Wind your body the opposite direction to the spin (before take off).

-Release the body wind and force yourself to spin as you take off.

-This is the point you want to grab.

-you should be able to pull a 360 off nothing if you do it right.

-because you can do 360's off nothing, it's easy/easier to do 540's and 720's when you have a bigger jump, say 8 foot.

-The landing slope is very important.

-if you get any height at all you should have at least a 30 degree transition (This will save your knees greatly! I know from past experiences). 10 foot airs onto  nothing ice slopes when I was like 13.

-depending on how you spin, and how much you spin, you can usually spot your landings. Good luck TOP

Mc Twist

This is a nice trick.  It is usually done in the pipe. It is like an inverted 540. Sort of;

-Ride up the wall of the pipe regular

 -Spin back side and throw  yourself inverted. 

-Kind of let your legs do the spinning, and try to keep your upper body in one rotation spot. 

-You would be smart to do this after someone showed you personally how to do it. 

-Try to lean forward a bit and launch off of your front leg. TOP

Corked 720

(corkscrew) Personally I think that this is one of the nicest looking tricks in the book.  For example: Tina Basich can do them with ease and makes them look beautiful. 

-Get moving fast

-Make shallow swooping carves up to the jump. You want to throw your arms towards your back foot, as you lift off. 

-Make sure you start with the barrel roll effect with a spin or you will probably wind up with just spinning. 

-You will feel like you are going to bail, but hang in there If you have all the right conditions you should be able to land with your feet some what near the ground.   Don't try this if you haven't mastered inverted tricks yet.  First of all master the back flip then the front flip then the rodeo if all of those go over well then try a corked 720. TOP

Double Back Flips!!!!

Extremely advanced trick.  The best way to train for these is to find the biggest ramp you can find that has a lot of people around it or a lot of padding! You have to just hucker.  That's the only way I can explain It.  Don't pull a Morgan Lefonte and let your tuck go when just entering the second rotation. 

-Master the single back flip! 

-Make sure you have a big enough jump 


-Just Hucker as hard and as high as you can. 

-Don't let go of your tuck/grab until you see your landing on (the second rotation). 

-Pray to God for forgiveness! TOP

Double Front Flip

I haven't mastered this yet. But if you feel you can do it, go right ahead. 

PS: I am not responsible for any broken bones, pulled muscles, death, or any persuasion in tricks. For that matter, anything to do with you life. TOP

Ninety Roll

This is a very cockeyed trick.  You have to basically pull a rodeo and revert it back 180 and land regular. 

-Go off the jump turning 90 degrees backside 

-do a back flip 

-revert back to regular and land. I haven't done this trick either. It is a new trick TOP



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360 - 1080 - Brandon, X-treme boarder, explains how to do the newest or advanced tricks.

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