Intermediate Tricks
Here the defenitions for some more tricks. Good luck with these.


360 and 540: A 360 is a complete spin in the air. A 540 is a spin and a half, so you'd land with the opposite foot you started.

Frontside 360: Get plenty of speed so that you'll have enough time in the air to do a complete spin and land smoothly. As you go up, bend your knees slightly. You're going to begin to spin the board before you're in the air. As you hit the edge of the jump, spring up. A left footed person will spin counter-clockwise. Look over your left shoulder. Wherever your head leads, your body follows, so it's important that you do this. Spin your legs and your body untill your left foot is forward again. Hopefully you land ok. You just did a 360!

Backside 360: Opposite of a frontside. As you spin, your back would be opposite the landing first, and then your front. A left footed person will go clockwise, and a goofy footed counter-clockwise. Frontside and backside will make more sense when you see them done.

Roastbeef Grab: Bring the board up like you're about to do an Indy. While in the air, reach between your legs with your back hand. Grab the heel edge in between the bindings (meaning grab the middle of the board).

Shifty Air: While you do this trick, try to keep your head facing forwards. What you are basically going to do is two 180's. Go off the jump, and spin the board in a 180, and at the same time twist your upper body in the opposite direction. Now do it backwards, so that you land with the same foot you started with.

Tail Side Grab: Reaching back with your back hand, grab the tail end of your board. Keep your board parallel with the ground.

Rocket Air: When you go off the jump, bring the nose of your board up and push the tail down. Grab the nose with your front hand. You'll like a rocket taking off.

Canadian Bacon Air: With your back hand, reach behind your rear leg. Grab the toe edge of your board in between the bindings. Bone your rear leg.

Stalefish Air: Go into a method (bend your knees, pull your board up towards your butt). With your back hand reach behind your legs and grab the heel edge. Grab it between the bindings and bone your rear leg.

Japan Air:Grab the toe edge of the board, in front of your front foot, with your front hand. Both knees are bent, your rear leg boned and the board is pulled to the level of your head.

Flying Squirell Air: Bring your board up and grab heelside with both hands. One behind each binding.

Seatbelt: Reach across your body with your front hand and grab the tail. Bone the front leg.

Nuclear Air: This is like a Seatbelt grab, except you'll be using your rear hand. With your rear hand reach across your body towards your front foot. Grab the heel edge in front of your front foot (don't grab the toe, just the heel edge).

Lien Air: With your front hand, grab the heel edge. Then lean out over the nose. See also the next trick. Lien is Neil backwards (named after skateboarder Neil Blender).

Lein Method: Go into a method (knees bent, board towards butt). Grab the toe edge of the board with your front hand. Make sure you grab the toe edge, and don't go for the nearest one, the heel.


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