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Personal Info Sheet-Alan Gilfoy

Birthday: Jan. 6th, 1990 (11:55 PM, according to the birth certificate)
That means my age is: 17 (nearly 18- whoo!)


  • 1. college student (freshman business major, RIT2. Restaurant dishwasher (necessary because of Occupation #1 above. :))

    Favorite Music

    I'm a huge fan of oldschool rock music, and my favorite band in that category has got to be Led Zeppelin, with many of the other great rockers of the era close behind.

    Not only is P2P downloading illegal, it's probably also a wonderful way to acquire computer viruses...I own a few CDs, and have borrowed many more form the record collections of relatives - I import said music into my computer, and play it off of said computer - my laptop is the world's bulkiest MP3 player. :D

    Here's the list, by artist, of what's in my iTunes library: Alan's Music collection contents - click here

    Favorite Sports:

  • Sport to watch: American Football

  • My favorite football team is the Buffalo Bills. (though a multiple amount of wins would be nice. :D)
    Buffalo Bills football helmet
  • Sport to play: Baseball

  • softball playerbaseball diamonda leaping outfielderbaseball pitcher

    Other favorite stuff:

    Favorite Toys:

    Magic the Gathering trading cards. I've been playing this game since about June 2004, and am starting to write a webpage about my involvement with the game, linked here.

    LEGO bricks are an old favorite of mine. I haven't played with my LEGOs much lately. They're in store, either under the basement stairs or in my closet. I have a few on top of my bookshel and dresser, those are there for decoration.

    I have about 10,000 LEGO pieces. I counted them to get an exact number and it really did turn out to be around 10,000: 'Alan's LEGO Collection' main page (Still needs work)
    LEGO tower
    LEGO people playing Beer Pong
    LEGO tower
    LEGO spaceport

    Favorite Board Games:

    Chess and Monopoly
    The Chess Pieces- Bishop, Queen, King, Knight, Rook, Pawn
    chess bishopchess queenchess KingChess knightchess rookchess pawn

    I have the rules of chess listed here.
    a pawn in the middle of 4 chess squares

    Monopoly Graphics

    3 Monopoly pieces: racecar, tophat and wheelbarrowA U.S. stamp featuring Monopolyall 6 denomiations of Monopoly money, denominations are $1,$5,$10,$20,$100,$500

    Monopoly sets contain exactly $15,140 in Monopoly money. How I would like to play a game of Monopoly with real money! (The U.S. government used to print actual $500 bills.) But, since real $500s are extremely rare, and cost way more than $500, I would use extra $100s.
    I listed the rules of Monopoly here.

    I have a self-composed Monopoly strategy section.
    Part 1:click here.
    Part 2:click here
    Part 3:click here
    Part 4":click here
    Part 5:click here

    I used to like making my own play money, which I call Alanbucks. I have a page on my play money here, with pictures the various denominations that I came up with. all 4 suit symbols

    I happen to be a big fan of card games. I'm writing a book on card games, even. My Rummy 500, Hearts and Euchre rules, linked here, come from that book. These pages were even suggeted to, and linked by, the pagat.com card game megasite. (also, that site's webmaster put up the rules for a coupel of my self-created games.) diamondsclubsheartsspades

    Favorite card games:

    Rummy 500
    Rummy 500 rules here- my own words
    Euchre rules here- my own words
    Hearts rules here- my own words

    As for collectible card games, I seemed to be just getting into Pokemon as that was going out of style. I don't play that game anymore, have since upgraded to Magic the Gathering. (see above)

    Favorite TV shows:

    The Simpsons (My Simpsons fan page here) Official site: thesimpsons.com

    Some of my favorite Computer Games:

    Sim City 3000
    Starcraft (futuristic strategy game)
    Space Empires III (another futuristic strategy game)
    The Sims
    Pharoah (an Egypt-themed city-building game)

    These are some of the pictures I have taken of my "Sims" characters- the Miller family.
    These are some of the pictures I have taken of my "Sims" character Lisa Austin.
    I also have collections of baseball cards, coins, stamps, dice, playing cards, and various other things. I have created webpages for 3 of those collections:

    Here is a page on my coin collection.

    And one on my bill collection.

    Also, here is a page about my stamp collection.
    Lucky Number: 7

    Favorite Foods:

    Pasta, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, Italian sausages, turkey with gravy

    a pepperoni pizza
    Mmmm... delicious.
    Mmmm... also delicious

    Favorite Drinks: Lemonade, orange juice, fruit punch, Coke, MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!

    Favorite desserts: ice cream, apple pie, both of them at the same time, frosting with cake, cinnamon buns, candy , oatmeal raisin cookies

    Favorite websites:

    My favorite websites are listed under "Links" on my main page.
    Go to my main page's Links section by clicking here.
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