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I have built up quite a lot of stamps (at least several thousand, I don't want to count them all, but the only stamps I've really organized are my three albums. (Third one is new, haven't gotten around to pictures of that yet)

I've gotten stamps in the following ways:

  • The normal 'soak 'em off envelopes' method
  • Buying them at Post Offices (I often buy small amounts of commemoratives, as they come out, to help keep my collection current) I have an envelope filled with several stamp blocks that I got this way, but I can't find the darn thing right now!
  • Buying from the Post Office catalog
  • I placed a major order from the Mystic catalog once, and I was part of Mystic's approvals group for a few months. I have to say that Mystic's catalog prices are very good, for fairly common used stamps. (They have many stamps at 15 cents, instead of the Scott catalog value minimum of 20 cents.)
  • I have also received some stamps as gifts. Most notable was a plastic grocery store bag that was nearly full of old foreign stamps from the 60s and 70s.
  • My first two albums are standard 1 inch 3-ring binders. (Trying to be economical here, I don't have that much of a collecting budget) I have used Avery report covers and special beige w/ black border album pages that I ordered from Mystic.

    There's no real theme to my first album, but my second album is more 'official', as I have it organized by Scott number. The third album is actually designed for storing postcards and envelopes; I use it for my small collection of FDCs. The fourth album is a standard photo album; I use it for most of the modern stamps that I get in blocks of 4 from the post office. (as that album's pages are good at holding all those small objects in place without adhesive.)

    I've scanned each page of my albums and then posted the pics here. (Well, [I used a photo editor to shrink the pictures to a reasonable file size.] Enjoy:

    Click here for the pictures from Album 1- Assorted.
    Click here for the pictures from Album 2- 'Scott number'.
    Click here for the pictures from Album 3- FDCs.
    Click here for the pictures from Album 4-Modern sheets/ blocks of 4.

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