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Monopoly Strategy: There's more to it than just the luck of the dice

How to better your chances at Monopoly, one of the world's best board games Part 1: Know the odds of throwing certain numbers with the dice.

Dice Odds Chart

  • 2- 1/36(2.7%)
  • 3- 2/36(5.4%)
  • 4- 3/36(8.3%)
  • 5- 4/36(11.1%)
  • 6- 5/36(13.8%)
  • 7- 6/36(16.7%)
  • 8- 5/36(13.8%)
  • 9- 4/36(11.1%)
  • 10- 3/36(8.3%)
  • 11- 2/36(5.4%)
  • 12- 1/36(2.7%)

    Never forget the object of the game

    The object of the game is to bankrupt all opponents. To do so, you must be dedicated and make each decision with the aim of improving your chances and wiping out your opponents.

    Never let an opponent off the ropes. Luck plays a key role in the game and luck can turn against you if you do not bankrupt a player as quickly as you can.

    Know the equipment well.

    Remember, there are 32 houses and 12 hotels. Use this knowledge to create housing shortages when it is to your advantage.
    There are 16 Chance Cards:
  • Ten of these cards move you elsewhere.
  • [62.5%]
  • 2 give you money ("rewards")
  • [12.5%]
  • 2 take money away ("penalties")
  • [12.5%]
  • One takes money away if you own buildings
  • [6.25%]
  • One lets you get out of jail free
  • [6.25%]
    (A Chance card will, most likely, send you to another space.)
    Keep track of which cards have been played. Since the deck is never shuffled, you can deduce which cards haven't come up. If you have a great memory, you'll know which cards to expect when they recycle. Thus, you could, for example, keep enough cash on hand to cover an impending penalty.

    The cards are not supposed to be shuffled after you go through the pile.

    There are 16 Community Chest Cards.
  • Nine of these cards give you money ("rewards")
  • [56.25%]
  • Three take money away ("penalties")
  • [18.75%]
  • 2 move you elsewhere
  • [12.5%]
  • One takes money away if you own buildings.
  • [6.25%]
  • One lets you get out of jail free
  • [6.25%]
    (A Community Chest Card will, most likely, give you a reward.)

    Keep track of cards played from this deck as well. Go to the next part
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