All of these pics are actual game screenshots.

Lisa Austin

Lisa lives at 8 Sim Lane in Neighborhood #1. Her house is worth about 45,000 simoleans (with no cheat codes!) She is a 'Feature Star'. (job #8 on the Entertainment career track) This job has a 900 simolean payday. Woohoo! She's currently single, but I'm trying to hook her up with another Sim, Bill Jackson.

Small Pictures (In Chronological Order)

Just Arrived On The Lot Meeting the Neighbors: Toni Roomies Meeting The Neighbors: Bella Goth Meeting The Neighbors: Diane Pleasant A Quick Meal
Could it be SimRomance? Practicing a speech This is the last thing I need!! At least you're using that extinguisher provided to you at taxpayer expense. Mortimer likes the joke
Have you ever seen a two simolean bill? Feel the burn!

If I bought a personal airplane to take to work, would I have to go through security before I left my house in the morning?

Eavesdropping Maid Making a Drink
I hate these! You ever dayream about finding a huge wad of cash? I do. Yeah, I actually did find one. But it got stolen. Busted!
Lisa The Chemist Tickling A Friend Playing Starcraft Save the whales! Taking A Bath

Medium Pictures (In Chronological Order)

Bad place for a party That's better!
I see you, mister. Hands up! Okay, okay.
Swimming Talking

Large Pictures (In Chronological Order)

House Layout
Austin_10_0000.jpg through Austin_10_0072.jpg

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