Alex leaving for work
Melissa playing computer games
Meeting the Neighbors
Melissa finds out that a neighbor knows how to juggle
Hah! Checkmate! I win again!
Welcome home.
Ya mean it? Maybe you'll be gettin' some tonight.
Come here, you.
It gets better. I picked this up for you on the way home.
...Miller rounding first...
You change its diaper.It's half your DNA.
Hi. I'm Alex. Already taken, though.
Jake, don't get me started about politicians.
I know, but lawyers are worse.
The President must be really bad then.
Boy, I'm tired.
Faster I finish, the faster I can eat.
Practicing a speech
Boy, I hope they don't kill the messenger for bringing bad news.

Sorry about some of the pictures being a bit blurry. I took them with the low and medium quality settings.

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