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If you were (or are) a fan of the disco-erazoic SOMA cube, the slide-rule or even Frank Zappa, then keep your browsers peeled to this site. But don't hold your breath; meanwhile, you'll have to put up with yet another amateur starting his own web page, and probably with a bunch of cheezy Yahoo ads (since I chose the default template).

Ignore the man behind the curtain. In a few days, I might even include the high-rent "construction" icon to make the site look more professional and SERIOUS ...and my wife (Barbara) has a lot of cooking recipes, if you like meatballs stuffed with pineapples or raisons. A true pioneer.

After 5 years with AT&T, we have switched over to SBC as of October 13, 2003 (no hard feelings, we hope). Read all about the nightmare.

- Courtney McFarren (alias CMcF)
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