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About the Rotary Engine Pages
The Rotary Engine Pages is the product of a lifetime of Rotaphilia suffered by one man. Who's lifetime, and what man you may ask ? Well, that would be me.

me   Hi there, my name is Glenn and I am the creator and operator of these,
  The Rotary Engine Pages.

This site started out as just a handful of pages thrown together for the hell of it one day. Crudely designed with poor layout and very few departments. Since it's ordinary beginings it has grown to what you see here today and will continue to grow in the future, always pushing the limits of the GeoCities allotted 11MB of space. It's those damned movies and pictures that take up all the space.

Anyway, as promised, this site will soon contain all of my Rotary videos shot at Shows, Hillclimbs and Drag meetings over the years. Also I hope to have the forum up shortly offering not only interaction with me at this site but the many other Rotary Fans that drop in from time to time.

If you have your own Rotary and want to show it off. Send us a pic and we will run it in the gallery. If the idea is popular, we will make a dedicated Readers Rotaries page and collect them all together there.
Or if you are good with a word proccessor and have Rotary knowledge to share, why not write an article on about your specialist area or even your stories of Rotary experiences whether they be victories at the traffic lights or new mechanical tips and rebuild information. All input is welcome as supplying information about Rotaries is one of the best ways to expand the Rotary Conciousness ever more. Share it with those who really want to know. We will do our best to put it on the site.

We have no affiliation with any Rotary Clubs (all welcome though) or Rotary related businesses or sponsors and operate this web site purely out of enthusiasm for this amazing invention.
There is not much more I can really say about the site except that I hope you enjoy your visit.
If you want to know a little bit more about me (I can't imagine who would:) then read on. If you want to know more about Rotaries, stop reading this and get back in there.

About me coming soon.

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