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1. Which picture shows a Bridge Port?

Picture A
Picture A
Picture B
Picture B
Picture C
Picture C
Picture D
Picture D

2. The object shown in red is a ......?

2. The object shown in red is a ......?       Side Seal
      Apex Seal
      Corner Seal
      Rotor Bearing

3. The carburetor shown is a ......?

3. The carburetor shown is a ......?       Holley
      Injector Body

4. Which is the heaviest model in standard trim?
    (based on Mazda figures at time of release)

      Mazda RX3 (model S102A)
      Mazda RX4 (model LA22S)
      Mazda RX7 (model Series 1)
      Mazda 110S Cosmo Sport (model L10A)

5. Which car represents the first production vehicle with a twin rotor version of the Wankel engine?

      Mazda R100
      Mazda 110S Cosmo Sport
      NSU RO80
      Mazda RX7SP

6. Select the odd one from this group?

      General Motors
      Daimler Benz

7. The correct spelling for the name of the object shown is......?

7. The correct spelling for the name of the object shown is......?       Excentric Shaft
      Exsentric Shaft
      Essentric Shaft
      Eccentric Shaft
      Exentrique Shaft
      Electric Shaft

8. Did these square headlights ever appear on a production model?
      If so, which model?

8. Did these square headlights ever appear on a production model?       Mazda RX4 1974
      Mazda RX4 1975
      Mazda RX3 1973
      No they did not

9. Which rotary engine has six spark plugs? (factory fitted)


10. It was a summers day, the year was 1964, the race circuit was Goodwood,
      the car performing for the jounalists was the first wankel powered vehicle
      to be offered to the public. Which car was it?

      NSU RO80
      GM Rotary Prototype (Corvette)
      Mazda Cosmo 110S
      NSU Spider
      Daimler Benz C-111

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