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Mazda R100 Burnout
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Mr Dalton going off for the crowd at Willowbank, QLD. (2.7MB)

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Here are a few movies, of many more yet to come from our own Camcorder collection. Check out the feature movie on the right. IE users, just ignore the errors and if you have trouble viewing the movies, contact us and we will see if we can help.

You will need a REAL G2 player to view these movies (get it here free !) and a AVI player with Cinepac codecs to view the AVI's.

We only have one feature movie at a time offered in AVI format because AVI's take up so much space.
If you want to see other movies much more clearly in AVI format, contact us and tell us which movie you want and in what AVI compression codec. Ask us for more info if you need it or in the meantime, just enjoy the Real player versions. They're not too bad and the sound is almost the same.

You can download all the realG2 movies as one zip file here.

Mr Dalton's Mazda R100 #1 Mr Dalton's Mazda R100 does an excelent burnout to get the crowd going and nearly takes out the control point.

Realplayer G2 r100_1_burn.rm (74KB)

Mr Dalton's Mazda R100 #2 Dalton's Mazda R100 again. This time the second part of the above clip including the -11 second run.

Realplayer G2 r100_2_burn.rm (81KB)

Mr Dalton's Mazda R100 #3 Dalton's Mazda R100 once again. This time, a big wheelie.

Realplayer G2 r100_1_wheelie.rm (47KB)

Mazda RX 5 - Dapto Hill Climb A run up Dapto Hill Climb by a Mazda RX 5, a non-permanent track south of Sydney, on the East Coast of Australia. (weekend warriors only here:)

Realplayer G2 rx5_1_hill.rm (90KB)

Mazda RX2 - Willowbank #1 A purposeful looking Mazda RX2 nearly runs over me in the Willowbank staging area.
Not very smooth video but a great car never the less.

Realplayer G2 rx2_1_pit.rm (61KB)

Mazda RX2 - Willowbank #2 The same Mazda RX2 on track at Willowbank, Queensland recording a 13.17 for the quarter.

Realplayer G2 rx2_1_race.rm (78KB)

VW Beetle - Big Wheelstand ! VW Beetle Drag Car. OK, I know it isn't a Rotary, but it almost hits the wall and it's a good wheelstand.

Realplayer G2 vw_1_wheelie.rm (60KB)

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