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Furthermore, the site operators do not guarentee the accuracy of any information that appears on the Rotary Engine Pages. (especially other peoples:)
We have been as accurate as we can possibly be.

If you think you own or have exclusive rights to anything appearing on these pages. Please contact us and state your position.
We will quickly remove any content that is shown to be protected by copyright or personal ownership.

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We hope you enjoy our site, but if there is something you would like changed, removed or added, please contact us on our contact page.

Thanks to
Nicholas Faith (author - The Wankel Engine 1976 George, Allen & Unwin Ltd London), Dave Emanuel (author - How to Modify Your RX7 1987 HP Books USA), John Wright (author - Mazda Rotary Handbook- 1993 Marque Publishing - Bookworks Aust), Ferrari-Shell, A Ton of Assorted Magazines, The Net (Of Course !), Racing Beat. Mazda, Rotary Rocket, Others too numerous to mention.

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