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Taurus Constellation Taurus
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TaurusYou will always find one of these subjects among the "beautiful people."  Taureans born in Pig years, albeit rather rustic in certain ways, are attracted to the upper levels of society.  Material wealth of all varieties will embellish the opulent aura of the Taurean/Pig.  He enjoys both riches and position and, frankly, never accepts less than what he feels is his absolute due (lots).  This person is also quite bossy.  He needs to have his own way.  He will cooperate.  But only if he gets to be the "Mommy."

PigThe types of activities that can be undertaken by a Taurus/Pig are myriad.  No onerous task or chore is too difficult for his brute force.  No fine detailed work with needle, brush or knife defies his deftness.  This is a BIG sign, both generous and loving in the extreme, hardworking and very down-to-earth.

TaurusThe Taurean born Pig may not have a sparkling youth or a smooth harmonious adolescence.  But when he grows up, the Taurus/Pig deliberately sets out to find his lost chords, to put order and concord back into his tumultuous life.  Methodically and with great thought and care, the Taurus/Pig finds the people with whom he will share his life, takes great pains to protect and make them comfortable in luxurious surroundings, and then grippingly, fervently, solidly loves them.

PigTaurus/Pigs are very often handsome people whose grace, despite the avoirdupois that both Bull and Porky summon in the mind's eye, is lovely to watch.  They are tough and dense people.  But Taurus/Pigs are rarely severe or unkind, cruel or unfair to others.  They truly like their fellow man and are sledom, if ever, thoroughly disgruntled.

TaurusCombine the logic and patience of the Taurus with the scrupulous sincerity of the Pig and you have a limpidly sterling character.  This person will readily share his material wealth, and draw up and carry out huge serious projects.  And his word is as good as law -- better.  He honors his contracts and is fraught with terrible self-doubt and worry if for some reason he cannot.

PigBecause the Taurus/Pig is essentially such a pure soul, always willing to give ears and tail to cooperate with others, it follows that sometimes he is also extremely influenceable.  I mean, if a Taurus/Pig believes in somebody, buys someone's act all the way, then his faith and loyalty to that person will be unshakable.  If, unfortunately, the "someone" in question is a rotten egg and drags the poor good-hearted Taurus/Pig into treachery and crime, it will be the moral and emotional undoing of our hero.

TaurusTaurean Pigs don't like to be rude to others.  But if they are pushed too far... My friend Fran Pascal, the Taurus/Pig, is a beauty.  She's also a mother and a blond.  Typically, Fran can remember and recite verbatim every single incident in her whole life (two) where she has spoken sharply to someone.  "That guy had done too many terrible things and made so many mean remarks that one day when I saw him in the elevator of my building, I just waited till the doors closed, stood back against the wall and told him off."  Franny always recounts this story with much vigor and righteousness.  The act is so uncharacteristic of her normally gentle but firm approach that she sort of savors this moment of truth as a gesture of almost naughty courage.  For a gallicized Scorpio/Tiger like me, who runs around screaming insults at anybody who dares cross me, Fran's elevator run-in with truth seems tame.  But for a Taurus/Pig, the mere act of telling someone off seems a misuse of power.

PigPowerful these people are.  And impenetrable as well.  They love company and are always the ones who shop and cook and make lovely dinners where people remember having such a roaring good time.  But when they are working or just thinking, you need a power-driven crowbar to enter their concentration aura.  This ability to persevere alone, nibbling slowly every day at a huge amount of work, is what gives the Taurus/Pig his ticket to success.  Everything this person does is tinged with victory.

TaurusAnother of my Taurus/Pig acquaintances, Elsbeth Juda, is a painter.  She lives near me in the country.  Whenever I need a hiking partner whose perseverance and sheer grit will urge me up a mountain, I call on Elsbeth.  Just as nothing keeps Elsbeth from swimming twenty-five laps in her neighbor's pool every morning at seven, laying on huge hearty meals for six or eight or twenty almost every night, entertaining house guests constantly AND remembering to paint a painting in between, nothing can deter her from reaching the summit of the hill.  Elsbeth is tough.  She often takes another swim at midnight, too.  Elsbeth is seventy-two.




PigWhen it comes to knowing how to love, romance, tenderness, loyalty and depth of feeling are true qualities.  Taurus/Pigs have them all.  They are really all-or-nothing love bugs with a unique taste for the finest that sensuality has to offer.  These types adore food and don't even mind tippling a bit.  Their homes are invariably comfortable and richly appointed.  The entire ambience speaks of occasions for amorous activity.  Large bedrooms, draped in velvets, and tinted lampshades entice the loved one into a nest whence she is not likely to exit intact.

TaurusTaurean Pigs crave beauty and comfort.  They require a lot of chatting and foreplay, appreciate lavish gifts and elegant parties.  Don't invite a Taurus/Pig to come and stay with you in a hut or a tent.  These subjects really hate to rough it.  Give a Taurus/Pig a luxurious villa on the French Riviera or a sprawling palazzo in Tuscany.  Invite him to stay on a huge ranch in Texas.  But don't ask a Taurus/Pig to love you unless you're willing and able to provide at least one of the above.

PigYou will need to arm yourself with patience, too.  Taurus/Pigs get things done but they love to take their time.  If they are busy playing a piano sonata when they're supposed to be at an appointment, Taurus/Pigs will take their good old time about finishing the music first.  Taurus/Pigs are also mild people.  They don't go for exaggerated mawkish knight-in-shining-armor behavior.  Never serenade a Taurus/Pig under his window or swashbuckle around him.  He'll only laugh and you won't get to see that cozy nest I was talking about earlier.  Be cool.  And intelligent.  And funny.




TaurusPursue a Capricorn/ or Cancer/Cat, /Dragon or /Goat for the purposes of happiness ever after.  For some hanky-panky you might be amused by a bout with a sexy Virgo/ or Pisces/Goat character.  Your sensitivities match up perfectly.  But if you want some future with your sensuality, stick with Cats and Dragons of the Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces persuasion.  Both Chinese signs are capable of true complicity with you.  Don't waste any time on Leo/Snakes or /Monkeys.  Steer around Scorpio/Tigers, /Roosters and /Dogs.  Whatever you do, don't go getting involved with Aquarius/Snakes, /Roosters or /Monkeys.


Home And Family


PigThe call of duty is music to the ears of Taureans born Pig.  Relatives are always welcome at their homes, family reunions are often held in their backyards, and when cousin Sara gets married it's usually good old Taurus/Pig who throws the reception at his place.  Taurus/Pigs faithfully phone their aging parents and listen to hours of woeful tales with an indulgent smile on their lips.

TaurusAs parents themselves, Taurus/Pigs may be incidentally bossy but they are not very authoritarian.  They like to think they are giving leeway to their kids, room to grow and imagine and learn about art and culture.  Taurus/Pigs are themselves very artistic people.  The thought that their child might feel constrained or restricted by stodgy teachers or dumb rules irks the Taurus/Pig.  He'll be the first parent to summarily remove his kid from any stuffy environment where the child is unhappy.

PigTaurus/Pig children are rich in spirit.  They don't mind sharing their games or letting other kids borrow their bikes.  But little Taureans born in Pig years insist on having their own way.  Their angers are few but when they arise they amount to real bite-the-rug tantrums.  This child needs a comfortable and secure environment in which to develop his artistic bents.  Take him to museums and the ballet, shower him with affection and don't be shy of firmness.  He will respect discipline as long as it is combined with true caring.




TaurusThis person will be talented for professions requiring diligence, strength, artistic appreciation and sense of team spirit.  Taurus/Pigs are not loners.  They crave company and like to feel as though they "belong" where they work.

PigAs a coworker, the Taurus/Pig will probably strike others as slightly on the demanding side.  He is stubborn and when an idea sticks in his brain, he doesn't let go of it easily.  I feel sorry for anyone who tries to take his position away or one-up the Taurus/Pig in a chain of command.  This person has a natural penchant for surpassing others.  Executive jobs are suitable.  But as he is also extremely sensitive, his managerial talents can be best applied in areas where art is present.  A curator's job would suit the Taurus/Pig.  Or that of a department head in a university.  Of course he can also choose to become a giant of industry or even a politician.  But wherever he works, the Taurus/Pig will insist on success.

TaurusFamous Taurean Pigs:  Fred Astaire, Vladimir Nabokov, Oliver Cromwell and the empire-builder William Randolph Hearst.


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