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PiscesThe Fish born in Dragon cares greatly for her own advancement.  This person needs to feel progress. Standing still renders her nervous and edgy.  So, when there is no progress, if she is not moving ahead, she travels.  One thing is sure, the Pisces/Dragon is a mover. She may be running or walking, swimming or taking a train, but the Fish born a Dragon ambulates.

DragonFrom the Pisces side of her nature, this subject gains perspective.  For a Dragon, who knows better than anyone how to brag about herself into first place, the tepid waters of Pisces are a boon.  Pisces cools the Dragon's exaggerated gusto and dampens her fire to a smoulder.  In certain cases, Pisces slows the Dragon too much and the green scaly monster becomes an appealing but rudderless wastrel, a shadow of her Dragonly self.  This last state can be dangerous to the Pisces/Dragon's well-being, as dampened Dragon spirits may increase the Pisces' "don't give a damn" attitude.

Pisces What should be emphasized for the benefit of the Pisces/Dragon is self-discipline and perseverance. Both of these signs are past masters at slinking out of practice sessions.  This person will surely try to have herself excused from drills and rehearsals.  The Dragon born in Pisces thinks she knows enough already and were others to ask her advice, a lot more could be accomplished in a shorter time.  So why hang around being bored?

DragonAha!  Here's the rub.  Pisces/Dragons always think they know best.  They barge ahead in almost every situation they encounter, doing exactly as they please.  They may think they are barging in the name of some ideal.  But they give no thought to whether the rest of us agree with said ideal.  In other sign combinations Dragons, who push and shove and take over, can be told off.  "Go back to your cave, Dragon, and wait till we call you." But it's very difficult to tell off a Pisces/Dragon.  She is narcissistic and defensive in the extreme.  She is unsure of herself and may compensate by designing and constructing emotional storms, the tears from which might extinguish the sun itself.

PiscesThis person spins a web of charm so attractive and convincing that even she believes in it.  She will come on so strong with an idea or plan that you cannot possibly doubt its feasibility.  Pisces/Dragon doesn't know about halfway measures.  She will be going to do it all.  Then, one day, you see her in the street and say, "Hey Dragon/Pisces, old girl, how's that company you were putting together?" or, "What about your skyscraper out in the backyard?"  The Pisces/Dragon pulls herself up tall and looks disdainfully downward. "Which one was that, pal?" she wonders.

Dragon Now what is so exciting about this character is her charm and good health.  The Pisces/Dragon may be bumptious and a bit too plucky at times, but the real Pisces self, that Lucy-in-the-Sky-with-Diamonds faraway look in the long-lashed eye, the laughs and the jokes and the giggles and pokes - ah, there is what makes a Pisces/Dragon a joy to be around.  She's always got a quip for you.  She's always on the verge of dashing off to do her jogging and then to the health club and afterward to the vegetarian restaurant in a flourish.  Pisces/Dragons (when they don't lay it on too thick) are adorable companions.

Pisces But they are not world-beaters.  They can live quite happily in the background once they get it through their heads that skyscrapers in backyards are impractical and overblown.  They can rely on advisers and live from dispensing smiles to people who love their dolce far niente approach.  Pisceans born in Dragon years will be touchy and argumentative until they finally stop trying to prove themselves.  Then they will become efficient in a chosen profession, stay in a pleasant rut, and cruise around all day dreaming about what to make for dinner.




DragonThe Pisces/Dragon is not constant in love matters.  Very often these people are born smashingly attractive.  They don't have an easy time growing up with their beauty, since their ego needs a bit of taming in the first place.  So the beauty feeds the ego and vice versa.  But, and this is a breakthrough but, Dragons, especially Pisces/Dragons, are enormously sentimental.  They may indulge in adventure upon sexual adventure and engage in the most rococo of emotional turmoils.  Breakups and reconciliations galore pepper their diaries.  But they always return to the scenes of their emotional crimes.  Once a Pisces/Dragon has loved, she always loves - forever.  Sentiment is this person's most powerful quality.  Because of it, she forgives and excuses and goes on loving - and never forgets the good times.

Pisces If you are smitten by the wiles of a Pisces/Dragon person, I think I can give you some good advice.  First off, don't ever nag them.  Cajoling is the method best utilized in the case of Piscean Dragons.  They love to be coaxed.  Be as much of an "up" person as you can, laughing at their jokes and telling them how hilarious they are, but don't ever fall completely under their spell.  As they get carried away with their own marvelousness, you (of all people) must keep your feet firmly planted in reality.  The trick is not to show it.




DragonOh, you Dragons and your popularity charts!  Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn give you Monkey admiration.  Tiger love comes from Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio.  Then of course there are the Taurus/ and Scorpio/Snakes, who go mad for you.  Not to forget both Scorpio/ and Capricorn/Rats who adore you, too.  You won't get much applause from Gemini/ or Virgo/Cats, who fear your rashness.  Virgo/ and Sagittarius/Dogs don't appreciate you much either.  Alas!  Virgo/Pig and Sagittarius/Ox think you are for the birds.


Home And Family


PiscesThe Pisces/Dragon is not a homemaker.  She will be happy to live in modest but decent surroundings.  The territory that interests this person is elsewhere, outside the home, in the world.  Pisces/Dragon is inordinately idealistic and can spend her whole life dreaming of having her own place in the sun.  But for the moment, she's off to Greece with a friend who's got a house on an island.  Poor old Pisces/Dragon, she sometimes waits to go after what she dreams until it's patently too late.  But never mind; she didn't really care in the first place.

DragonAs a parent this person will be fun-loving.  The Pisces/
Dragon will enjoy kids, and their shenanigans will delight her.  As she takes great pleasure from being the leader of a group and doesn't often get to the top in adult life, parenting is really a dandy outlet for this character.  She must be careful not to overindulge kids in wild schemes.  But otherwise, she can be a loving and very affectionate parent.

PiscesThis Pisces/Dragon child will not be easy to raise.  She is by turns enthusiastic and lackadaisical.  This child will seem, vocally at least, to know what she wants.  She will be vehement and have a strong will.  But getting their own way is just about the worst thing that can happen to these darling Pisces/Dragons.  Instead, they must be patiently and carefully guided.  Don't leave them on their own to decide for themselves; they cannot always steer a straight course.  If you neglect them they will never forgive you.




DragonDoes the Pisces/Dragon really want a profession?  That is the question.  I know this sounds insane in a world so drowning in the tenets of ambition and success, but unless I miss my mark, I feel that Pisceans born in Dragon years would rather sit back and watch the parade go by.  They like activity. They are not lazy people.  But there is something other-worldly about this character.  Something noninvolved.  I reckon her best shot is independent work, but then she'll need a watcher and a guide.

Pisces It's useless to talk of this person as a boss.  She can get to be a boss by inheritance or fluke, but although she can be bossy, I cannot imagine her seriously coveting the head honcho's job.  Too much flak.  Of course the Pisces/Dragon can be employed.  But she'll want a job that gives her room to breathe and not too much direction all at once.

DragonCareers that might please the Pisces/Dragon are: philosopher, professor, photographer, producer, cinema-
tographer, writer, linguist, roadie, traveling salesperson, circus performer.

Pisces Famous Pisces/Dragons:   B. F. Skinner, Irving Wallace, Edward Albee.

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