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The Unique Synthesis of the
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Leo Constellation Leo
Fixed, Fire,
is Yang


LeoThe Snake born in Leo is always right.  Even if he's wrong.  He is nonetheless absolutely certain that he knows best.  And frequently, especially for himself and in order to achieve his own ends, the Leo/Snake is not far off.  Wisdom and clairvoyance are part of the Snake legacy.  But the addition of Leo to the cool-headed Snake character, although it lends some sunshine and warmth, also deals this character a hand loaded with vanity.  Now the already extravagant and presumptuous Snake has to carry around excess baggage in the form of a swollen skull that just doesn't quit.

SnakeThen too, there is the question of Leo will.  The pushiness quotient is rising.  And we also have to consider the Snake's inherent laziness.  And his tendency to dissimulate and pinch pennies.  Are you beginning to get the picture? Can you see why the Leo/Snake is always - infuriatingly - right?

Leo Of course anybody who is so indubitably right has to go very often far wrong.  Extremes operate that way.  But as they say in French, and I paraphrase, No matter how high up you may be sitting, it is wise to remember you are only sitting on your derriere.  Accepting his own pride as occasional foolishness or humbling himself long enough to accept aid or assistance is simply beyond the Leo/
Snake.  He is one of those people who always gives you an indulgent laugh and snaps, "Don't be so naive!  I know what I'm doing."  Shortly after you have turned tail and left the overconfident Leo/Snake teetering at the edge of his favorite precipice, you hear the thud.  He's not one to complain.

SnakeLeo/Snakes invariably arrive at the summits they climb to by means of their attractiveness and charm.  These people are not even charming on purpose.  They exude, breathe, ooze attraction.  When you meet one, be prepared for a metallic "ping" sound to go off in your head.  Even if you were not thinking of paying attention to them, Leo/Snakes, by their very presence in the same room with you, will mutely and coldly demand attention.

LeoAs you get to know them, Leo/Snakes will loosen up and warm to your personality.  They need friendship and are loyal to their pals - especially their old cronies.  But they will never, no matter how well you know them, allow you the luxury of giving them advice.  They will dish out hours of "you should do this and you must try that" but our Leo/Snake wants none of that nonsense from you.  How could you, poor dear, know anything about what they should do?  Fact is, this refusal to accept counsel is often their undoing.  Leo/Snakes have been known to go under because they wouldn't listen to reason.

Snake Deep down, Leo/Snakes entertain thoughts of grand charitable gestures and acts of philanthropy.  They really think that one day they will make some kind of grand contribution that will cure social ills or help the starving poor. But the day rarely arrives when they actually do much more than adopt a war orphan or cut the ribbon to open the local playground.  They don't mean to be remiss, but Leo/Snakes get too caught up in their own personal tragedies and losses (of which, poor things, they have more than their share) to really see that their grand good deeds get done.  Too they are a little lazier than they ought to be and fairly self-involved.  None of the above makes it easy to do much more than write a check for the United Fund.

Leo The Leo/Snake cannot live happily without bushels of finery.  Even the poorest Leo/Snake will always be wearing the latest lacy stockings, sporting an ivory cigarette holder and blinking out at the world from behind a tiny jet veil.  The Leo/Snake has natural class and style. Even ugly Leo/Snakes are beautiful.  It's the way they stand there with that come hither look in their eye that makes Leo/Snake people irresistible.  Too, when they can (and they usually get to where they can in a big way), Leo/Snakes shower themselves with little gifties and accessories from Tiffany and Cartier and Van Cleef.  These are the mysterious people you are always wondering about who keep posh jewelers like Harry Winston in business.

SnakeNever underestimate the Leo/Snake's capacity for drugs either.  There is a dangerous tendency here to delight in consciousness-altering substances.  It could be that the Leo/Snake is seeking solace from his cold, cold natural habitat.  But this must be watched, and watched closely.




LeoHere is the Leo/Snake's own private quarter.  His life will be a veritable merry-go-round of love.  He may have lots of affairs and a few marriages and divorces.  But that is not what I mean to imply.  I mean that the Leo/Snake personality distinguishes itself from others because of its beloved character.  Leo/Snake people are always famous loved ones.  They incite and inspire great love the way Juliet or Isolde or some great mythical character like Ulysses can.  Leo/
Snakes are the world's greatest "lovees."  They seem to attract a partner out of nowhere, hold on to him with stranglehold tenacity and will until the person is limp from worshiping his love object, and then - sometimes, not always - they slough the poor creature off into oblivion again.  Now by this I do not mean that Leo/Snakes are any more promiscuous than other Snakes (which isn't saying much, I know, but fair is fair).  It's just that they are the most loved of all our notoriously lovable Snakes.

Snake If you love a Snake, hand in your key to the Chastity Belt Club, rush out and become president of General Motors so you can support the Leo/Snake's voracious acquisitive instincts and join a gym.  You will never cease to adore your Leo/Snake partner and he will probably know that.  But my advice to someone who wants to keep any rapacious Leo/Snake under control is to make yourself unavailable.  Take an occasional "business" trip. Make the Leo/Snake wonder what you're up to - for a change.




LeoI love my husband, but oh you Snake!  Gemini/, Libra/, Sagittarius/ and Capricorn/Oxen will follow you anywhere you go.  The same goes for Aries/, Libra/ and Capri-
corn/Dragons.  Sagittarius/ and Capricorn/Roosters are wild about you, too.  Face it.  You're gorgeous.  Even Libra/Roosters fall for your charms.  Nix on Taurus/, Scorpio/ and Aquarius/Tigers and /Pigs.


Home And Family


SnakeGet out the address and phone number of your favorite domestic service agency and have it tattooed on your wrist. Leo/Snakes need luxury, and they need lots of it!  To enter a Leo/Snake home is to finally understand the meaning of the "palatial."  Leo/Snakes were invented to lounge, to look good in smoking jackets, to be promised anything and given Arpege.

LeoLeo/Snakes are born recipients.  They like to entertain and be given champagne and flowers, handed wives and coddled and cuddled by others.  So their surroundings are ultraimportant.  And always impeccable - providing the maid didn't take a sick day.

SnakeThe average Leo/Snake probably gives birth to three-
quarters of a child per lifetime.  Parenting is not their thing.  I mean, picture a glacially gorgeous, pristine princess in a floaty peach peignoir feeding strained spinach to a gurgling infant.  It's absurd.  A Yorkshire?  Maybe.  But not a baby!  Mind you, when these people do have a couple of kids they make serious and intelligent parents.  It's not really in the cards, but when it comes along baby is adored.  Leo/Snakes don't hate children.  But they are a mite on the fragile side where emotions are concerned and this tends to hatch headaches more than anything else.  Also, Leo/Snakes are bright.  They are among the most intellectual of signs.  So a lot of the time they are too busy reading to get down to the business of baby-making.


Leo/Snake kids show right from the jump that they are not willing to take any nonsense about doing dirty work around the house or pitching in to run the vacuum cleaner after school.  They may offer to find themselves a rich woman who will pay for you to have help.  But normally, Leo/Snake kids like to do two things, strut their stuff and do their homework.  Their health is a bit shaky.  Take them often to good doctors.  And tickle them once in a while.  Leo/Snake children take themselves too seriously.




SnakeLeo/Snakes might be able to work providing the work was cerebral in nature and could be accomplished from the unusual vantage point of a chaise lounge.  Leo/Snakes are industrious, but only with their brains.  They are most decidedly not movers and shakers.  I can't see a Leo/Snake rushing about carrying pots of bubbling fondue to a catering job, or even running an office full of cackling cuties.  The Leo/Snake is highstrung and wired for brilliance.  He's a loner, and if he accomplishes anything spectacular, it shows.  This is one employee you would never be able to convince to work in the stock room or accept having an office without a window.  If you have a Leo/Snake employee, watch your job. You may be in serious danger of being supplanted by your hired hand. Even so, Leo/Snakes don't make excellent bosses.  They can't be bothered bossing people around - in designer smoking jackets?

Leo Standing up to the strong-willed Leo/Snake in any professional capacity will be difficult.  He could make a super lawyer or sales person.  But your average Leo/Snake would rather know a lot about a lot and then become a famous movie star - it's prettier than being a lawyer.

SnakeFamous Leo/Snakes:  Cecil B. De Mille, Dorothy Parker, Mae West, Gracie Allen, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Robert Mitchum, Peter Bogdanovich.


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