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The Oldest Stamp Dealer On Earth
"In 1856 Mr Stanley Gibbons had a vision to promote stamp collecting to a wide audience. He established our business in 1856 and created one of the leading philatelic brands in the world. Continuing to fulfil his original vision, we have been working hard to share our wealth of experience and knowledge with collectors throughout the world."

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Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2001 11:52:17 +0100
From: [email protected]
Subject: RE: Stanley Gibbons Affiliate Reporting - July 2001
To: [email protected]


I'm sorry we have stopped the program too. I was hopeful it might develop
into something much larger. However, it was established to test the concept
and to gauge what revenues it might produce. Unfortunately, as you are
aware, it has not been to good on the whole.

Things are changing very rapidly here at SG. We have a new sales director
and department structure in London which will now be the driving force
behind all sales and marketing initiatives. Personally I'm leaving the
company at the end of the month so I am unaware of what they have planned.

Thanks once again for your help and support. Reference the links in your
site - they are OK to stay as the affiliate page will remain for the
foreseeable future.

Best wishes

Harvey Steed
Marketing Manager, New Markets
for Stanley Gibbons & Fraser's Autographs
mailto:[email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0) 1275 859999

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Further, Stanley Gibbons offers to buy and/or appraise collections or items of interest. Follow a link to their site then 'Click' on 'Auction' link and look for the link to 'appraisal' in the body of the text. On that page you will also find a schedule for 'THE STANLEY GIBBONS VALUATION ROADSHOWS' for the comming week (also held every 2nd Monday at their 399 The Strand location).
: Example :
Thursday June 7th (2001)

Dolphin Hotel, 34-35 High
Street, Southampton SO14 2HN

And don't miss the fact that in July 2001 they are starting a new Online Auction site .. information can be found here.

Their link is found on the following pages here:
  • Australia Dealers Directory: all states/territories
  • UK Dealers Directory: all counties; incl Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland & Dependencies
  • US Dealers Directory: all states
  • Canada Dealers Directory: all provinces
  • New Zealand Dealers ;g
  • Pitcairn Isl Dealers ;g
  • and every country on Earth.

  • Dealers Index: 'S' ;g
  • Postal Authorities: Australia ;g
  • Postal Authorities: Bahamas ;g
  • Postal Authorities: Canada ;g
  • Postal Authorities: New Zealand ;g
  • Postal Authorities: United Kingdom ;g
  • Home page ;g
  • Specialized Collecting Menu ;g
  • Topical Collecting Menu ;g
  • Topical Collecting: Transportation ;g
  • Topical Collecting: Other ;g
  • China Philately

  • See Also: Communitie.com (owns Stanley Gibbons UK Dealers : London)
  • and their wonderful letter to us

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