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  1. S & C Stamps and Collectibles - Bob Castle & Sue Tucker-Castle (US Possessions, Mid East, Lit., ww), .us-OH
    old?: http://www.stampdealers.com/Castle/ '404' c.2009
    (&: [email protected] ?)
    4455 Torrance Boulevard #675, Torrance, CA, USA (c.2001-?)
    Tel. (Toll-Free): 1-800-752-5077, 1-310-548-0868, (old?) (310) 521-8997
  2. S & D Stamp Service (Germany, ww) .us-
    stampcentral.com/sd/ '404' c.2009
  3. S & H Stamps Pty Ltd - Rose Hussar (Packets, Wholesale.), .au-NSW
  4. S & L Philatelics (approvals)
    stampapprovals.com/sl/ '404' c.2009
    P.O. BOX 38004 DEPT PC, D.D.O.
    QUEBEC, CANADA H9B 3J2 E-MAIL: [email protected] (c.2000)
    Source: www.philatelic.com/wordads.htm
  5. S & T Collectables ..
    aka: Waterman's Coins & Banknotes
  6. S.C. Virtes - Scott Virtes (Odd Lots, Countries, Mixtures, Topicals, resources), .us-CA
  7. S. I. Stamps - Stan Iceland (US, Proofs & Essays, Revenues), .us-CA
  8. S. J. Willis, Ltd. (US, ww, supplies) .us-TX 12188
  9. S-R Stamps (US & UN Plate Blks. FDC's, stationey, .ph, .il), .us-TX
  10. SAA Philatelic Net - Victor L. Gugliano (ww: p/h, varieties, proofs, revenues etc.), .ar
  11. Saad Philately (), .fr
    http://site.voila.fr/saad.philatelie '404' c.2009
  12. SAAVEDRA Garcia, Ignacio (tienda), 28012 Madrid, .es
  13. SABADELL Labistida, Carlos - Filatelia Numismatica Carlos Sabadell (tienda), 08012 Barcelona, .es  
  14. Sacramento Stamp Mart - Sherry Straley and John Van Alstyne SDI (Auction Agent, stamps, Lit., supplies), .us-CA
    cf.: 'Straley, Sherry' (as Auction Agents)
  15. SAEZ Pajares, Juan Francisco - Filatelia Doblon (tienda), 40001 Segovia, .es
  16. SAFE ( Albums and Accessories) Home Ofc.: .de
    SAFE Publications, Inc. (Albums & Subblies) .us-PA
    SAFE Albums (UK) Ltd. .uk-BR
    SAFE - France .fr
    Frimarks-Netto/Svenska Safe-Album, .se
    Ediseis SAFE S.L. - Ignacio SAIZ Areces, 28230 Las Rozas de Madrid, .es
    SAFE Colecciones S.L. - Maria Paloma INDIANO Martinez (accessories), 28015 Madrid, .es

    SAFE's "Official" List c.2010:
    Österreich (.at): SAFE-Alben-Vertriebs-Ges.m.b.H., www.safe-album.at
    Schubertring 8, 1010 Wien 1,
    Tel. 01/5135820, Fax: 5126395, e-mail: [email protected]

    Schweiz (.ch): SAFE (Schweiz) GmbH, www.safe-album.ch
    Webergasse 1, 9434 Au/Sg.,
    Tel. 071/7409025

    France (.fr): Editions Image Document, www.image-document.com
    70-86, av. de la République, 92325 Chatillon (Paris), .fr
    Tel. 01 46 5586 86, Fax: 01 46 55 01 00, [email protected]

    Italia (.it): Concess. per L'Italia Ditta Steiner, www.safe-italia.com
    39026 Prato allo Stelvio (BZ), Agumes 35a,
    Tel. 0039-0473616506, Fax 0039-0473/618500, [email protected]

    Great Britain (.uk): SAFE Albums (U.K.) Ltd., www.safealbums.co.uk
    16 Falcon Business Park, Hogwood Lane, Finchampstead, Berkshire RG40 4QQ,
    Tel. +44 (0118) 9328976, Fax: (0118) 9328612, [email protected]

    Belgien (.be): NV Dezittere D.Z.T., www.safe-album.be
    Heuvelstraat 106, 3390 Tielt-Winge,
    Tel.: 0032-16772673, Fax: 0032-16461045, [email protected]

    CSFR (.cz): Alkado, Jiri Dolezal www.safe-album.cz
    Na Dolinach 44, 14700 Praha 4,
    Tel./Fax: 00420261214379, [email protected]

    Denmark (.dk): SAFE Album AB, www.safe-album.dk
    Bruksgatan 30, SE-25223 Helsingborg, Sverige,
    Tel +46-42216660, Fax +46-42144982, [email protected]

    Greek (.gr): C. Tarassouleas&Co., www.tarassouleas.gr
    10, Stadiou Str., 10564 Athens,
    Tel+Fax: 0030210-3221440, [email protected]

    Luxembourg (.lu): Maison du timbre, www.safe-album.de/luxembourg
    Ch. Seidel, 73, rue de Bonnevoie, 1260 Luxembourg,
    Tel+Fax 00352/487240, [email protected]

    Nederland (.nl): SAFE-Nederland, www.safenederland.nl
    M. van Mastrigt, Botersloot 62+64, 3011 HJ Rotterdam,
    Tel.: 010/4143077, Fax: 010/4149499, [email protected]

    Norge (.no): Sorlandets Frimerke og Myntsenter A/S,
    Postboks 768, 4666 Kristiansand S.,
    Tel+Fax: 38026902, [email protected]

    Portugal (.pt): Filatelia Sergio Simoes, filsergiosimoes.com
    Rua Dr. Artur Figueiroa Rego 25, 2500-300 Caldas da Rainha,
    Tel. +351/262831248, Fax: +351/262843293,
    [email protected]

    Slovakei (.sk): Escona Trading,
    P.O. Box 146, Suche Myto, SK-81499 Bratislava,
    Tel. 004212/54435538, Fax: 004212/54435527, [email protected]

    Spain (.es): Dafyn S.A., dafyn.com (?)
    C/Ronda Sant Pere 62, 08010 Barcelona,
    Tel. 932687317, e-mail: [email protected]

    Sweden (.se): SAFE Album AB, www.safealbum.se
    Bruksgatan 30, 25223 Helsingborg,
    Tel 042/216660, Fax 042/144982, [email protected],

    USA: SAFE Collecting Supplies, www.safepub.com
    1800 Mearns Road-Suite LL Warminster, PA 18974, USA
    Toll Free (877) 395-SAFE, International (215) 674-8150
    Toll Free Fax (866) 395-5372, [email protected]

  17. SAFE Swiss Agency - Dieter Urschel, .ch
  18. Safe Coin & Stamp Supplies - Josef Quast (.ca, ww, supplies), .ca-ON
  19. Sagar, MikeAS (aero ..) .ca-BC
    old? / cf.: Michael Sagar mailto:[email protected],
    #314-2170 West 44th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6M 2G3, Canada.
    Website: http://www.interchg.ubc.ca/townsley/poststat.html
  20. Sahara Stamps / Sahara Publications Ltd. - Irina Dyomkina .uk-LO
    See: Stamp-Collector.com
  21. Said, Remy {& Emmanuel} (SMOM, .mt, banknotes, coins . .) .mt
    Cite/xRef.: Clubs : Topical Index : Religon
  22. Saint Dizier Philatélie (), .fr
  23. "Saint"... - See Also: 'St.
  24. SAIZ Areces, Ignacio - Ediseis SAFE S.L. (.com), 28230 Las Rozas de Madrid, .es
  25. SAIZ Castilla, Felix - Filatelia Unamuno (tienda), 48005 Bilbao, .es
  26. Sak's Coins and Stamps - Jim Hino (Retail Shop: US, ww), .us-CO
  27. Salam Stamp Centre (UN: Agent) .bd
  28. Salamanca Rare Coins - Stephen Cole (sic), .au-TAS
  29. Sales Online Direct, Inc. (via Maloney's Directory) .us-MD
  30. Salitra's, Patrick - Philatelic Page (Yr of Ox Issue, 1997 Hong Kong postcards), .ca-BC
    PH: (604) 463 6532, FAX: (604) 936 6929, @
  31. SALLAN Mur, Jose Maria - Filatelia Sallan (tienda), 080xx-x2 Barcelona, .es
  32. Sallanches Philatelie - Madeleine Gallay (), .fr
  33. SALVADOR Garcia, Miguel Angel - Finumas (tienda), 28010 Madrid, .es
  34. Salvation Army Collectibles - David Miller, @ (Memorabilia Incl. Stamps, Covers, Articles), .uk-
    27 Heather Vale Close, Hasland, Chesterfield S41 0HY
    "This is not an official Salvation Army site. "
    Cite: Topicals: Organizations
    old: http://website.lineone.net/~david.miller./
  35. Salvi Philatelie - Marie-Madeleine Salvi (.fr & colonies, Europe, letters), .fr
  36. Sam Houston Philatelics - Bob & Rita Dumaine (Revenues e.g. Duck Stamps, auctions, US Errors), .us-TX
    & Washington/Franklins, & Retail Shop
    cf. Duck Stamp Story, The - Eric Jay Dolin & Bob Dumaine
  37. Sam's Stamp Shop - Lydia Loving (19th Cent., Air Mails, Coils, Plate Blocks & Singles), .us-MA
  38. Samler-Borsen AS, .no
  39. Samleriet - Tor Andre`Paulsen, .no
  40. Salzillo, Filatelia y Numismatica (.com), 30004 Murcia, .es
  41. Sammartino, Luis A. (), .ar
  42. Sammler.Com {GR, EN} (Advertizing, collectibles books, resources), .de
    incl. stamps, Postcards, Banknotes, histories and a collectibles forum
  43. Sammlerpoint - Frau Margit Kneifel ( ), .de
  44. Samper Samper, J. - Filatelia Samper (.com), 03610 Petrer, .es
  45. Samsom, J.H.B., .uk-Scot
  46. Samuel D. Virzi Philatelic Sales, (covers), .us-OR
  47. Samuel, Naveen K. (), .in
  48. San Angelo Stamp And Coin (United States: Mint, Plate Blks., FDC's), .us-TX
  49. San Pablo Filatelia / Libreria Filatelia San Pablo (.com), 37001 Salamanca, .es
  50. San Pedro Stamp & Coin - Max & Linda Schwartz (.ph, U.S. Possessions, WW: Pre 1960, No U.S.), .us-TN
  51. Sandafayre Ltd. - Adrian Grint (auctions, resources incl. online articles, atlas), .uk-CH
    Cite: Philately : Research : First Issues Collectors Club (a video)
    old: www.Stamp.co.uk - forwards c.201010
  52. Sandilands, John & Betty (stamps, p/h, p/s, p/c), .za
  53. SANCHEZ, Jose Antonio - Filatelia Jose Antonio Sanchez (.com), 08009 Barcelona, .es
  54. Sanchez, Yolanda - A. B. Kontinent / Filatelia Kontinent (tienda), 46006 Valencia, .es
  55. SANCHEZ Abreu, Alfredo - ABREU (.com), 48008 Bilbao, .es
  56. SANCHEZ Alcaraz, A. (.com), 30201 Murcia, .es
  57. SANCHEZ Cantero, Carmen {y} David SANCHEZ de Leon -
    Filatelia Numismatica Sanchez (tienda), 28012 Madrid, .es
  58. SANCHEZ de Leon, David {y} SANCHEZ Cantero, Carmen -
    Filatelia Numismatica Sanchez (tienda), 28012 Madrid, .es
  59. SANCHEZ de Leon, Felix (.com), 28004 Madrid, .es
  60. SANCHEZ Lopez, Santiago - Filatelia Univers (tienda), 08014 Barcelona, .es
  61. SANCHEZ Martin, P. (.com), 05001 Avila, .es
  62. SANCHEZ Martinez, Juan Jose - Filatelia Eurofil / Eurofil (tienda), 08021 Barcelona, .es
  63. Sandler, Ven - @ SDI (Thematics, Baltics, .au, Antarctic Ter., Pacific, Europe, PRC) .au-VIC ; e-mail only!
  64. Sandrostamp - Alessandro Artini, .it
  65. Sandton Stamps & Coins - Ken Mitchell (), .za
  66. Sandton Stamp Fair (Fair: 2nd Saturdays), .za
  67. SANT Guasp, Rafael - Actividades Filatelicas 85 S.C.P. (tienda), 08015 Barcelona, .es
  68. Santa Barbara Stamp & Coin - Robert G. Hansen (Classic U.S. & Great Britain, Philatelic History), .us-CA
  69. SANTIAGO Garcia, Francisco Javier - Eurofil 2000 (.com), 28024 Madrid, .es
  70. Santos Bobillo, J. (.com), 26002-x2 La Rioja, .es
  71. SANTOS Bobillo, Francisco Javier - Filatelia Santos (tienda), 47001 Valladolid, .es
  72. SANTOS Bobillo, Francisco Javier - Filatelia Riojana (tienda), 26002-x2 La Rioja, .es
  73. SANZA Gonzalez, Hipolito - Filatelia Numismatica H. Sanza (tienda), 28012 Madrid, .es
  74. Sapphire Coast Philatelic Supplies Ltd - John D. Stannard (.au, access.; mail order.), .au-NSW
  75. Sarantopoulos Philatelics - Peter Sarantopoulos (Greece), .us-IL
    aka: Greek Stamp Store
    Cite: Philately : Research : Greece
  76. Sarawakian Philatelic Centre (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia), ?
    www8.bcity.com (cf Belarussian Stamp Co)
    http://www8.bcity.com/sarawakian/ '404' c.201202
  77. sastamps.co.za - Henk de Lange (Auction Agent), .za
  78. Saskatoon Stamp Centre (Canada, BNA, Lit.), .ca-SK
    'BNA': BC, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island
  79. Sassone (Italian area stamp catalogue) Italy
    xRef : Philately : Italy
    Cite/xRef : Clubs : Topical : Religon
  80. Satas, Algirdas (CIS, Baltics, locals, new issues, packets: pre WWII), .lt
  81. Sauerstein, Dr. Peter (), .de
  82. Sauthon, Catherine (), .fr
  83. Savarese, Joseph B. PTS-11 (unk), .us-NY (cf.; email addr.)
    217-14 Northern Blvd - Suite 205, Bayside, NY 11361 : 718-224-2500, [email protected]
  84. Sayer, Stephen J. - .uk-AV
  85. Sazama, Dr. Robert M. (WW, E.Euro, Asia, Butterflies/Insects, Covers), .us-FL
    aka: Bob's Worldwide & Topical Stamp Store
  86. SBZ [Swiss Philatelic Newspaper] Markus Seitz, .ch
    Cite: Entities Index : Switzerland
  87. SC Stamps (GB, worldwide, Online Shop) .uk-
    aka: MoorStamps: as: www.scstamps.co.uk
    Contact form: http://scstamps.co.uk/shop/contact_us.php?osCsid=94ef04d71d8c55641cf1332f76e00039
    "Welcome to Moorstamps (Formerly SC Stamps), we are a family run business and have been trading since 1985 so you can be assured of a quality service. Due to medical reasons I had to take early retirement. This meant closing our shop which we loved running. I have over the last year been disposing of a lot of our stock online which has kept me occupied. It is my intention to reform this website in a way that will list far less than it has in the past, but will be some of the harder to obtain items. . . " . . . As stamps are our business we have other hobbies. One of mine is to write novels. I like to spend my spare time creating works of fiction and have recently published two books on Amazon. The first book is called, The Innocent Shall Pay, and it is a crime thriller with a nice little twist in the tail. I had great fun writing the story and even more fun creating the book cover. The Second is called, The Final Sunset and is a story about a natural disaster that sweeps across the world and mans determination not to be beaten. Both can be downloaded onto any e reader or onto a mobile phone using an app, If you would like to know more about . . . (c.20141225)
  88. Scandinavian Auction Systems, .no
  89. Scannell, Desmond - .ie
  90. Schaeffer, Edwin ( World Fairs/Expositions, Ephemera, Discount Postage), .us-IL
  91. Schaefer, Karl (Auction Agent) .us-MI
    aka: America's Stamp Stop
  92. Schaubek Verlag Leipzig (accessories: albums, pages etc.), .de
  93. Schauss Philatelics Alex Schauss (below), .us-AZ
    (Indonesia, Philippines, US Revenue, Dutch Indies, Japanese, Vienna: Revolutionary period and Independence)
  94. Scheizerischer Briefmarken-Prüfer-Verband (SBPV - Assoc. of Swiss Experts ) (ref only)
  95. Schittecatte, Pierre (Catalog: CPBNTP CATALOGUE OFFICIEL BELGIQUE) .be
    cf./q.v. Campo-Rodan S.A.
  96. Schlegel, Andreas (Expertization: 1916-1945, .us/.uk zones) .de
  97. Schlegel, Hans-Dieter (Expertization: 1916-1945; Michel 338-910, Occ. .ly, .fr .us/uk zones +) .de 10719
  98. Schlegel Berliner Auktionshaus für Philatelie GmbH (auctions), .de
  99. Schmidl, Horst K. (Expertization: Berlin, Fed. Rep.) .de
  100. Schmidtkonz, Thomas (Price Lists) .de
  101. Schmitt Investors Ltd. - Fred Schmitt (P/H; incl. Manuscripts..., online articles) .us-NY
  102. Schmitt, Joh. Ulrich (Expertization: Bavaria: 1849-1875; Locals: .al, .gr ++ , Levant) .de
  103. Schneider, Albert M. (Expertization: & Balloon Mail) .fr
  104. Schneider, Burkhard (Literature) .de
  105. SCHNEIDER Echeverria, C. - Mundofila (.com), 20005 Donostia-San Sebastian, .es
  106. Schneider, Ralph (German and Austrian Areas) .us-
  107. Schneier Stamps (), .il
  108. Schnellbacher, Juergen , .de
  109. Schneur Stamps - Yariv Haft (), .il
  110. Schönherr, Heinz-Jörg (Expertization: DDR: 1949-1960; officials A-E; Soviet zone) .de
  111. Schöpfer, Mag. Klaus (Expertiziation: .at: 1815-1918, .ba) .at
  112. Schott Philatélie (), .fr
  113. Schreyer-Sammlerdienst Berlin - Günter Schreyer (auctions), .de
  114. Schulz, Karl-Heinz (Expertization: Pre-philately: Helgoland) .de
  115. Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions, Inc. (auctions), .us-CA
  116. Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH (Michel Catalogues) - q.v.
    old: www.philashop.com ; forwards c.2010
    old: www.Michel-Kataloge.de/ '404' c.2010
    old: Muthmannstrasse 4, D-80939 Munich (c.1995)
  117. Schwanke & Sohn (auctions; lit, .de), .de
  118. Schwarz, Mrs. H.W.C. (.ca, p/h, postcards), .ca-NL
  119. Schwarzenbach Auktionen Zürich, .ch
  120. Schweizerischen Briefmarken-Handels Verband {ASNP / SBHV / VSBH} (Dealer Association) .ch
    aka: Association Suisse des Négociants en Timbres-Poste
    Last full survey: 2006
  121. Schweizerischer Briefmarken Prüfer Verband [SBPV] (Experetization) .ch
    (Swiss Assoc. of Experts) aka: ASEP in French?
  122. Schwender, Peter (Worldwide, Germany, Covers), .us-FL
  123. Schwenson, Cyril (Expertization: Finland) .de
  124. Schybergs FilaTeliservice, .se
  125. SCKP Limited, .uk-MS
    ck: SCKP Limited (Thematics; Disney, Entertainment) .uk
  126. Scojo Stamps - Scott Taylor (Auction Agent) - Bx, .us-MD 21660-0423
  127. Scotia Philately - Colin Harding (GB, France, W. Europe, classic C'wealth) .uk-
  128. Scotstamps (GB, C'wealth) David Buchanan, .uk-Scot
    Ref.: Clubs : UK : Other Philatelic Resources
    Associated with : Commonwealth Stamp Store, .es (c.2010)  
  129. Scott-Edelman Supply
    See division: Freeway Supplies, .us
  130. Scott Publishing Co./Amos Media (Scott Catalogs, Linn's Stamp News), .us-OH
    Cite: Commercial Directory : Scott Catalogs - for sale
    Cite: Gen. Links : Resource
    xRef : Names in Philately : Sine, Richard L.
  131. Scottish Philatelic Trade Assoc. (SPTA), .uk-Scot
    Last Full Survey c.2009
  132. Scouter Stamps (Scouts) .us-NY 12901 [U]
    old: members.xoom.com/ScouterStamps/ ; '404' 9/1
  133. Scoutphila** {aka: Briefm@rken Online*] [GR] (*resources, **web services) .ch
    Cite: Gen. Topical Index : Resources
  134. SDC Stamps - David Correia (Germany, Canada), .ca-ON
    old: www.interlog.com/~sdc/ '404' c.2011
  135. Seahorse Philatelic Publishers (Br. albums, Br., US, .ca local post catalogs), .il  
  136. SearchStamps ® - Anteater Design Group
    (directory, search engine, Resources, Advertising), .us-FL
    good links, free listings, commerical endeavor.
    Cite: Gen. Links : Resources
  137. Sears' Burnaby Stamp Dept. (albums, packets), .ca-BC  
  138. Seaside Book & Stamp Gerald Tucker (Auction Agent, retail shop) .ca-NS
    old url: fox.nstn.ca/~gtucker/ ; forwards 12/1
    Cite: Basic Collecing : Watermarks : Q&A :'Morley-Bright'
  139. SEBASTIAN Alonso, Joaquin (.com), 28012 Madrid, .es
  140. Sebastiano Cilio Filatelia (), .it
    www.intecs.it/eder/crofil/inser/ukcilio.htm '404'
  141. Secret Garden Toys (albums, packets), .ca-BC
  142. Secrets to Stamp Collecting - Janice Dugas (Auction Agent, Topicals, Canada), .ca-QC
    aka/formerly: Timbres-Theme Inc.
    Cite/xRef.: Clubs : Topical : Airmail (Stories Behind Postage Stamps)
  143. Sedona Stamps - James C. Yates (.au, .ca, .nz, .ie, .uk, Br.C'wealth), .ca-BC
  144. Seeonee's Stamp Services, .au-QLD
  145. SEGARRA Valls, Jose {y} Ignacio Baixauli {y} Yolanda Sanchez -
    A. B. Kontinent / Filatelia Kontinent (tienda), 46006 Valencia, .es
  146. Segerbergs Frimärken B.L., .se
  147. SEGURA Ibarra, Joaquin - Filatelia y Numismatica Segura Pons (tienda), 03203 Alicante, .es
  148. Seignole Philatelie - Philippe Seignole (P/H: postmarks, covers, letters), .fr
  149. Select Stamps & Covers - Philip Wolf (Canada and Newfoundland), .ca-AB
  150. Selig, Craig S. (US specialized; errors, varieties . .), .us-IN
  151. Sello Aficion S.A. (.com), 08007 Barcelona, .es
  152. SELLOLAND - Rafael LORENZO Adalia (portal) 28820 Coslada, .es
  153. SELLOMANIA Filatelia Numismatica - Antonio ANTONIO Prieto (.com), 03500 Benidorm, .es
  154. Sellosonline / Filatelia Alcaraz S.L. - Antonio ALCARAZ Duce (tienda), 08029 Barcelona, .es
  155. Sem, Peter (Expertization: Thurn and Taxis: 1852-1866; Bavaria: 1849-1875) .de
    aka/q.v.: Peter Sem GmbH Klassik-Philatelie und Auktionen
  156. SEMPERE, Jose Ma -
    Galeria Filatelica de Barcelona (tienda, expertization, auctions), 08007 Barcelona, .es
    &: Sempere, José Ma. (Expertization: .es), .es
  157. Semsrott Stamps, David (Retail Shop, Cinderella's, Revenues, P/H, PC's, BOB), .us-MO  
  158. Sennett Security Products (stamp producer/printer) .us-VA
    Cite: World Stamp Expo 2000 report
    See Also: TRACE Holographic..
  159. Serra, Joseph E. (Worldwide), .us-CA
  160. SERRA Noguera, Jaime - Filatelia Numismatica Serra (tienda), 09002 Burgos, .es
  161. SERRA Satorre, Francisco (.com), 08720 Vilafranca del Penedes, .es
  162. SERRANO Blanch, Nieves - Filat Numis Iris Mundus (tienda), 08034 Barcelona, .es
  163. SERRAT Sole, A. (.com), 08014 Barcelona, .es
  164. SERRAT Sole, Alejandro - Filatelia Filgest (tienda), 08002 Barcelona, .es
  165. SERRATE Zamora, Jesus Maria - Tiendacoleccion S.M. (tienda virtual), 43470 La Selva del Camp, .es
  166. Servicio Integral de Gestion Filatelica - Maria Rosa CONCHAN Herver (tienda), 08011 Barcelona, .es
  167. Seven Continents Philatelics - Frank Bachenheimer (US, ww, Disney), .us-IL
  168. Seven Seas Stamps Pty Ltd - Graeme Morriss (OS: .au & area: Produces albums, cat's & supplies), .au-NSW
  169. Shades Stamp Shop Ltd. - Steven McLachlan (incl. Locals, Antarctic, Greenpeace), .nz
    xRef. : Dealers Topical Index : Antarctica
  170. Shaulis, Scott A. (BOB, Plate Blocks, United States, Want Lists), .us-PA
  171. Shamrock Stamps - Patrick Hartnett (mixtures) .ca- ; No DNS 11/2001
  172. Shanels Stamps - Lesley Merrick (.au, Asia, Pacific, approvals), .au-NSW
  173. Shanghai Hosane Auction Ltd. (Auction), .cn
  174. Sharma, Mahendra (Retail Shop), .in
  175. Sharp Stamps - Frank Sharp (Classic United States, Appraisals, Consulting, Expertizing 1847-1930), .us-NV
  176. Sharpe, Drummond, .uk-unk
  177. Shaw, David .uk-NY
  178. Shaw, Guy (Latin America incl new issue svc) .us-CA 93389
  179. Sheff, Brad DeWolfe (U.S. P/H, Covers, 3-cent 1851), .us-VT
  180. Sheldon Lazarowitz Topical Stamps (Topicals, Space, Sports/Olympics, Art), .us-NY
  181. Sheldon's - Sheldon Ruckens (Brit. C'wealth, "Exchange Mint Sets", Topicals), .us-CA
  182. Shellhamer, Robert Scott (Back of Book, U.S. Classics, U.S. Mint/Used, World Wide), .us-FL
  183. Shenyang North Philately (Agent) .cn
  184. Sheraton and Peel - Rene Hillesum (public auctins) .nl ; review
  185. Sherman, Gary T. (New Issues, Packets: ww), .ca-AB
  186. Sherwood Collectables - Alec & Jean Chadwick (), .za
  187. Sherwood Commemoratives - Stuart Andersen (Australia) .au-
    Now: Downies and Sherwood - Ken Downie (coins & banknotes) .au-
  188. Sheryer, Richard (Expertization: .ca {et al: BNA}), .ca-ON
    Cite: Dealers : Canada : Ontario : Maresch
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    NOTE: SOCOFIRA's listing has moved here a/o 2014.08
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    NOTE: SAPDA's listing has moved here a/o 2014.08
      See Also : 'So..' - end (except 'Stamp...') : (dedicated page)

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