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AJ's World Stamp Dealers Index
Often used Acronyms, Abbreviations and Symbols

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(limited to often referenced or cross-referenced ones)

See Also: Abbreviations below.

AAMSAmerican Air Mail Society
AIEPAssociation Internationale des Experts Philat�lique
AIJPAssociation Internationale des Journalistes Philat�liques
APEXAmerican Philatelic Expertizing Service
APHVAllgemeiner Postwertzeichen-H�ndler-Verband e.V.
APSAmerican Philatelic Society (cf.)
ASCATAssoc. Intn'l des Editeurs de catalogues de timbres-poste
ASDAAmerican Association of Stamp Dealers
ATAAmerican Topical Society
ASEPAssociation Suisse des Experts Philat�liques
BDBBundesverbandes des Deutschen Briefmarkenhandels
BDPhBund Deutscher Philatelisten E.V.
BPPBund Philatelitische Pr�fer
IFSDAInternational Federation of Stamp Dealers' Associations
IPDAInternet Philatelic Dealers Associations
FIPFederation International de Philatelie
FRPSLFellow of the Royal Philatelic Society of London
NSDANational Stamp Dealers Association
PSEProfessional Stamp Experts
PTSPhilatelic Traders' Society
RDPRoll of Distinguished Philatelists (ref only)
SBPVScheizerischer Briefmarken-Pr�fer-Verband (ref only)
WSP/*WSP*World Series of Philately (APS exhibition class preceeding 'Champion of Champions')


  • '.xx' (where '.xx' = '.aa'-'.zz' (.lower case); e.g.: .us, .ca, .cn .. - see: 'Basic Country Codes' below
  • 'XX' (Where 'XX' = 'AA' - 'ZZ' [IN UPPER CASE LETTERS]; e.g. [DE], [DU], [EN, JP] ...; enclosed in square brackets '[ ]' - indicates a language used.
  • Br, (Fr), (Gr) .. ; {in Mixed Cases} are territoral abbrevations to be found here.; BrC'wealth, Fr/Colonies . . .Gr&area

  • @ face = sells for 'face value' (the original cost at a post office or marked on the stamp(s) ...)

  • a/o = 'as of' ; s/b followed by a date
  • aka = 'also know as'
  • Am. = America(n)
  • Asoc or Assoc. = Association

  • B. / b. / b = Born (e.g. B.1947= Born in 1947)
  • BC = BrC'wealth = British Commonwealth
  • bk = book(s) , bklt = booklet
  • BOB = 'Back of the Book' (fiscals, tax stamps, revenue stamps, telegraph stamps etc.; not postage.)
  • Br = British

  • c. (w/yr date) - 'circa' or 'around the time' ; e.g. 'c.98' = circa 1998, c.20141205 (Dec. 5, 2014), c.2014.12.05 (Dec. 5, 2014)
    note: starting in 2000 dates may be abbreviaed; e.g. 11/1 = Nov. 2001
  • C'wealth = Commonwealth
  • cc = (when used in a dealer index listing) 'credit card' accepted.
  • (cc) = 'carbon copy' (think typewritter but is archaic meaning 'a copy' of an 'original'; i.e. I preserved a copy.)
    {If linked: it is either to here or to item noted.}
  • cat. = 'catalog' / 'catalogue'; as in sells them, pub. them, or cat. price ...
  • cf, cf., cf. = 'compare with' or 'compare to'  
  • Cite = an initial full listing for contact { may be multiples (cf. 'reference') }
  • ck = check it; confirm it, .... i.e.: 'be sure'; if possible (a note to 'self')
  • CN = 'in Chinese' as: [CN] (or internet code: .cn for PRC, .tw for Taiwan)
  • Col. = '& Colonies'; e.g. .it/Col. = 'Italy & Colonies'

  • Dir, dir. = Directory
  • Dlr = Dealer (a beliver!); nominaly..., monitarlity..., situationaly... ... ...
  • duh = duh!.

  • E. = East
  • EN = [EN] 'in English'
  • esp. = 'especially'

  • f. = 'Founded in the year.' ; eg: {f.1943}
  • Fed = Federation or, potentially, 'Federal'
  • Fr = France or French ('.fr' ; internet code; see 'Basic Country Codes at bottom)

  • GB - Great Britain (see also 'uk')
  • Gr = Germany or [GR] 'in German'

  • i.e. = (basically: 'in other words' or 'for example')
  • incl = includes / including
  • Int'l = International

  • Lit. / lit. = literature (cf.: 'bk', 'pub')
  • Ltd = Limited ; a British business designation. cf. U.S.'s 'Inc.'
    - has nothing to do with your (or their) abilities.

  • N. or No. = North
  • N/A, n/a = "No (snail mail) Address" listed. (Classically: 'Not Applicable')
  • N/I, n/i - New Issues retail (as a wholesale service: N/I-Svc)
  • NB / nb - 'noto bono' meaning 'note this'

  • OS = Online Store - sells directly from website

  • PB, pb, p/b = Plate Block
  • pc or PC or P/C's = Postcards
  • phcrd - Phonecard
  • pkts = Packets
  • Poss. = Possession - e.g 'U.S. & Possessions' or '.fr/Poss.'
  • Pg = page - pgs: pages
  • p/h, P/H, P/Hist = 'Postal History'
  • ppb = Paperback (Book format description)
  • pub. = publish(er)(es)(ed)
  • PSA = Public Service Announcement (Any to recommend?)

  • q.v. = "which see" (go look at it!)

  • ref / Ref. = noted or 'refered to' elsewhere {cf. 'xRef'}
  • rr = railroad
  • RS, r/s = Retail Store

  • S. or So. = South
  • s/b = 'should be' - if not then it is my fault. aj.
  • Sec. = Secretary ; usually a contact person for a club
  • sic = 'as stated' - i.e. the title tells the tale.
  • S.I.E. = Stamp Issuing Entity; often simplified as 'Entity'
  • ss, S/S = Souvineer Sheet(s)
  • Svc / svc = service / Service (function or Title)

  • Terr. = Territory

  • uk, UK (or .uk) = United Kingdom (aka: England or Great Britain)
  • unk = unknown (what do you know?)

  • W. = West
  • w/e = Weekend (used mostly in stamp show listings.
  • ww, WW = worldwide
  • www (duh web)

  • xRef = 'Cross-Reference'; follow to find relevant information... (cf. Cite)

  • (if any are missed: take a guess or ask about or suggest one)
  • Basic Country Codes are standard Internet 'dot' address codes
    (Lessor designations appended to standard internet codes further define a location
    [e.g. .us-CA-la (here -la is 'Los Angeles'), -CA is 'California']
    or, sometimes, postal codes are used and are learned as you go)
    codes IN ALL CAPS and, usually, in '[square brackets]':
    represent linguinstic denotations; e.g. :
    CN = site is in Chinese,
    JP - Japanese,
    EN - English ...
    GR - German
    (many do not conform to country codes)
    e.g. 'SP' = 'Spanish' but Spain would be represented by '.es' or '.ES'
    though 'DE' is both 'in German' and {as '.de' or '.DE'} is 'Germany')


    : A favorite.
    = generally is a link to an index which may reveal where else a listing is posted.
    (), {}, [] ; brackets or parenthesis indicate
    () ; regular parenthesis: a specialty or an alternate name
    [] ; square brackets: linguistic type
    {} ; fancy brackes: a note.

    *B* = APS Stamp Show symbol indicating a 'Bourse'; usually no exhibition, just sales.
    ; 'Mouseover book covers' (or anything else below or near it!; embeded text!)

  • Some common elements with additonal available information:
    (+) = (Agent or Agency) of a Postal Authority (links to the listing)
    'Auction Agent'
    'eBay' or 'PayPal' (sic)
    Note: the use of a 'tilde' (~) [or a double '++'] after eBay/PayPal (e.g. 'eBay~') indicates additional similar (auction) resources
    Note: linked terms like FDC's etc. go to dedicated topical section(s).
  • · (a 'dot') or (»; double right caret) to the right of an index listing) in the:
    Dealers Index: indicates the dealer accepts PayPal
    Country Menus: indicates data is present.
  • '?' (The QUESTION: Got guts?, - do something! - write us with an answer or observation.)

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