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Major Philatelic Resource Sites

It's doubtful all the truly useful websites are listed here but these have been truly helpful with this work. Many more are posted in areas in which they are germain. aj

Free Philatelic classifieds

  • Stamps FAQ from Gert Bultman (one of the originals); republished by me. {cite}
    The oldest 'stamp' document I know of on the 'net. ; aj.


  • Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web (and a former 'Stamps FAQ' host)
    old: '404' c.2009

    Tons of links! (c.2014)

  • Francis Chan's Stamp Resources - it is (was) highly recommended worldwide in the early internet days. '404'
    (Now called since it was transfered to Rarities International Pte Ltd., .sg in April 2000. ('404' c.2014)
    Especially their Stamp Watermark Identifier (originally from StampGuyz ?) ('404' c.2014)
    Exceptional Philatelic Resources - ajw. c.2009
    (as is Chicago Collectors Club's Ask Phil' cf.)

  • Universal Postal Union (U.P.U.)

  • International Philatelic Federation (FIP)

  • The International Federation of Stamp Dealers Associations (IFSDA)

  • (USA resource)
    [email protected] (x)
    "Stamp Dealers Near Me Ltd attempts to provide accurate and up-to-date information in good faith, however cannot guarantee the information will always be accurate, complete and up-to-date. The map data and directions information is provided by a third party, Coin Stamp Dealers Near Me has no control over this information. Coin Stamp Dealers Near Me accepts no liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by reliance on any information in this system.

    NOTE: The information provided should under no circumstances be relied upon as accurate, especially in any urgent or emergency situations. "

    (Website c.20141222)

  • Association Internationale des Editeurs de catalogues de timbres-poste (ASCAT)
    d'albums et de publications philateliques- online :
    Always found as a Partner to/with FIP (see above)
    old: (cc)
    Older data page: '404' (cc)

  • Association International des Experts Philatéliques (AIEP) (good c.2009)
    old: ('404')


    A virtual community -  (Mike Mills works (worked) really hard and it shows (showed) - aj.

    Wardrop's Philately Online - Insurance; great 'net resources - (AKA:

    Had (!) extensive resources including the 'Biographies of People On Stamps' ... Jim done (did) good. c.2009 all but dead. c.2012 gone...  :-(

    Philatelic.Com & Philatelic.Net - "The Ultimate Stamp Collecting Website": Online Mall, Chat, Classified Ads, E-mail Network (!), Bulletin Board web space and hosting ( ...

    dated material c.2009, dead c.2014

    Cancel Nations Stamp Company - offers a 'Stamp School', sales etc...

    bought out by 'Internet Hobby Supply' (, dead c.2014

    Linn's Stamp News (& Insights c.2015) - Online resources, articles, news & sales ... one of the few surviving print publications

    From Amos Press (now; c.2015: Amos Media)
    Also publishers of Scott Catalogs).
     - : search engine for stamp sites only.
     - and shop Zillions of Stamps (both from Linn's)
     - Other 'News' resources are listed Here

    Stamp Universe / Collectors Universe - Auctions, Resource articles, Message Board ...

    Now (c.2009) just 'Collectors Universe'
    A third-party authentication and grading services for high-value collectibles. Coins!
    Miles Standish, Co-Founder: [email protected]
    Stamps via their(?) PSE (Professional Stamp Experts) division.

    The Stamp Trader List (STL) - "Your Key To The Global Stamp Trading Community":

    lists(ed) several mirror sites. ('404' c.2009); see the 'Trading' link above
    based on The Stamp Trader List, maintained by Phil Guptill (c.1996-1997)

    Dupke's Stamps ( '404 c.2009, but c.2011 back as TradeOnlyStamps.Com)

    Dupke's was a wonderful system of exchange.
    and continues on Uitterdijk's new website. - aj.
    Perhaps not as extensive as STL but highly interactive: in Dutch or English. (c.2009)

    NETCollection's - Launch page-  : '404' including root: c.200905 : brings (brought) up a different stamp related site each time you visit or select you browser's 'reload' function (unless you 'back' into it).  Their home page offers(ed) links to site search, collector lists, dealer lists, country specific lists, topical lists, free classified ads, a list of books and videos and a list of philatelic software. (I (had)) set their 'Launch' page as my browser's stamp account 'home page'! aj.)

    Stamp Yellow Pages - several good articles and resources; a service of a dealer by the name of Paul Edney who also keeps Stamp Shows Worldwide and Hawai'i Post, .us-HI

    Still good after all these years! c.2014

    George Alevizos, a dealer in California, keeps a well-rounded set of internet resources for collectors.

    Scott Kitchen's Stamp Collecting Page - especailly his charity page... et al ... - '404' c.2009 (I think he's still around...)

    Dr. Peter G. Aitken - from 'Tips on Scaning' to a PhilatelicSearch Engine ... (another 'Stamps FAQ' contender)

    c.2009: One of my favorite groups (Philatelic WebMasters Org) now keeps Dr. Aitken's Links alive!

    Search Stamps - Philatelic and Stamp Site Directory

    Another dead duck! '404' c.2009

    stamp-finder - Rhein Main Briefmarken Links; was in German with limited English - had extensive links to philately. - Martin Koenen - Germany (The Wuerzburg Stamp Club of 1880) = '404' c.2009

    Ask Phil (cf.)

    Excellent resoures from the CCC (Collectors Club of Chicago, IL 60610, USA)


    • Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia - industrious!

    • Roger Pearce's StampLink; excellent resources.
      Specializes in New Zealand


    • Fabio (Alarici)'s "Postal Administrations Resources on the Web..."
      formerly: '404' c.2009 but 'rescued'


    • (Dave Maloney's) Collecting - in association with Amos Press (Linn's, Scott ..) '404' c.2009

      (& Dave) Maloney's Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory '404' c.2009
      though his 'Association of Online Appraisers' site is still strong!

    • Mr. Malte Aronsson 's Collector's Target - Trading page, Stamps News, Pen Pals ...
      formerly: '404' c.2009 but rescued by

    • LINK STAMP's Stamp Site of the Week - Gary Law (this link is philately c.2014)
      c.2014 '404' (remember to remove from homepage)

    • Wim J. Bongers' PhilaGuide
      c.2014 Not philatelic but 'About Quadcopters' (drones)

    • - a search engine that can target specific stamps... '404' c.2012 '404' c.2009
    • Philately News, India - News and an excellent list of philatelic 'blogs' c.2009, 2012
      And Shrikant's personal blog:
      Shrikant Modh and Nikunj Modh (both are stamp collectors), Protonwebs
      (incl. tech & web design)

    •; NEW: philatelic links c.2009!; '404' c.201205
      from: Richard Schmeisser
      15830 SW 144th Place, Tigard, OR 97224 USA

    • The Collecting Exchange: Browsing Web Collectibles : Coins & Stamps : Philately '404' c.2009

    • IberStamps
      Free Buy/Sell/Trade Online Forum
      (blank page c.2009 ; re-check later)
      (good c.201205 & 201410 as
      "Telfs: +93.773.99.26 y +93 639.62.78.64" c.201205, 201410 (in Spainish but +93 is in Afganistan)
      e-mail: [email protected]
      Colecciones mundiales:

      Not to mention Postal History, Ex-colonies of Spain, Thematics..

    • Worldwide New Issue News - Dave Joll, .nz
      Non-commercial, user assisted
      ("This was formerly a Worldwide Stamp New Issues site.
      However I now have little time to work on this site and have had to
      scale it back considerably." - c.2009)
      New : "Established 1997. Revised version May 2005 relocated to new site
         August 2008 last updated January 2011."
      old: (c.2000)

    • Centro Iinternacional De Filatelia Y Numismatica [SP]
      This MSN Groups service has closed (MSN simply quit!) '404' c.2009

    • Scandinavian Airlines Philatelic Directory '404' c.2009

    • The KnowledgeHound: Stamp Collecting
      still good c.2009, 2012

    • Rainbow Online Stamps - (former) home of Billig's reprints '404' c.2009

    • Afinsa - from art to philately; Large European dealer in "TANGIBLE GOODS." (has a specific Philatelic Division and holds stock in Greg Manning Auctions, Inc.)
      and managed a lot of trouble lately...

    • Absolute Authority on Stamps - by yours truly ;-) '404' c.2009 (they quit too!)

    • HobbySoft's Stamp Evaluator (by Compu-Qote)
      based on their 'Stamp Keeper' data.
      last known as leaving the field.. & offers links to competitors software:
      "It is with much regret that we are closing our business at this time. The present state of the economy, the dwindling number of young people entering the hobby and the advanced age of others and myself here at Compu-Quote are the responsible reasons for this action. We can no longer accept new orders or requests for our annual update disks. ..." c.200911
      See: Stamp Programs: Contact SoftPro 2010 Inc. at or call them at 705-254-6201 to take advantage of this offer.
      They also list coin and currency programs.

    • Collector Network (a directory c.2011)

    and on and on .... we find 'em, we list 'em.
    See Also: (in our Topical Index): Resources

    Here's an interesting tool..

    (A sort of WhoIS for info on any owned domain; e.g. .com, .org . .; reveals other owned domains..)

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  • - The Shape of Things to Come - Yahoo! - The mother of most.
    Including: - NOTE: Yahoo! is quitting webrings but the rings continue. c.1/2002
    Postal History Dealers Online Webring
    Stamp Club Ring

    Indian Philately Webring
    - This Indian Philately web-site contains valuable reference information about post-independence Indian postage stamps and stamps released in India.

    The Classic Stamps Webring

    Sports and Philately
    Associations Philatéliques et/ou Marcophiles (APEOM) (a French webring) ('404'? c.2009, c.2014 ends up on some webring thing)

  • RingSurf (another {dead?} webring provider)
    Hobbies & Crafts Category :
    Mathematics on Stamps Webring (small but good!)
    Stamp swap and exchange ring - No members (9/2001) but they've got the ring!
    Internet stamp Collectors
    We are Listed here; but we also joined the one below.
    And: don't you just hate quiters?

    The RingSurf Stamps and Philatelics Net Ring

    owned by Mark's Stamps.
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    Seems Inactive (9/2001)

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  • As part of Stamp Dealers International's intern / dealer-mentor program they have posted the following book referneces:

    "As teaching aids ... there is a series of informative and thorough step-by-step dealer-oriented manuals written by dealers and entitled:

    "Nassau Street" by Herman "Pat" Herst, Jr.,

    "Successful Stamp Dealing" by Peter Mosiondz, Jr.,

    "Top Dollar Paid" by Stephen R. Datz. ..."

    Recommended. aj.

    For Your Consideration...

    Dale Entriprises, Inc. - A FREE Online Course in Philaely

  • The APS Stamp Campus

  • Int'l Master Stamp Dealers Course - Live E-mail link [email protected] - from an ad found in the classifieds at RainBow Online ('404' c.2009)

  • Stamp Dealers Int'l's Intern Program '404' c.200905

  • Philately Series from Dept of Distance Ed., Penn State University '404' c.2009
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