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Last update 5/27/2012
Well,...the past few years have brought topical indexing! + + + - aj. 5/12

Last update 3/7/2000
What's New? - Well,...check the graphic above.. it's old now but more is coming - read on - aj. 3/00

When I'm finally done? (the Never Ending Story) - laying the foundation for this site I will use this page to note changes - so
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3/7/00 think I'll put the most recent at the top from now on...
3/?/00 Have put up a semi-working frames version...
Check it out - leave an opinion... I think its real strength is the 'Glossary' section at the moment. I'm converting (and updating) all country files to single files that should work in frames or not...

Also picked up some 'affilates' - organizations I like.. you'll see their banners etc.

A month or so ago I updated Basic Collecting. Comments are required ;)

2/1/2000 updated Specialized Collecting ; especially Reference Material : lots of good ones out there. Added/changed the Basic Collecting page(s) : desire comments.

Added a 'general links' section to the front page...
Working on a frames set for navigation of issuing entities.

2/25/99 added new_list.htm which has material not posted yet. (or click red graphic above)

3/15/99 'Specialized Collecting' section reworked with each topic on it's own page.. and that completes the basic ground work - time for a break.

3/17/99 Limited search capability added (limited until I redo keywords and descriptions); some done 3/00

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