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Best of the Web: search: 'stamps'

Results 1 to 20 of 395 for stamp collecting (0.494 seconds) c.2014

Curioscape: Search : 'Philately'

good c.2014

AntiqueSearcher : Search 'stamps' - dead c.2014

Matilda (.au) : Search : 'stamps'

". . . experience our new era in 100% free online classified advertising. " (c.2014)
"If time permits, we may also consider adding a few information communities such as world recipes, poetry, short stories, good gardening, treasure hunter and other hobby and home making communities. If you have an idea or community of what we could include please feel free to contact us to share your ideas. :)


"If you're reading this page, you may be asking yourself, "Does the Internet really need another directory?" Here at EuroSeek, we believe the answer to that is a resounding "Yes!" However, we are not just any directory. . ."
Originally launched in 1996, EuroSeek was the first search engine to focus solely on Europe. It's initial offering included search results in five languages (English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian).
As EuroSeek evolved, so did its language offerings. Users were invited to "search the web in your own language," and language support expanded to include Norwegian and Swedish, among others.
Today, we are evolving yet again, this time into a paid directory of quality, human-approved websites. Our rejection rate is high to keep our quality high.
With support for thirteen languages, including Finnish and Russian, and a commitment to excellence, we believe EuroSeek will continue to grow into the next decade, and beyond. We invite your questions and comments . . . (c.2014)

FreeServe : Search Results

covering Europe and No. America
Now (c.2014) 'Enhanced by Google'

mamma : Search : 'stamps'

useless? c.2014

All The Web : Search "stamps"

Defaults to's homepage c.2014

AltaVista: Simple Query 'world stamps'

Defaults to's search page. c.2014

AOL - search: 'stamps' 

Search Results 'Enhanced by Google'. c.2014

Dogpile (multi interface): Search Results: 'philately'

"Search results from Google & YaHoo." c.2014 (Disney/ABC) Search" 'Stamps' Defaults to Disney's homepage. c.2014

Google : Directory Search: 'Philately'

Google Web Search : 'Philatelic'
Both defaults to standard Google search results for each terms above. c.2014 : Search Directory for 'Stamps'

Once, there was a search engine that invented a new way to connect consumers and businesses. It was called Recently, the domain became available and a few of us who were there in the early days decided to purchase it. We've got lots of ideas for what to do with but in the meantime, we thought it would be fun to resurrect as a search engine. Hats off to the team that helped revolutionize search. We hope you enjoy searching on today's site. Please leave a comment below or on our Facebook page and let us know what you think. c.2014 'Stamps'

(c.2014 I get no results for 'stamps' or 'philately - aj)
"SearchHippo is the exclusive hobby project of Kevin Marcus. As of Jan, 2003 am currently CTO for Intelius, a startup in the public records space. Prior to that, I cofounded where I built most of the underlying database and integration technologies (observe the 'kevdb' and 'kevxml' in infospace urls for fun). I attended the University of California at Riverside, where I created the OKRA net.citizen directory service (circa 1996), an email directory lookup service. During that time I was also a developer for Symantec's Norton-Anti Virus (including laying the foundation for their Antivirus research center). I am also author to several issued patents in the software and internet space" Copyright (c) 2001-2008, (TM)

Search Global Network : 'Stamp' (Uses ; hand reviewed)

Also features a directory with a 'stamp collecting' category for each nation; Example: Argentina
'404' c.2014 - aj.

HotBot (by Lycos): Search 'Stamps'

Defaulted to standard search page but 'stamps' got good results (about 30 million) c.2014 but not visually well placed; see bottom of page. c.2014 aj.

Lycos : Search 'Stamps'

New URL. Same 30 million results as HotBot above. c.2014.

iWon - search results for 'philatelic links'

Root url: now (c.2014) devoted to online games... no stamps referenced.

Infoseek: Search 'Philatelic' (used to do searches via Open Directory)

New URL c.2014; good results. . ."with long-standing supply agreements with Google and YaHoo. ."

Magellan ('' subsidary) : Search : 'Stamps' 

Now (c.2014) dead but is not and leads (follow 'Recreation' then 'Hobbies') to: : Home > Crafts & Hobbies > Antiques & Collectibles > Stamp Collecting
(a series of articles about stamps & collecting and links to related to stamp collecting)

MSN (now '' : Search : 'Stamps' (c.2014)

National Directory : Search : 'Stamps'

Go to root url & you get "Account suspended" c.2014

NBCi search for 'stamps' '404' c.2014

Open Directory: 'Stamps'

c.2014: 'In partnership with AOL'. DMOZ Sites (1-20 of 3053)

Ruby Lane Antiques & Collectibles mall : Search : 'stamps' (alt)

6,000 results from their mall vendors. c.2014.

Senior Search : 'Stamps'

"A Portal Web Site To Serve All The Needs Of The Over 50 Age Group"
New URL w/18 (hand picked) results : c.2014. ""

Yahoo! Search Results for 'Philately'

Results for "postage stamps"
Results for "stamps" (formerly: Search: "stamps"

Now (c.2014) is into being a 'free website builder'; HQ in British Virgin Islands
~Yep.Com offers the general public access to free on-line services, and additional paid services. . .~ Collectors Mall Showcase: Stamps

Multi-vendor online mall - good search results c.2014

StudyWeb: Search Page - search for 'philately', 'stamps'; many articles...sites  (c.2002)

c.2014 devoted to teaching HTML and PHP . .

See Also:

AOL.COM Search > International Directories
old:, New URL c.2014 is search results 'enhanced by Google'. .

Just a few samples... aj c.2002, 2014
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