When/Why SHATTERED 'palestinian' Jihad Cries for Cease-Fire

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When is it (Why) 'Palestinian' Hamas & Islamic Jihad cry for cease fire?
What happens so often to these murderers of civilians that are in paranoia at times to bag for cease fires?
Have this gang ever declared of a real stop to their baby-killing tactics?
The real "inside" is that when their leaders are decapitated, when their master minds are suffocated they badly need a rest to regroup, to re-plan them selves for further tactics, of course tjhey'll cover their desperation with "peace" gestures, they never gave up their will to KILL ALL NON Arab-Muslims in all of the holy land (all of it)!
Who said that the threats on 'Palestinian' Egyptian Born Butcher Yasser Arafat did not do any good, the unofficial head of all these Jihadi Murderers "org." Is shivering from fear.
So much for the "Palestinian" 'heroes'.
Do not let these blood thirsty 'activists'  rest!
Do not let these thugs regroup!
Do not let these criminals reinforce themselves.
When the mass murders whine, the innocent breathe!
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