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Buttering Butcher Arafat
The choices we hear lately when blaming Butcher Arafat for the daily bloodshed in the middle east is being buttered up, example:
"Arafat is not doing enough to 'control' the Hamas-IslamicJihad-AlaqsaMartyrs Etc., (in other words,) he does not do enough with regard to the extremists."
Hinting: That Butcher Yasser Arafat, the inventor of hijacking, the arch terrorist, is "not" an extremist.
Hinting that Butcher Arafat's own parties like Tanzim & Fatah were 'not' evolved in many killings of innocent civilians, such as 'gunmen' massacring in the BenYehudah market & others?
Hinting as if Butcher Arafat did "not" teach these death/killing cult thugs.
Hinting as if we "don't" know that he invented the cruel use of their kids as human shields, in order to tarnish Israel.
Hinting as if we don't know the checks/payments Butcher Arafat has paid these murderers for their attacks.
Then, after each Arafat's own style massacres, we hear of course Burcher-Arafat's "condemnations," condemning his way?
Condemning his legacy?
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