This Page is dedicated to Palladium's Ninjas & Superspies RPG, as well as Oriental RPGs in general and Japan specifically.
UPDATE (07/13/2009): Because Yahoo is closing down Geocities, the N&S GM's NETBOOK will be moving in the near future, as soon as I find a webhost I can deal with.

Ninjas & Superspies
Boat Construction
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Character Sheet 2[pdf] [jpg1] [jpg2]
Country of Origin
Education Table
Martial Art Orgs
New O.C.C.s
O.C.C. Revisions
Skill Programs
Mystic China
MC MA Skill Costs
O.C.C. Revisions
Palladium Martial Arts Netbook
Creating MA Styles
Creating Quickie Skills
Kuseru Kenobi Project
ATB Conversions
BTS Conversions
HU Conversions
NB Conversions
Rifts Conversions
PF Conversions
Other Conversions
N&S Edition Differences
N&S Errata
MC Errata
Spy Report
Spy Report 1
Spy Report 2
Spy Report 3
Revised Rules
Skills List
Attribute Stat Tables
Revised P.B.
Revised P.E.
Revised Spd.
Compiled Saving Throws
Visibility & Hearing
Revised Ancient Weapons
GMs Screen (WIP)
Other Palladium
After the Bomb 2E Expansion
BTS2 Occupations
Cult Generator
Rants & Reviews
Japanese Material
Name Generator
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