Saving Throws (83 entries)

Acids -- No save possible - Dodge! If ingested, treat as lethal poison.
Activating Reliquary (mudra): Roll under Meditation Skill
Allergic Reaction: 11+ (P.E. based)
Animal Psionics: 15+ for a non-psionic, 12+ for a character with Animal Psionics
Anti-Metal Virus/AMV: 10+ for metal
Banishment (mudra): 12+
Blackout: 14+
Blindness: 10+
Breakneck: 16+, with P.E. bonuses.
Butylmercaptan (Chemical Excretion/Stink): 15+
Calm: 16+
Celestial Calligraphy: 10+
Chi Magic: 12+
Chi Zoshiki (Rifts): 19+
Circle of Contagion: Under P.E. on Percentile Dice
Coma/death: - See under Coma/ Death
Concealment save vs sensor detection: 01-35% vs sensors on percentile (01-98% vs naked eye), with the following modifiers; -5% when struck by missiles, -10% in light smoke or dust, -10% in light rain or fog, -30% in heavy smoke or dust, -30% in heavy rain, -50% underwater. (See Crusader RDF Destroid.
Control (others)*: 15+ for non-psionics, 12+ for psionics, 17+ for animals.
Curses: 15+
Deific Curses: Natural 20 only
Demon/Infernal Magic: 14+ Infernal Lords may require a 15+ or 16+ to save.
Demon Beetle Transforming Attack: 15+
Detect Wires (trip wires): 10 or less with nightvision, otherwise 5 or less (both at night rolls)
Disease/Food Poisoning: 14+
Disease, Virulent (common cold, flu, plague): 16+
Disruptive Touch*: 15+
Dolphin Sonic Stun: 19+ for small fish & crustaceans; 17+ for medium-sized fish; 10+ for man-sized fish & sharks; 7+ for giant fish, squids, sharks & other giant aquatic animals; 6+ for D-bees of a fish or amphibian physiology (9+ if smaller than 5 feet (1.5m) tall/long); 4+ for aquatic birds and mammals (sea lions, etc.); 3+ for humans, humanoids, and most intelligent life forems (7+ if smaller than 5 feet (1.5m) tall/long); Other cetaceans, dragons, giants, creatures of magic, supernatural beings and most mega-damage creatures are impervious.
Dragon/Immortal/Deific magic: 16+
Dynamic Attraction: 16+
Electrical Charge (Stun): Victims must roll under their P.E. to save vs effects (those with P.E. of 20 or better will be just too tough to be affected).
Electrocution: 18+, 14+ for supernatural creatures
Entanglement (Sticky Goo): Percentile dice under the victim's P.P.
Euphoric Embrace: 16+
Extreme Heat (heat exhaustion & smoke inhalation): 14+
Extreme Cold (cold exhaustion, hypothermia and frostbite): 14+
Harmful Drugs/Toxins: 15+
Horror/Awe Factor: Must roll equal to or better than the creature or spells Horror Factor.
Infestation: 6+ (P.E. based)
Insanity: 12+
Knockout: 15+
Lucky Fall: 20% or less on Percentile Die.
Magic: Basic Spell/Faerie Arrows: 12+
Magic Breath Attack: 14+
Magic Circles: 12+
Magic Faeries' Spells: 16+ (14 in Rifts)
Magic Fumes: 14+
Magic Pillow of Sleep: 13+
Magic Potion or Fume (If forced to drink): 14+
Magic Ritual, Mosiac, Magic Sludge, or Flute of Charming: 16+
Magic Scroll: 13+ or 14+ (typically due to higher spell strength)
Magic Songs of Ultucan: 15+
Magic Wards: 14+
Mental Stun (non-psionic)*: 15+
Null Movement*: 14+
Obey: 13+
Pain: 14+ (16+ in Rifts)
Panic: 12+
Paralysis (Spores): 15+
Poison/Gas, Lethal (Ingested, Contact, Blood/Injected) : 14+
Poison/Gas, Non-lethal (Ingested, Contact, Blood/Injected, or ingesting Contact/Injected--lethal or not, pheromones): 16+
Possession: Contested
Protection: 14+
Psionics/Illusion/ATB Druid Magic/Feeding Frenzy (vampires, as per psionic type of vampire): 15+ for non-psionics, 12+ for major or minor psionics, 10+ for master psionics.
Radiation, Area Source (within 3ft of Ceratus Dominus): 12+
Radiation, Point Source (physical contact with Ceratus Dominus): 14+
Radiation, Field (Ceratus Dominus' breath weapon): 16+
Shrapnel: 14+ on a dodge.
Sonic Stun (Darksong): 10+ (varies)
Sonic Stun: 13+
Soul Drinking: 14+
Strangling: 14+
Stun (from Fall while in M.D.C. Body or Power Armor): 40% chance
Stun (from Crash while in M.D.C. Body or Power Armor): 30% chance
Stun (from Explosion Impact while in M.D.C. Body or Power Armor): 60% chance
Submission: Shifter's M.A.
Temporal Energy Change: 50% or better on percentile, with P.E. bonus added.
Transferal/Possession*: Same as psionics.
Traps: 12+ on a dodge
Unconciousness (when being strangled): 14+
Undeath: 11+
Vehicle Save vs Strain of Pulling out of Divebombing: Roll under TMF.
Willy-Willy Knockdown: UNDER 10 on D20 (P.S. bonus applies)
Willy-Willy Entrapment: UNDER 12 on D20 (P.S. bonus applies)
Note: Animals are -4 to save, and inanimate, non-living objects get no saving throws.

The Following are listed as things against which one can have protection, but have no mechanics of operation:
From N&S, revised HU, and TMNT Guide to the Universe:
Ejection Seat (The most comprehensive note to date is in rev HU where it states (page 51), "see the section on saving throws and Ejection Seats")
From Island at the Edge of the World:
Charm* (The note states that in addition to faerie magic and other types of charms the character is not overly impressed by beautiful and charming people.)
Hunger (This is the ability to resist the craving for food.)
Temptation (" iron-clad resistance to any one temptation. This can be done to stop him/herself from stealing, lying, drinking, fighting, etc.")

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