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Do you really think that you know everything about Bushido? What if I say I don't think so?

Shinto, the Essence of Being Japanese

Incidents of Real Samurai Lives

The 1970 Bushido 'Black November'

The story of Mishima Yukio, Emperor Hirohito, the Japanese 'Self Defense Forces' (Jieitai) & the Shield Society (Tatenokai), and What They Had to Do with Samuraihood

Japanese (Tokugawa) Warrior Codes

The Truest Heroes Among the Samurai According to the Bushido (And They Are Not Legends)

Foreign Names in Japanese Script & Pronunciation

The Historically-Warped Death of Hattori Hanzo

Location of the Greatest War of Takeda versus Oda & Tokugawa Clans

Origins of Japanese Samurai's Zen Buddhism

No Kidding: the God of Abortion, Prices of Wishes, Slimming Masks, Japanese Wanted List, & so on

More of Oda Nobunaga's Letters & Artefacts

The Origin of Oda Nobunaga's Personal War Motto & Personal Battle-Banner

What Oda Nobunaga IS in Shinto

Foolproof Profile of Shintoism

Kappa, Tengu, Koma-Inu, Shishi

Kobo Daishi & the Inu Hariko Guardian Dogs

The End of Your Confusion About Maiko & Geisha

How Goldfish Lanterns (Kingyo Cochin) Ensured the Survival of a Mori Clan Samurai

Why & How Rats Became a Japanese 'Pet'

Asahina Yoshihide, Inventor of Whale-Hunting

Nejo Samurai's Horse Charm (Yawata Uma)

General Sakanoue Tamuramaru & the Battle of the Magic Horses (Miharu Goma)

Emperor Suinin & the Origins of the Votive Plaques

Everything Else


The Real History of Japan

Heart of Sword: Samurai Blog (Updated Everyday)

Yakuza, Bushido & Underground Samuraihood

The Flying Samurai: Jibakutai & Kamikaze

Complete History of Japanese Geisha

Ueto Aya in "Azumi II: Death or Love"

Ito Hideaki & Nomura Mansai in "Onmyoji II" and What's So Darn Wrong About Reviews of This Movie

The Real Nagashino Battlefield of 1575

Family Crests of Japanese Samurai Clans

Homeless Bums in Japan (Literally)

Personal Banners & Battle Standards of Japanese Warlords

A Vivid Movie About How the Most Famous Ninja in This Solar System Did NOT Die

Hangover After Zen

Architectural Tour of Japan: Pictures of Japanese cities, towns, houses, castles, streets, roads, back alleys, shops, temples, shrines, palaces, resorts, villages, gardens, bridges, arcades, hotels, gates, malls, etc.

Japanese 'Flower Language': Just in case you want to send the wrong bouquet to the Japanese in your life

What These Mean to the Japanese: Phoenix, Turtles, White Tigers, Dragons (as in the movie "Onmyoji")

How To Avoid Buddhist Temples When You Are in Japan

Why Taira Samurai Made Camellia Boxes (Hana Tebako)

Okiagari, the Tokugawa Clan's Charm

Kinta, the Kato Clan's Clown

Ota Dokan, the 'Barbarian Girl', and the Famous Raincoat Affair

Lady Taira Tameori, Inventor of the Japanese Folding Fans (Sensu)

How Cotton was Bizarrely Imported by the Japanese & Who Taught Them How to Weave

What Cats Meant to the Tokugawa & Nitta Clans

Tributes to Lord Scribe, Sugawara Michizane

History & Meaning of Japanese Stone Lanterns & Tombstones

What the Heck is the 'Fleeting World' (Ukiyo)? What's the Difference From the 'Floating World' (Ukiyo)?




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Oda Nobunaga


Samurai anecdotes and myths
Incidents of Samurai Lives

Get Real About Japan



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