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Solomon Islands

Philatelic Bureau UPU, APPU
G.P.O. - PO Box 1930 (or Box G31) (c.2000)
Honiara (Guadalcanal), Solomon Islands

  • Tel (677) 22108
  • Fax (677) 20440 / 21472
    old: '404' c.2014
    Agents: Herrick; via Linn's , Crown Agents; self

    Solomon Isls Dealers Directory
  • Solomon Islands is a sovereign country consisting of a large number of islands in Oceania lying to the east of Papua New Guinea and northwest of Vanuatu . . .

    The islands have been inhabited for thousands of years. In 1568, the Spanish navigator Álvaro de Mendaña was the first European to visit them, naming them the Islas Salomón. By 1893, the United Kingdom had established a protectorate over the territory. During the Second World War, the Solomon Islands campaign (1942–1945) saw fierce fighting between the United States and the Empire of Japan, such as in the Battle of Guadalcanal.

    The official name of the then British territory was changed from "the British Solomon Islands Protectorate" to "Solomon Islands" in 1975. Self-government was achieved in 1976. Independence was obtained two years later. Today, Solomon Islands is a constitutional monarchy with the Queen of Solomon Islands, currently Queen Elizabeth II, as its head of state.

    (From Wikipedia)



    Philatelic Service - Postal Administration UPU, APPC, APU, PAPU
    Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (c.2000)
    Mogadischu, Somalia Democratic Republic

    Agent: Hansen; .no





    Somalia Dealers Directory
    Ancient pyramidical structures, mausoleums, ruined cities and stone walls, such as the Wargaade Wall, are evidence of an old civilization that once thrived in the Somali peninsula . . .

    British Somaliland became independent on 26 June 1960 as the State of Somaliland, and the Trust Territory of Somalia (the former Italian Somaliland) followed suit five days later. On 1 July 1960, the two territories united to form the Somali Republic . . . (cite)

    The Somali Democratic Republic was the name that the communist regime of former President of Somalia Major General Mohamed Siad Barre gave to Somalia during its reign, after having seized power in a bloodless 1969 coup d'état . . Barre's administration would rule Somalia for the following 21 years, until the outbreak of the civil war in 1991 . . . (cite)

    . . . clan-based armed opposition groups eventually managed to overthrow the Barre government in 1991.

    Various factions began competing for influence in the power vacuum that followed, which precipitated an aborted UN peacekeeping attempt in the mid-1990s . . .

    In 2000, the Transitional National Government was established, followed by the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) in 2004. In 2006, the TFG, assisted by Ethiopian troops, seized most of the south from the newly formed Islamic Courts Union (ICU). The ICU subsequently splintered into more radical groups . . . In 2011, a joint military operation between the Somali military and multinational forces began. In August 2014, the Somali government-led Operation Indian Ocean was launched to cleanup the remaining insurgent-held pockets in the countryside . . . (cite)


    South Africa

    South African Post Office UPU, CRASA, PAPU, SAPOA


    The Post Office (c.2000)
    Philatelic Services and INTERSAPA
    Private Bag X 505
    Pretoria 0001, Republic of South Africa

  • Fax +27 (12) 804 6745
  • Tel +27 (12) 804 7735
  • [email protected]
  • Post Codes
    site includes Philately section
    old: '404' c.2014
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    (same Bag #)
  • Téléphone (+27 12) 421 7592
  • Téléfax (+27 12) 421 7570
    Agents: Global; .us, Hansen; .no , Japan; .jp





    South Africa Collector's Directory
  • South African Post Office Museum and Archive
    Talita Fourie Curator (c.2014):
    Private Bag X505
  • [email protected]
  • Tel: +27 12 845 2824
  • Cell: 076 107 9988
  • Fax: 086 560 4132

  • SAPO's History page.

    1501 - Pedro D'Ataide, the captain of a Portuguese ship, placed a letter in a Milkwood tree at Mossel Bay. The letter contained a message about the disaster which had struck his fleet. Three ships, including that of Bartholomew Diaz, had gone down during a severe storm over the Atlantic Ocean, leaving no survivors.
    When they left Portugal, these sailors were told to stop over at Mossel Bay for fresh water. With this in mind, Captain D'Ataide left his message in the Milkwood tree, knowing that the fleet would return to Mossel Bay on their way back from India. Three months later, the fleet found the letter and delivered it to Portugal.

    1501-1652 - During this period, the crew of ships travelling to or from the Orient past the South coast of Africa, placed letters under postal stones, hoping that they would be found and delivered by other ships. The necessary information such as the date, name of the ship and its captain, were carved on these stones. The letters were occasionally wrapped in waxed canvas and, apart from the address, the letters DGG were written on them – for Door God geleyd, or ‘Guided by God’. . .

    Postal History of the South African Army Postal Service, Edward B. Proud

      Wikepedia : South African Post Office


    South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands

    Former dependencies of the Falkland Islands

    South Georgia and Sandwich Islands Post Office
    Port Stanley, Falkland Islands
  • Tel 00500 27159
  • Fax 00500 27160
  • Agent: Pobjoy Mint (c.2011)

    South Georgia... Dealers Directory

    See Also:

    Falklands Isls Dealers Directory


  • There is no native population on the islands; the present inhabitants are the British Government Officer, Deputy Postmaster, scientists, and support staff from the British Antarctic Survey who maintain scientific bases at Bird Island and at the capital, King Edward Point, as well as museum staff at nearby Grytviken.

    The United Kingdom claimed sovereignty over South Georgia in 1775 and the South Sandwich Islands in 1908. The territory of "South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands" was formed in 1985; previously it had been governed as part of the Falkland Islands Dependencies. Argentina claimed South Georgia in 1927 and claimed the South Sandwich Islands in 1938.

    Argentina maintained a naval station, Corbeta Uruguay, on Thule Island in the South Sandwich Islands from 1976 until 1982 when it was closed by the Royal Navy. The Argentine claim over South Georgia contributed to the 1982 Falklands War, during which Argentine forces briefly occupied the island. Argentina continues to claim sovereignty over South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

    (From Wikipedia)


    South Ossetia
    (Autonomous region of Georgia Rep.)
    See: Commonwealth of Independent States

    Data needed.

    Georgia Rep. Dealers Directory
    South Ossetia (or Tskhinvali Region) is a disputed region and partially recognised state in the South Caucasus, located in the territory of the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast within the former Georgian SSR of the Soviet Union.

    South Ossetians declared independence from Georgia in 1990, calling themselves the Republic of South Ossetia. The Georgian government responded by abolishing South Ossetia's autonomy and trying to re-establish its control over the region by force. The crisis escalation led to the 1991–1992 South Ossetia War. Georgian fighting against those controlling South Ossetia occurred on two other occasions, in 2004 and 2008. The latter conflict led to the Russia–Georgia war, during which Ossetian and Russian forces gained full de facto control of the territory of the former South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast.

    In the wake of the 2008 South Ossetia War, Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru recognised South Ossetia's independence. Georgia does not recognise the existence of South Ossetia as a political entity, including most of the area in its Shida Kartli region, however under the administration of the Provisional Administrative Entity of South Ossetia. Georgia and a significant part of the international community consider South Ossetia to be occupied by the Russian military. South Ossetia relies heavily on military, political and financial aid from Russia. Russia does not allow European Union Monitoring Mission monitors to enter South Ossetia.

    South Ossetia, Transnistria, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Abkhazia are post-Soviet "frozen conflict" zones. These four unrecognized states maintain friendly relations with each other and form the Community for Democracy and Rights of Nations.


    South Sudan (Rep.)

    Ministery of Telecommunication and Postal Services UPU
    Post Office Box 33
    Juba, Southern Sudan

  • [email protected]

    Data needed.

  • A former autonomous regions within Sudan . . . South Sudan, is a landlocked country in northeastern Africa that gained its independence from Sudan on 9 July 2011. Its current capital is Juba, which is also its largest city. The capital city is planned to be changed to the more centrally located Ramciel in the future.

    In July 2012, South Sudan signed the Geneva Conventions. South Sudan has suffered internal conflict since its independence.

    (See: Wikipedia)



    Correos y Telégrafos UPU, CEPT, IPC, PUMed, POSTEUROP, UPAEP

    (offers Filatelia & English)

    Calle de Chile, 4
    28016 Madrid, Spain

  • Tel.: +34 913 44 18 81

    Filatelia :

  • by phone: 902 197 197
  • [email protected]

    Museo Postal y Telégrafo (y Biblioteca)

    (assumed c.2014 to be {follow the x}):
    Palacio de Comunicaciones
    Calle de Montalban, s/n
    28070 Madrid

  • Tel.: 91 521 42 60 &/y: 91 522 20 46
  • Fax: 91 531 10 51
    The Independent Organization of Posts and Telegraphs
    Calle Aduana 29 (c.2000)
    28070 Madrid, Spain
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+34 91) 596 38 52
  • Téléfax (+34 91) 596 31 33
    Agent: (none kown)

    Spain's Dealers Directory
    (Province by Province)

  • Correos headquarters (Madrid)
    Sociedad Estatal de Correos y Telégrafos, S.A., trading as Correos, is the national postal service of Spain, as recognized by the Universal Postal Union. The company is 100% state owned, through the State Industrial Holding Company (SEPI). With 63,000 employees and 5.4 billion pieces of mail sent each year, Correos is one of the largest postal services in the world. Based in Madrid, it has over 10,000 postal centres all over Spain . . .

    (From Wikipedia)

    Along with France, Spain administers the co-principality of Andorra.

    Circa 2001
    Their philatelic pages offer extensive information about 'Asociaciones Filatélicas en Espańa' with listings for the whole country. (cf. c.2014)


    Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka Post UPU, APPU
    (offers Philately & English)

    Sri Lanka Philatelic Bureau

  • Tel.: +94 11 232 6163 (Weekdays except holidays)
  • [email protected]
  • [email protected]
    Philatelic Bureau (c.2000)
    Department of Posts
    Transworks House
    Lower Chatham St.
    Colombo l, Sri Lanka

    &: (root is good c.2014)

    Sri Lanka Philatelic Bureau
    4th Floor, Ceylinco House
    Janadhipathi Mawatha Fort
    Colombo 00100, Sri Lanka
  • Tel.: 94 - 26163 / 26177 / 25588
  • [email protected]
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    International Postal Services
    (Transworks House address)
  • Téléphone (+94 1) 320 017, (+94 1) 328 644
  • Téléfax (+94 1) 325 112, (+94 1) 440 555
    Agents: IGPC, Crown Agents

    Sri Lanka Dealers Directory

  • "The lust of human being to remain alive and live everlastingly is a natural reflection which turns into an activity when it faces the 'mortality' and emanates in the form of protecting the Foot-print of our ancestors. Thus, Museum is a collection of evidence to such process. . . .

    After 1994 a postal museum was established in the General Post Office at Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 00100. It was housed there, since year 2000-2001 and now the relevant action is being taken to open a modern museum at the basement of Postal Headquarters building in near future. . .

    In addition to above, a philatelic exhibition centre will be opened as a part of the museum which will give immense pleasure to philatelist. It will opened the windows to study about the long history since the first stamp of the world and first stamp issued by Ceylon up to now, for local & foreign stamp enthusiasts. "

    Sri Lanka Post (c.2014)



    Sudanese Postal Services Company (SudaPost) UPU, APPC, APU, PAPU

    Bureau Philatetique (c.2000)
    Ministere des PTT
    Khartoum, Sudan
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+249 11) 78 28 60
  • Téléfax (+249 11) 78 03 08
    Agent: IGPC (dealers only)

    See Also : South Sudan

    Sudan Dealers Directory
  • January 6, 2014 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese Postal Services Company (SudaPost) and South Sudan’s Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services have signed on Monday an agreement on postal exchange.

    The agreement would allow for the resumption of postal services between the two countries following a two-year halt. . . .

    (From Sudan Tribune)

    Note: A Linn's reminder (c.2000): "Stamps from Sudan are prohibited in the United States as part of a general trade embargo."

    'Postal History'

    We would like to get some data on the new 'South Sudan'.




    (offers Filatelie c.2014)

    Surpost Hoofdpostkantoor
    Suriname Postal Service
    Kerkplein # 1 - Paramaribo

  • Tel.: (597) -477524
  • [email protected]
  • [email protected]
    Manager (c.2000)
    SurPost (Dienst der Postrijen)
    Kerkplein 1
    Paramaribo, Suriname
  • Tel (597) 477524 / 475045 / 476467
  • Fax (597) 410534 / 421212
  • E-mail
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+597) 425 656
  • Téléfax (+597) 425 777
    Agent: Interpost

    Surinam Dealers Directory
  • On the Atlantic coast of South America just north of Brazil, Suriname (also spelled Surinam by the English) was colonized by the English and the Dutch in the 17th century. In 1667 it was captured by the Dutch, who governed Suriname as Dutch Guiana until 1954. . . . On 25 November 1975, the country of Suriname left the Kingdom of the Netherlands to become independent. On 25 February 1980, a military coup overthrew the government. On 15 March 1981 and again on 12 March 1982 failed counter-coups were attempted.

    . . . The Republic of Suriname is a constitutional, democratically representational republic based on the 1987 constitution. . . According to the 2012 census, Suriname had a population of 541,638 inhabitants. It is made up of several distinct ethnic groups . . .

    (From Wikipedia)



    Swaziland Posts &
       Telecommunications Corporation UPU, CRASA, PAPU, SAPOA

    (offers Philately)

    Swaziland Post and Telecommunications Corporation
    Phutfumani Building (c.2014)
    Mahlokohla Street

  • Tel.: (00268) 2405 2000
  • TOLL FREE: 800 2100
  • Fax: (00268) 2405 2020
  • [email protected]


    SwaziPost Stamp Bureau
    Phutfumani Building
    Mahlokohla Street,
    Mbabane, Swaziland

    Postal Address:
    P.O.Box 555
    Mbabane H100
    Southern Africa

  • Telephone: (+268) 2405 2176/7/8
  • [email protected]
    Swaziland Stamp Bureau (c.2000)
    Department of Posts & Telecom
    P.O. Box 555
    Mbabane H100, Swaziland
  • [email protected] or [email protected]
    UPU Int'l Affairs (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+268) 404 2341
  • Téléfax (+268) 404 3130
    Agents: Crown Agents, IGPC (dealers only)

    Swaziland Dealers Directory
  • Over the past 20 years, many African countries have split their state-owned post and telecom companies into two separate units. In Swaziland, Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications provides the two services under one corporate umbrella. The company, known as SPTC, is divided into two units: Swazi Post and Swazi Telecom.

    The board of SPTC is responsible to Swaziland's Minister for Tourism, Environment and Communications. Swazi MTN, a subsidiary of MTN Telecom in South Africa, is a competitor to the company.

    (From Wikipedia c.2011)



    Posten Sweden Post UPU, CEPT, IPC, NPU, POSTEUROP, TOTW

    (online Stamp Shop)

    Customer Service (c.2014)

  • Private: 020-23 22 21
  • From abroad: +46 8 23 22 21
    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 08.00 am - 6.00 pm

    Sweden Post Stamps (c.2000)
    Customer Service
    SE - 81 84 Kiruna
  • Tel: +46 8 781 4936
  • Fax: +46 980 81490
  • [email protected]

    old: '404'

    PFA Swedish Stamps (old?)
    S - 164 88 Kista, Sweden
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    Sweden Post Ltd.
    International Partners
    SE-401 10 GÖTEBORG
  • Téléphone (+268) 404 2341
  • Téléfax (+268) 404 3130
  • Official Agents List (cc)
  • Stern; .au
  • Champion; .fr
  • Japan; .jp
  • De Rosa S.P.A; .it
  • De Rosa SA (Intl); .ch
  • Philatelic; .sg
  • Allen; .uk
  • Philatelic MOS; .tw
  • Roll; .de
  • Unicover; .us
  • and AFINSA; .es, Int'l; .th
  • Sweden's Dealers Directory
  • A union of Nordic postal agencies - stamp sales!

    Wikipedia's Posten AB (..established in 1636.. Mail and package delivery is seen as very reliable {but} is under ever increasing competition from private companies on the Swedish deregulated postal market. Their main competitor is the formerly private company CityMail, nationalised by Norway as of 2006. ...")

    The UPU lists as Regulator:

    PTS National Post and Telecom Agency

    The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) monitors the electronic communications and postal sectors in Sweden.

    The Authority works with consumer and competition issues, efficient utilisation of resources and secure communications.



    La Poste Suisse UPU, CEPT, IPC, POSTEUROP

    (offers online Philately Shop & English)

    Customer Service:

  • Tel.: 084 288 00 88
    Mo - Fr 08:00 - 18:00
  • [email protected]
  • Newsletter Subscription

    Direction Generale PTT
    Swiss Post, Stamps and Philately
    Customer Services
    Ostermundigenstrasse 91
    CH-3030 Berne
  • Tel ++41 (0)31 / 338 06 09 (Linn's: 27 28)
  • Fax ++41 (0)31 / 338 73 08 (note: '(0)' is in country)
  • E-mail: stamps, webmaster
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    La Poste Suisse
    Poste Internationale
    Ventes et Service clientčle
    Schanzenstrasse 5
    CH-3030 BERNE
  • Téléphone (+41) 848 888 999
  • Téléfax (+41 31) 338 89 55
    Offical Agents (& Philatelic offices) list (cc)
  • Bolaffi Spa; .it
  • Norway Post; .no
  • Netherlands Post; .nl
    Agent (self proclaimed): Japan; .jp

    Swiss Dealers Directory
  • Dans le monde entier, la Poste emploie plus de 55 000 personnes issues de plus de 100 nations et actives dans plus de 100 professions différentes. Nos conditions de travail de premier plan tiennent compte de cette diversité. Pour nous, la formation professionnelle, les cours de perfectionnement et l'encouragement de la relève sont particulièrement importants. Chaque année, nous formons quelque 2000 apprentis et nous proposons une douzaine de formations de base différentes. Nous organisons différents programmes de formation à l'intention des étudiants et des jeunes ayant terminé leur formation. Vous trouverez de plus amples informations au sujet de la Poste Suisse en tant qu'employeur et au sujet des places à repourvoir en consultant le site .

    (via Google): Worldwide, the Post employs more than 55,000 people from over 100 nations and active in more than 100 different occupations. Our working conditions leading reflect this diversity. For us, vocational training, refresher courses and the promotion of young is especially important. Every year we train 2,000 apprentices and offer a dozen different basic training. We organize different training programs for students and young people who have completed their training. . .

    (cite c.2014)

    The UPU lists as 'Regulator' (c.2014):
    PostReg – Postal Services Regulation Authority

    The Postal Services Commission (PostCom) is an independent regulatory authority in the postal market and was established by the new Postal Services Act on October1, 2012. PostCom consists of seven members appointed by the Federal Council; the President is Dr. Hans Hollenstein. PostCom also has a secretariat that prepares items of business, conduct inspections and carries out the necessary procedural rulings.

    In making its decisions, PostCom is not subject to directives from the Federal Council or the administrative authorities.

    PostCom monitors the Swiss postal market and universal services, and oversees quality control. PostCom also orders the independent conciliation authority.

    (cite c.2014)


    Syrian Arab Rep.

    Syrian Post UPU, APPC, PUMed

    old?: (via UPU c.2014)

    Etablissement General des Postes (c.2000)
    Service Philatelique
    Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+963 11) 612 1672
  • Téléfax (+963 11) 612 9440
    Agent: (none known)

    Syria Dealers Directory
    . . . The government responded to unrest with a mix of concessions - including the repeal of the Emergency Law and approving new laws permitting new political parties and liberalizing local and national elections - and force. However, the government's response has failed to meet opposition demands for ASAD to step down, and the government's ongoing security operations to quell unrest and widespread armed opposition activity have led to extended violent clashes between government forces and oppositionists. International pressure on the ASAD regime has intensified since late 2011, as the Arab League, EU, Turkey, and the United States have expanded economic sanctions against the regime . . .

    2014.09.27 : ABC News : 1 day ago

    - The U.S. military has conducted 10 airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria since Thursday, according to U.S. Central Command. . .




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