Who is stinkfoot, you might ask? Why, stinkfoot is the stuff that legends are made of. There are many stories circulating about stinkfoot, many of which are probably untrue. But I will make a concerted effort to compile stories about stinkfoot which have been sufficiently corroborated for me to consider them true.

Stinkfoot is a woman of indeterminate age, many place her in her thirties, but, from all accounts, she is somewhere between the age of 25 and 45. But since the stories of stinkfoot's college years date back ten years or more, she would now be 30 at the very least. her real name may be either Debbie or Miranda; but for the purpose of these stories I'll use Miranda.

Well, as her name suggests, stinkfoot was the reputed owner of a pair of very smelly feet; legendary not for the foulness of the odor but rather for the overpowering potency of the scent. Some say her feet had acquired their overwhelming stench from excessive sweating; others say that her feet were so smelly because she made every attemot to keep them that way. You see, she became famous, not simply for having malodorous feet but for what she liked to do with her feet. In short, she loved forcing men to sniff her stinky feet, and she encouraged other women to follow her lead. She has been able to exert such a tremendous influence and many women have chosen to follow her lead; though, fortunately for us men, she hasn't been able to infect most women with her dangerous notions.

According to Stinkfoot, a man's place is at a woman's feet; and the male face can serve no better purpose than as a woman's foot rest. But, for whatever reason, Stinkfoot found no greater satisfaction than in forcing a man to inhale her tremendous foot odor. It wasn't merely the joy of having a man at her feet, it was the gratification of rubbing her smelly feet over a man's face, of forcing him to savor something so unpleasant, of hearing him breath in a scent she endeavors to maintain. It was only a matter of time before other women discovered the intense pleasure of forcing men to sniff and lick their sweaty, smelly feet. If Stinkfoot, or Miranda, could have her way, there would be marauding bands of women abducting men and rubbing their smelly feet over their faces. And it has almost come to that; but thankfully, we men can rest assured that our streets our still safe from such a menace. Imagine the state we'd be in if groups of women could intimidate men into sniffing and licking their feet; if women could reduce men to the bootlicking, sweaty-foot-sniffing footslaves that Miranda believes them to be.

Well, let me begin by offering the following account, which I can date back to Stinkfoot's college years. The story recounts an attempt by Stinkfoot to encourage some of the other female students to have a little fun, at the expense of a fellow male student; as usual, she succeeds.

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