Definitions - to raunch: to subject another to the odors of the body / raunched: to have been subjected to another's body odors / A raunching : an occasion by which a person is subjected to the body odors of another or of others / raunched by feet: to have been compelled to smell another person's feet.

I've made mention of Stinkfoot's sorority experiences, but I've told you nothing so far. I've only hinted at wild goings-on. Well, it's about time I told you more about Miranda Stinkfoot's sorority experience; after all, Stinkfoot acquired her nickname from her fellow sorority sisters. A legend came into being once Miranda joined the Alpha Phi's.

I've turned to a different source for this information: a fellow Alpha Phi who has offered me much insight into what makes Stinkfoot tick. She -- lets call her Beth -- first recalled meeting Miranda as a freshman under some very bizarre circumstances. It had been the practice of the Alpha Phi's to make much mischief in the early morning hours. On a fairly regular basis, the girls would lure an unwitting young man into the freshman girl's dormitory where they would corner him, strip him naked and tie him up near he front entrance way, often with the assistance of the house R.A.'s who figured there wasn't any harm in the practice. When the girls returned from their social activities, they would invariably find a naked male student tied up, his naughty bits on full view. The girls loved it, and often looked forward to an evening when they could see their male classmates in the nude and on display.

At the time, Miranda was a freshman and she thoroughly enjoyed the practice. But Miranda did more than ogle and tease the boys; she took advantage of their helplessness in a very unusual way. Beth was returning to the girl's dorm late one evening to untie the poor victim of the Alpha Phi shenanigan's when she found several girls sitting around him. They'd pulled him onto the floor; and when Beth walked up to them, she noticed that the girls were barefoot and that one of the girls was rubbing her slightly dirty feet in the young man's face. The young man was blindfolded.

"What's going on here," inquired Beth.

The girl who had been using the boys face to massage her feet turned to Beth and grinned. "He's smelling my feet," she explained. She seemed rather pleased with herself.

One of the other girls then turned to Beth and spoke. "Miranda does this to all of the guys you tie up here. She gets her feet really stinky and then she makes the guys smell her feet. We thought it was fun to watch until she wanted us to join in. So whenever there's a guy here we come downstairs and rub our sweaty feet in his face."

Beth was astounded; she'd never heard of such a thing. "How long has this been going on?" she asked. "Oh, ever since the beginning of September," replied the other girl." it was January at the time, and Beth couldn't believe that this had been happening under her nose. "Miranda says this is the fourteenth guy whose had to sniff her stinky feet. And her feet are totally rank. Have a whiff." And the girl held up one of Miranda's feet.

Beth wrinkled her nose and declined the offer. But she was amused by the situation> "Forced foot sniffing," mused Beth out loud. "Now why hadn't we thought of that."

The other girl spoke up again. "We also get them to lick our feet clean. It's so disgusting it's hilarious."

Then Beth turned to Miranda who had been giving the young man's face her undivided attention, sliding her toes about and squeezing his nose with them. "Have you thought of pledging a sorority," asked Beth. Miranda said "yes." "Well pledge Alpha Phi then," added Beth. "We could use women like you. I think you'd enjoy what we do; and it seems like you have some fiendish ideas. We like to give frat pledges hell, and perhaps with you on board, we might have them smelling our feet on top of all the other things we do to humiliate them."

"Count me in," said Miranda. "I'm sure I'd have plenty of ideas."

Beth said goodbye, and Miranda turned to the young man, ordering him to smell her feet. "Just untie him when you're finished," said Beth before she left. Beth laughed all the way home.

Beth would meet Miranda again when Miranda pledged Alpha Phi; and soon enough, Miranda made herself quite popular with the other Alpha Phi's. They liked her spirit and they soon took her out on their frolics through campus. And whenever the girls planned on humiliating another young man at the girls' dorm, Miranda was there. And Miranda would always force the young men to sniff and lick her feet. Even at this early date, Beth remembers how Miranda was teased about how much her feet smelled and how she wore gnarly old tennis shoes barefoot. But they loved to watch as Miranda subjected the young men to her foot stink. They loved to watch the young men convulse form the overwhelming stench of toe cheese and how they struggled in vain while Miranda rubbed her foot sweat into their faces. Before Miranda's sophomore year, An Alpha Phi by the name of Margot called Miranda "stinkfoot," and the name stuck ever since.

Well, we come to a more crucial part in our story, a part which takes place during Miranda's second year at school. Pledge week was coming up and the girls were eagerly anticipating the new batch of frat pledges. They loved humiliating them, stripping them and spanking them; but Miranda's involvement changed everything. The girls adopted Miranda's ideas and what they planned would be radically different from anything they'd planned before. But let me not tell you about the first pledge week under Miranda's guidance; rather, let's jump ahead a year or so when Miranda's changes had been fully instituted, as it were. Let's jump ahead to a time when frat boys to be feared pledge week even more than before. With Miranda Stinkfoot as an Alpha Phi, Greek life would never again be the same.

And so let us visit the sorority house during pledge week, when Miranda was either a junior or a senior at college. Beth has been most informative about that happened and how it worked; so let me tell you what she told me.

The frightened frat pledges (on this occasion, there were eight young men) were brought into the sorority living room at 3 or 4 in the afternoon, in front of the twenty or so sorority sisters. At this time, the Alphi Phi president (and let's just say it was Miranda because she did become sorority president as a senior) spoke to the new recruits. The new members had been put through their paces by the frat boys, and they were eager for revenge.

"These boys stand before us because they want the singular honor of joining a frat. Well, it is our duty to make this difficult for them, to separate the boys from the men. Without our seal of approval, these boys will never join the lofty ranks of frathood. We are going to humiliate these boys, and we are going to have fun doing it. And if they want our recommendations, they'd better let us have our fun. How are we going to have our fun? Well ,we are going to give them the raunching of their lives. What's a raunching you ask? Well, a raunching is when we get to force these boys to sniff and lick our stinkiest body parts. We are going to shame them with our body odors."

At this point, some of the girls giggle and Miranda would continue. "We are going to send these boys, one by one, behind the door there. And behind that door, the new recruits, all six of you, are going to receive them. And you're going to strip them naked." More giggles.

"You will send the naked boys back into the living room where the rest of us will find a place to tie them up. We will lay them on the floor and tie them up in various strategic positions. Because we have a party scheduled, a woman only party; and most of our guests are coming because we have naked boys sprawled out on the floor, near the chairs and sofas. Why do we tie them to the floor? We tie them up so they won't run away when we raunch them. And we tie them to the floor so that it will be easier to rub our smelly body parts in their faces. These boys are here to smell and lick feet, armpits, and other more private areas; and they will have to sniff and lick anything that has come in contact with these body parts: socks, panties, etc."

"Most importantly, we are here to raunch them with our smelly feet. I hope you've all made an effort to get your feet really smelly." Some of the girls laugh, and several nod vigorously. "Who wants to make these boys smell our stinky feet?" A resounding cheer. "And who wants to make these boys lick our sweaty feet clean?" Another resounding cheer. "Who wants to make these boys lick our armpits?" "Who wants to sit on their faces?" More cheering. "Well, if you're all ready, let the raunching begin. Girls, take your places."

Six of the young women, all smiles and conspiratorial glances, marched into the adjoining room. Miranda then grabs one of the boys by the arm and leads him to the door. "Are you ready to strip the boys?" Muffled cheers of assent. "Alright then, here comes number one." With that, Miranda opens the door and throws the first pledge inside. As Beth describes it, we would then hear a loud thud and the occasional bang, accompanied by almost hysterical succession of giggles and squeals. After about thirty seconds, the door opens and one of the girls pushes the boy outside the her foot. The young man is naked as the day he was born; and the sisters in the living room then begin to taunt him with screams and suggestive remarks. He's grabbed, squeezed, pinched and slapped as he is pulled over to one of the designated spots. Several sisters will then begin to attach his wrists and ankles together with rope, and then tie him to chair legs until he's tightly secured and laying flat on his back.

Miranda then sends the other girls the next young man; and the boys are stripped, one by one, and then sent into the main room where they are ridiculed, grabbed and affixed to one of the remaining designated spots. The preparations conclude only when the eight young men are naked and tied up. The new recruits then emerge from the other room, some of them gleefully waving boxer shorts, to begin the next phase of the hazing ritual.

Once again, Miranda speaks to everyone. "Because most of our guests are coming to raunch the boys with their feet, I want to set aside four of the boys for nothing but foot sniffing and licking. The other four will be available for all kinds of raunching." Miranda then addresses the new members. "Once you decide which four will handle the bulk of the foot smelling and licking, we can then proceed to part two. Part two we have fun." The girls let up a resounding cheer. "After wearing the same socks for days, wearing ratty old shoes, and doing whatever we could to get our feet sweaty and stinky, it's about time we got to let 'em have it." More cheers.

The recruits designate the four foot boys, and then the party officially begins. The music is turned up, and the young women, drinks in hand, occupy seats. There are two or three young women sitting at each pledge, and then shoes begin to fall to the floor. Warm sock feet and stocking feet are placed on the boys faces and the boys squirm all they can until they realize that squirming will avail them nothing. The girls casually chat amongst themselves, treating this as any old get-together. The only difference is that they can subject male classmates to the stench of their musty, cheesy feet. Feet are perched atop faces, toes grapple with noses, and faces are covered in foot sweat.

"Shit, Miranda," remarked one young woman. "You're feet stink." Laughter soon follows as the girls crane their necks to watch as one of the pledges gasps for breath from under Miranda's foul, sweaty dogs. They watch as Miranda smiles blissfully, cupping her toes over his nose and ordering him to take deep, greedy gasps. No one seems to enjoy doing this more than Miranda, and her feet slither over the boys faces as she reclines in her seat. She eventually slips from seat to seat until she's subjected all of the young men to her heady foot odor.

But a few words about Miranda's feet. Beth remembers them, size 9 feet or thereabouts, with slender toes and long slightly dirty soles. There were often flecks of shoe dirt on the soles, and always pieces of shoe dirt wedged between her toes under under her toenails. her feet weren't unclean, but wearing old sneakers barefoot naturally made her feet appear unclean. Beth remembers who Miranda loved having the pledges clean her feet and feeding them with the accumulated toe jam. She loved to wriggle her toes, and not once would she ever just rest her feet on a guy's face; if her feet weren't moving her toes were moving, and she loved to explore the contours of the human face with the tips of her stinky toes. Beth remembers the strength of the odor; it wasn't a foul smell, it was just potent. it smelled like old sneakers and stinky gym socks, with a faint whiff of cheese and something earthy. Miranda loved to wear her old shoes before pledge week, and she, more than any of the others, made every effort to get her feet as smelly as possible. Beth adds, in response to my probing questions, that Miranda had nicely-shaped feet, which weren't calloused much, and no rougher than anyone else's feet. Beth remembers seeing a lot of Miranda's feet; and so did the pledges.

"AS Beth tells me, the party was always slow to start, but it gave the Alpha Phi's a chance to monopolize the pledges before the guests arrived. the girls would rub socked feet, and bare feet all over their faces , sometimes requesting that the pledge either take audible sniffs or lick between their toes and the soles of their feet. Sometimes he girls would situation themselves so that they could force the pledges to sniff and lick their armpits. And the girls who weren't easily embarrassed lowered pants or raised skirts so that they could seat themselves atop the faces of the frat pledges. The young women enjoyed the unalloyed freedom of having their many body odors sniffed and savored.

And then the guests began to arrive: Friends, women from other sororities, and, most importantly, sweaty, athletic girls who came straight from practice to help give the boys a good raunching. On this occasion, girls from the track team bypassed the showers after their 10K; they came to get their sweaty feet sniffed and several of them had gone running without socks just to get their feet as sweaty as possible. The young women enjoyed these events, which happened about twice a year; and there was always a great deal of anticipation. naturally, the young women wanted to get as much out of it as possible, so they came without having showered. They came to get their sweaty body parts licked clean. They came to relish the freedom of rubbing their feet in men's faces and of having men inhale their rank foot odor.

Girls from the track team arrived and occupied seats around one poor bugger designated as a footboy for the evening. Running shoes were pried off and what emerged were sweaty feet which made themselves at home on the footboy's face. A variety of sharp vinegar and cheese scents would have assaulted his senses, as they used his face to massage their sore, sweaty feet. The girls would chat amongst themselves as if they were at a cafe somewhere, almost oblivious to the fact that a man was being forced to sniff their toes. But the girls from the track team came to get their feet cleaned; after all, they'd chosen not to take showers. They ordered the footboy to lick the full length of their bare feet, to slip his tongue between their toes, and to suck upon their toes and upon the balls of their feet. To think that they could go for a run and then have a man lick their feet and armpits was a indescribable pleasure.

Girls from the basketball team arrived to receive the very same service. They occupied seats in another part of the room, pried off their sneakers and took turns forcing their footboy to smell their sock feet. Beth remembers seeing some of the girls removing their sweat socks and then rubbing them into the footboy's face. Sweaty toes, flecked with pieces of white athletic socks, clutched hold of a nose; and the footboy breathed only through the toes perched atop his face. These girls, like the others, talked amongst themselves as they ordinarily would; only the playful rubbing of socks in the footboys face distracted them and make for a more mirthful evening.

Later in the evening, girls from the soccer team arrived after practice, grabbed a footboy of their own and began to torture him with their sweaty sock feet. "I've been wearing the same socks for the last five practices," remarked one of the girls. Others boasted that they'd worn their socks for seven practices in a row. Everyone had gone to great lengths to have smelly feet for the pledges to savor. And the poor pledge came to know each of those pungent sock feet as they brushed over his face and as damp sock toes played with his nose. The air they breathed was filtered through gamy cotton fabric. And the girls were completely at ease with this perverse form of torture. Soon enough, socks were peeled off to reveal stale sweaty feet with dirt between toes which glistened with sweat. And bare feet slid over the footboys face, chest, arms and legs.

Girls from neighboring sororities arrived to get their stinking feet sniffed and licked. Boots and sneakers came off, and sock feet and nylon feet explored faces, torsos, arms and legs. Girls stuffed fetid old socks into mouths and pressed putrid toes upon against nostrils. Toes clutched hold of noses and boys breathed audibly through nylon and cotton. Dirty socks with blackened toe prints were thrown about and dangled in faces. Bare heels were sucked as were toes, some painted, some not. Women slipped toes into mouths, pressed the balls of the feet onto lips and demanded kisses. Armpits were placed over mouths and licked. Women pulled down their panties and sat on faces. "Smell my feet," yelled someone. "Sniff my ass," yelled someone else.

Spirits were high as somewhere between forty and fifty college coeds with smelly feet busied themselves with thoroughly raunching the frat pledges. Girls laughed as they rubbed their bare bottoms in the frat pledge faces. The pledges had no choice but to offer their faces as bottom rests and foot rests; and oh, would the girls have a field day getting their stinky old sneakers, crusty socks and pungent feet sniffed. Used panties were stuffed in mouths and pulled over faces. And girls laughed and giggled and made merry like sorority girls will.

But Beth remembers this as an evening when they could get away with rubbing their feet all over guys, as a chance to even stand on a guy and press a smelly foot in his face. It was an evening without limits when girls could just be girls and humiliate men at the same time. Naturally, the evening would conclude when the pledges were untied, bent over in a row and mercilessly paddled by the mischievous co-eds. None of the pledges were going to go home with a Alpha-Phi seal of approval unless their bottoms were beet red. The girls ran the boys around the house, took photos of them and giggled at their bouncy private parts, all before they sent them out of the house holding their clothes to the chests.

For Beth, it wasn't the humiliations which entertained, so much as the raunching. The evening wasn't about forced nudity or paddling, nor was it even about licking sweaty armpits or sniffing bare asses; it was about stinky feet and it always would be thanks to Miranda Stinkfoot. The girls came from far and wide and they came with smelly feet, feet which had been encased in boots or running shoes for long periods of time without socks, or feet which had worn the same socks/pantyhose for days. They came with smelly feet because it made getting their feet sniffed and licked far more enjoyable. To see a man wrinkle his nose as stale-smelling toes were dangled centimeters above his nose was always hilarious; especially because they had no choice but to savor the stench.

The girls competed for the prize of having the smelliest feet; and girls had been making all of the necessary preparations eo ensure that no one else could rival them in the potency of the foot odor. It wasn’t just the athletic girls, lately come from practice, who were trying to outdo each other, all of them having worn the same pair of socks for days and days. Everyone wanted to give these boys something to remember. “So is becoming a frat really worth this?” asked Miranda out loud on one occasion, just before holding her cheese toes over a pledge’s nose. Well, it should come as no surprise that Stinkfoot always won the prize for smelliest foot; no one came close. She was the queen of foot stink; and all she needed were her trusty old sneakers which she loved to tie to the pledges faces so that they would all get a hearty dose of her putrid foot stench. She grimed many a male face with her sweaty feet, and any man who’d been forced to smell her feet would never be the same again.

By the end of the evening, the girls would have had their toes thoroughly sniffed and licked clean (toejam and all) by one or more male pledges. The boys begged for mercy as stinky foot after stinky foot was revealed and pressed into their faces; but no quarter was given. The evening was for the girls and if they wanted to raunch the boys with their feet, that's just what they were going to do. But girls will be girls, won't they?

For Beth, they were happy days indeed. She wishes she could find Stinkfoot and relive those precious moments, a man's face under foot and a nose pressed into the soft flesh underneath her toes. Beth warned me that if Stinkfoot was doing what she wanted to do, she'd be raising an army of women who would impose their foot odor on as much of the male populace as possible. There would be dire days ahead; but, whatever the case, Miranda is probably getting her stinking feet sniffed and licked clean by some poor unsuspecting male.

Hopefully, Beth can tell us more about Stinkfoot's sorority experiences; but I'm sure she'll have more to reveal about the enigmatic stinkfoot who few men have been able to forget and who has inspired so many women to have more fun at the expense of men. As far as beth knows, the Alpha Phi’s are still raunching pledges and humiliating them with their foot stink; but no one could have come close to replacing Stinkfoot.

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