The following is an account of a young man’s not so pleasant encounter with Miranda Stinkfoot and the Stinkfoot legend. The young man is Todd and he had the ill-fortune of working at the same ad-agency as Miranda, and, also, the ill-fortune of catching her eye. The topic of forced foot smelling came up at a luncheon put together by the employees of an ad agency where Todd was the only male employee. The following is the story as told to me by Todd.

“So what’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done, Miranda?” asked Rita. Miranda paused and teased the others with a grin. She gazed at her co-workers in turn, gazing at Amber, Meredith, Kate, Rita, Barbara and Todd, the new employee at the ad agency where Miranda worked. Her gaze lingered on Todd before she turned to Rita to answer the question.

“It’s a bit too wild, if you must know,” responded Miranda, knowing that this would only feed the flames of curiosity.

“Oh, just tell us,” remarked Barbara impatiently. “And if it’s the whole raunch thing you did as a sorority girl,” continued Barbara, “you should tell the others. They’d get a kick out of it.”

The others beamed with excitement and Meredith giggled with anticipation.

“Well, it goes like this ...” began Miranda and proceeded to tell her companions about what she did to the frat pledges at the sorority, just as it was described in a prior story.

When Miranda finished her initial description of the outrageous events, of athletic college co-eds rubbing their sweaty, stinky feet in the faces of naked frat pledges, the others were at a loss for words. Todd was too shocked to know what to think.

“Wait,” began Amber, “so you’re saying you made these guys sniff your stinky feet all night?” Meredith responded to the question with a “Yuck.”

Miranda nodded.

“And you made them lick your sweaty feet too?” continued Amber. “But that’s disgusting.”

“Oh, I’m sure their feet were clean,” remarked Kate.

“Oh, no they weren’t,” replied Miranda. “That was the whole point. We went out of our way to make this memorable for the pledges by getting our feet as stinky as possible. We wore the same socks for days. We wore running shoes and boots without socks. It wasn’t about forcing our feet on them as it was about forcing our smelly feet on them.”

“Yuck,” added Meredith, wrinkling her nose. “What kind of sorority does that?”

“One I wish I’d joined,” said Barbara. “Hell, they got these guys to lick their armpits, lick between their toes, smell their socks and panties. I mean, these sisters had a blast. All we got to do was paddle a few naked pledges, tame stuff in comparison.

“You mean, you would have enjoyed doing that to a guy,” asked Todd, shocked to hear such things from Barbara.

“Sure,” replied Barbara. “It would have been great. You’re having a laugh with your friends. You get to rub your sweaty feet all over a guy’s face. Press your toes up against his nose. It’s about getting away with things you usually can’t get away with. It would be liberating to have fun with a guy like that. Just make him smell my toes when I take off my shoes and have him lick them clean.

“I don’t understand you,” added Todd, shaking his head.

"It's just about girls having a little fun," replied Barbara. "There's just something to be said for being able to rub your sweaty feet in a man's face. But they're just feet."

“You know,” began Kate, “the way it’s described, it does sound kinda fun."

“Well, the great thing,” explained Miranda, “is that the fun the women have outweighs any embarrassment or discomfort the guy has. The guy only has to sniff and lick some stinky feet, not to mention the embarrassment of being naked in front of us.”

Meredith giggled.

“But you’re rubbing your feet in a guys face,” added Todd.

“Oh, it’s just feet,” said Kate. “Feet stink. I think you’re overreacting. The girls were just having fun, as Barbara said. It’s a sorority, after all.”

“That’s true,” said Rita. “The girls had just come back from practice. They got sweaty and their feet got smelly.”

“But that’s not the point,” huffed Todd.

“Oh, you’re just being difficult,” declared Rita. “You’ve been with the company two weeks, and already you told me I had stinky feet.”

“But you did,” said Todd. “You took off your shoes and put your feet on the desk.”

“You didn’t have to say anything and make me feel bad,” added Rita.

“But the smell was so strong,” maintained Todd. “How could I not say something.”

“We’re straying from the point,” interjected Barbara. “What about the raunching? What about girls forcing guys to smell their feet?”

“Well,” began Amber, “I think it’s gross. I mean my feet get pretty bad at the end of the day, and I can’t imagine just wiping them on a guys face and forcing him to smell the nasty foot odor.”

“Well, you deal with the smell every day,” replied Miranda. “What’s the harm in having someone else smell them when they stink?”

“I don’t know, “said Amber. “I’d get into the part about stripping the guys naked. I think that would be good, harmless fun. But making a guy smell my feet ... too cruel.”

The others laughed.

“I only wish I could have gone to one of those sorority parties,” said Kate. “I’m sure Amber would have rubbed her feet in a guy’s face if she were at the party.”

“I would have loved to watch,” remarked Meredith. “Watch them get stripped, and then watch as the others took off their shoes and rubbed their feet in the guy’s faces. I’m curious.”

“Well, it’s all true,” said Miranda. “And if you wanted to check it out yourself, let me know. I’m sure I could get all of you invited to the next party. I used to be sorority president after all and I still have clout. Besides, the party’s open to women anyway.”

“You never said I could do this,” said Barbara. “I would have gone and my feet would have been so stinky they’d have made your eyes water.”

“Gross,” added Meredith, screwing up her eyes. “But I’d love to watch you do it.”

"I'd love to go to one of those parties and get my sweaty toes sniffed," added Kate.

“If Todd didn’t have such a problem with stinky feet,” suggested Kate, “we could have some raunchy fun with him.”

“But, it doesn’t matter if he has a problem or not,” explained Miranda. “In fact, it’s better if the guy has a problem with women getting sweaty and smelly. It’s more satisfying to make him squirm a bit while you press your toes over his nose.”

“Maybe you’ll get a chance to smell my feet again,Todd,” laughed Rita

“Be quiet,” replied Todd.

“If I had my way,” said Barbara, “Todd would lick and sniff our feet after work. I mean, it’s just sweaty feet, and it would be hilarious to have a foot sniffing office boy.”

Meredith giggled.

“I can’t believe you guys,” said Todd.

“Oh, it’s just feet,” remarked Rita. “Why do you have such a problem with feet? I think the only way you’re going to deal with this hang-up is to have lots of stinky feet rubbed in your face.”

“All you have to do is smell them,” said Barbara. “They’ll reek, but I think you can handle it. I don’t know why you won’t smell a few feet so we can have a great time. It’s just a smell; it’s not like you’d be hurt or anything. ”

“We should invite some friends over and encourage them to get their feet smelly,” suggested Miranda. The others agreed.

‘Oh, I have friends who would be so into this,” said Kate. They’re waitresses so I know they’d have sweaty feet.”

“I have some sporty friends,” added Amber.

“I bet he doesn’t mind the whole smelly foot thing,” said Meredith. “I bet he’d be bothered by having us strip him and seeing him naked.” The women laughed.

“I’d love to see him naked,” said Rita, sizing him up. “But I’m definitely making him smell my feet and I want him to lick every inch of them.”

“Oh, don’t look so glum, Todd,” cooed Rita. “All you have to do is breathe in through your nose, we’ll do the rest.” The others laughed again. “remember, it’s just sweaty feet, nothing more. Of course, there’ll be lots of us and there’ll be lots of us getting our feet sniffed and licked.”

“Hope you like cheesy toes,” added Kate.

“I promise you this, Todd,” began Barbara. “There will come a day when you will smell our feet, when we’ll rub our feet in your face to our heart’s content, when you will lick every inch of our sweaty feet. I promise you that. And you won’t know when.”

“This is too much,” replied Todd. He stood up.

As he left, he heard Barbara exclaim, “he has such a problem with feet.”

At this point, Todd excused himself from the table and left for the bathroom. When he returned, he heard mention made of his name. He hid behind a corner where he could spy upon the following conversation.

“So here’s what we’ll do,” explained Miranda. “We’ll lure him to a discrete place, get some friends to help us out, and then we’ll jump him. We’ll strip him naked, tie him up and then we’ll give him a raunching he won’t forget. We can then take turns rubbing our feet in his face, having him sniff them and lick them. But we should make an effort to get our feet stinky.”

“I’m all for it,” replied Barbara. “I should have no trouble getting my feet stinky; I have pretty sweaty feet. You should have no trouble either, Amber.”

“Oh, I probably wouldn’t have to try,” responded Amber. “But I still think it’s cruel. “Let’s just pull his clothes off and tease him a bit.”

“No, I want him to smell my feet, “said Kate. “And I’ll wear my ratty old Keds all day; and then he can eat my toe cheese.”

“I can’t wait to see his face when I press my smelly feet right over his face,” said Rita with a laugh. “I’m all for it. Let’s do it.”

“We’ll have to surprise him and then we can force him to sniff our feet and lick the soles of our feet. Just leave the planning to me.”

Todd coughed, to warn them he was approaching and turned the corner.

When Todd returned to the table, the others said nothing. He noticed a few smirks and surreptitious grins, but nothing more was said on the topic of raunching and forced foot sniffing and licking. For weeks, Todd heard nothing, and he concluded that they were just having a little fun with him. He believed he had nothing to fear; after all, there were no signs that the girls were planning anything at all. Life resumed as if nothing had been said that day at lunch.

One day, Amber invited him over for party she was giving. Knowing how Amber felt about the foot sniffing thing, he felt he had nothing to fear. Besides, he was attracted to Amber and he welcomed a chance to get to know her better. Todd accepted and, that Friday, he showed up at Amber’s place.

The moment he entered the house, he feared the worst. There must have been ten or twelve women in the living women and they all cheered when he arrived. Todd could feel his face turn crimson from the thought of being humiliated by them.

“Surprise,” yelled everyone as if this wee a surprise birthday party for Todd.

He turned to leave but Amber and Kate were blocking the door. Kate pulled a key from the door and lifted her right foot. She dropped the key into the Keds she’d been wearing without socks. "You're going to have to smell what's inside this shoe before you get the key back," remarked Kate with a grin.

It all came together. The women had been dressing casual of late, wearing sneakers without socks, wearing funky old shoes; and it all began to make sense. Todd froze in his tracks as he attempted to contrive a mean s of escape. Unfortunately, there were too man y of hem and they were crowding around him, leering and grinning.

Then Barbara stepped forward. “This is my place, “ she spoke. “And I’m glad you could make it. It wouldn’t be much of a party without you. You’re the man of the hour.” The women cheered and laughed.

“Please. Don’t do this,” Todd pleaded.

“Remember that promise I made,” replied Barbara. “Well tonight’s the night. Time you learned to become a little more comfortable with feet.”

“I can’t believe we’re going to do this,” remarked one of the women.

This was too much for Todd and he turned towards the door, in a desperate attempt at escape.

Barbara then grabbed him by the belt and yanked him towards her. “No you don’t.”

“Let’s strip him and get started,” she hollered. The women giggled as they surrounded him and began to pick and grab at his clothes.

Someone tripped him and he fell backwards. The women tumbled upon him and, squealing with delight, they proceeded to pull off his shoes, socks, shirt and pants. Within seconds, his boxer shorts were hoisted into the air and he was pulled up from the floor.

The women were cheering and chanting at this point, but Todd was too humiliated to know what to think. The women pulled him over to the sofa and pushed him to the floor, where they held his legs and arms apart and began to attach his ankles and wrists to rope.

Once he was bound to the floor, he women pulled away from him and gazed down at his humiliating predicament with broad grins.

Barbara pulled up a chair next to his head and sat down on it. “Before this night is through, you’re going to smell everyone’s feet. And everytime we press a stinky foot in your face, you’re going to thank us. You’ll finish by licking everyone’s feet clean.” The women cheered.

Barbara crossed her legs so Todd could see the bottom of her sneakered foot. She was wearing the canvas shoes she had on that day and the day before. She proceeded to untie the laces. “I’ve been wearing these for days without socks. You’ll love ‘em. When I took them off last night, the smell was atrocious.” Barbara then crossed her legs again and untied the other shoe.

Barbara reached inside her pocket and retrieved a dirty pair of white sweat socks. “These are a crusty pair of socks I’d been wearing for my jogs. They’ll make the perfect gag.” Having said that, she dangled the toe ends of the socks over his nose. The stench of musty, cheesy old socks alerted him to the reality of his predicament and he struggled with the rope. It was futile, and the women were merely laughing at his failed attempt. “Just wait until I wipe my bare feet on your face.”

Barbara then squeezed Todd’s mouth and began to stuff the toe end of a sock into his sock. he tried to fight it, but when Barbara threatened to hurt his balls (which he could no longer protect), he complied and let her slide the dirty old sock into his mouth. It tasted rancid, as if he were chewing a moldy old sneaker. He had no choice but to suck on it.

Then Miranda knelt next to him and pulled some duct tape over his mouth. "Just to make sure he sniffs everything we shove in his face," remarked Miranda with a chuckle. The others laughed.

Barbara held a sneaker-covered foot next to his face and pried the shoe off using his head. Before her greasy, sweaty foot slid over his face, the blast of hot, fetid foot stink overwhelmed him. As Barbara brought her warm, sweaty bare foot onto his face, wriggling her toes, the smell intensified, until she playfully cupped her stinky toes over his nose.

“Oh, that feels good to get those off,” remarked Barbara. And then Todd heard Miranda. “We’re all a little anxious to get our shoes off; I mean we went to a lot of trouble to get our feet sweaty and smelly. So you can expect us to be a bit ill-tempered.” “Oh, I’m doing great,” replied Barbara with a chuckle. She pulled off the other shoe and let her sweaty bare foot slide onto his face next to the other one. Todd tried not to breathe in the putrid foot stink, but try as he might, he couldn’t help but take massive gulps of musty air. Barbara merely wriggled her toes as she grappled with his nose and slid her toes up against his nostrils. "I can feel the cool air through my toes when he sniffs them." She turned to Todd. "Keep sniffing hard. It feels great."

Whenever Todd took a gasp of air through his nose, the women laughed. “Oh, I can smell them from here,” remarked someone. “They’re rank.”

“Smell my feet,” demanded Barbara as she cupped her toes over his nose.

Todd couldn’t take anymore of this, and he sharply turned his head to the side. Barbara’s feet slid of his face.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby,” Barbara said as Kate anchored Todd’s head between her Keds. As another girl also pressed a dirty pair of sneakers against his head to keep it still, the stench of raunchy old sneakers wafted to his nose.

Barbara then pressed her feet firmly onto his face and began to rub them all over, from forehead to chin. “Just smell them and stop being difficult."

“They’re just stinky feet. And you don’t have a choice. You’re going to have to smell everyone’s feet before you leave, so I’d suggest you relax, breathe and we can do this quickly. The longer this takes, the more our feet are going to sweat and stink."

Barbara then began to rub her sweaty bare feet all over Todd’s face, pressing the pungent, vinegary ball of her foot against his nostrils and cupping her Parmesan-scented toes. "This feels great on the feet," observed Barbara as she began to grind the sole of her foot over his nose and chin.

Todd spent ten minutes inhaling the sharp foot stink before Barbara yanked the sock from his mouth and commanded him to lick her sweaty, dirty feet clean. "But they stink, and they're dirty," complained Todd.

"Oh, stop complaining," said Barbara. "You're here to smell our feet and not to comment on how much they stink. I know they stink." Everyone laughed. "You go girl," added a voice from the crowd of jubilant women.

He wrinkled his nose, dreading every moment; but Barbara left him no choice. She pressed a dirty heel over his mouth and then Todd surprised himself by sucking on it and licking it. Some of the women groaned from the sight of Todd licking Barbara’s funky feet.

Todd cleaned black specks of sneaker dirt from the soles of her feet as she worked his way towards her toes, cleaning between the sweaty toes with his tongue and munching on gritty pieces of dirt. He finished by sucking on each of Barbara’s toes and then, as prompted by Barbara, he thanked her for letting him clean her feet and smell them. Everyone cheered.

A few women arrived since Todd began his ordeal, as he heard exclamations of surprise form women who couldn’t believe they were really doing this.

“I’m next,” insisted Amber who jumped onto the vacated seat. She was wearing some high-heel loafers bare foot, and as great as they looked on her, Todd dreaded having the stinky, sweaty soles of her soft feet pressed onto his face.

“I thought you weren’t going to do this,” asked Miranda.

“Can’t a girl change her mind,” replied Amber with a laugh. She wasted no time, kicking off her shoes and pressing her damp, hot feet onto Todd’s face. Her feet were indeed as strong-smelling as she’d maintained weeks ago, and Todd gasped from the stench . It was a cloying, almost fruity smell which assaulted his senses, and he struggled to breathe through his mouth.

“Here’s a sock,” said Barbara as she handed Amber one of her crusty old sweat socks. Amber quickly stuffed the to end into Todd’s mouth and gleefully continued to play footsie with Todd’s nose. She brushed her sweaty toes over his nose and then squeezed his nose before letting her cheesy toes slither over his face. While Amber took advantage of his helplessness, Miranda once again applied tape to his mouth.

“This is great,” remarked Amber as she clutched at Todd’s nose with her toes.

“Amber, your feet really stink,” said Miranda. “Nice work.”

“Thanks, I guess,” replied Amber. Once Amber was satisfied that Todd had thoroughly sniffed her toes, she pulled the sock from his mouth and ordered him to lick her sweaty feet. She wriggled her toes as if that would make the prospect of licking all of the foot sweat more palatable. It wasn’t fun for him, just for Amber, and for the other women who were enjoying his humiliation at the feet of Amber.

Todd thanked Amber for the pleasure of cleaning her sweaty feet before being presented with the bottoms of Kate’s ratty old Keds. She dangled a shoe over his face before pressing it to the floor and struggling to pull her shoe off. A hot rush of foot stink greeted his nostrils just before her sweaty toes perched themselves atop his nose.

“Smell my stinky feet, “ asked Kate with a laugh. Kate slid her foul-smelling feet over his face, heel to toe, and so enthusiastic was she, she practically shoved her cheesy toes up his nostrils. The stench was unbearable but Todd was getting used to it by now. It wasn’t any worse than what he’d already been subjected to. Kate then surprised everyone by turning her shoe over and placing it over Todd’s nose.

It was a moldy, and warm scent which confronted his nose and he breathed in the noxious stink as Kate and some of the others laughed. “He’s smelling her rotted shoe,” remarked a voice in the crowd. This would later inspire other women to force Todd to sniff inside their stinky old sneakers and shoes.

As Todd proceeded to lick and nibble on Kate’s dirty, sweaty feet, and lick between her toes, he was beyond humiliation. He was simply doing what they wanted him to. He sniffed when asked and licked when asked; but the more compliant he became, the more the others seemed to lose interest and talk amongst themselves. They enjoyed the initial struggle and the watching Todd suffer his first pair of stinky female feet; but they many stepped away simply awaiting their turn.

Rita was next and she enthusiastically leaped onto the seat and presented with her booted feet. She pried of the boots and held her hose-covered soles to Todd. As the stench sent him reeling; it was a moldy, warm, vinegary stink and as Rita pressed her damp, stocking-covered feet over his face, she sighed.

“I’ve been waiting to do this for weeks,” exclaimed Rita as she rubbed her stockinged feet over his face and grappled with his nose with her malodorous toes, just as the others had done. “Have a big whiff,” she said. “It won’t be your last.”

“From now on, I’m going to use your face as a footrest at work,” she insisted. “And you’re going to have to lump it.”

“I hope he’s learning to deal with his problem with feet,” pondered Barbara aloud.

“Yeah, they’re just stinky feet,” added Rita with a laugh, as she let her toes explore his face and slide over his nostrils. But he problem wasn’t so much the smell, but the fact that these women were rubbing their sweaty feet over his face and forcing him to lick them all over. He resented the fun they were having at his expense.

Miranda was next, and, as on prior occasions, she astonished others by the strength of her foot odor. It was a steamy, rank scent with a hint of stale cheese and the sting of vinegar, not to mention the ripe scent of old sneakers. Miranda’s sneakers seemed to be falling apart; and, no doubt, she’d worn these whenever she subjected a man to the stench of her sweaty feet.

She kicked off her shoes and immediately pressed her feet onto Todd’s face. He was stunned by the smell and breathed in the odor as she rubbed her foot sweat into his face. She had him sniff under her toes and under the ball of her feet. The feet were thoroughly stinky and dirty, but Todd breathed it in and filled his lungs with the signature Miranda Stinkfoot foot smell.

Cleaning her dirty feet was even worse, as he sucked on her grimy heels and sucked on her dirty toes, chewing pieces of shoe fabric which were affixed to her feet with the sweat.

The women were disgusted by the smell and pulled back; but they were mesmerized and amused by it. “I still can’t believe we’re doing this,” replied Meredith who was capturing much of this on videotape. "How long you been wearing those?" asked Amber.

Once Miranda handed the chair to someone else, the evening continued much as it had begin, as the women took turns getting their sweaty, stinky feet sniffed and licked clean. Smelly sock feet and rank stocking feet were rubbed all over his face, and sweaty toes tugged and clutched at his nose. Funky old running shoes were held over his nose and cheesy toes brushed over his face. A young woman with a foot odor problem thrilled everyone as she held her nasty toes over his face and ordered him to breath in the rancid stink. Crusty old soks and damp nylons were dangled in his face and dirty toes plunged into his mouth.

Some of the women took to presenting him with their armpits and forcing him to lick them, while others rubbed their used panties in his face and holding the crotch portions over his nose. Todd was assaulted by a plethora of raunchy smells, and once everyone, all fourteen or fifteen of them, had forced him to sniff and lick their feet, they let him loose.

“As women passed him on their way out, some of them thanked him. “Thanks for smelling my feet, Todd,” remarked a woman in running gear. “And thanks for licking mine,” remarked someone else. “They were in desperate need of a cleaning.”

“You can smell my feet anytime, Todd, “added Rita who gave him a playful tug on his cock.

“And if you don’t want this videotape to get out,” said Meredith, “You’ll continue to play ball with us.” Todd was frightened by the prospect of his humiliation becoming in any way public. They had him.

“Yes, I think we have a foot slave, girls,” exclaimed Barbara with a laugh. “And we’ll get out feet massage, sniffed and licked anytime.”

“His face is a portable foot rest,” added Rita. Everyone laughed at this. "And it would be great to use his face massage our tired feet after work."

“Do you still have a problem with feet?” asked Barbara.

“No,” replied Todd, but his anger was gone. He responded to the prompts and did what they asked of him.

“See,” continued Barbara. “It was just a bunch of stinky, sweaty feet; and you sniffed and licked them all and lived to tell the tale. It wasn’t so bad, after all."

Barbara had him thank everyone for letting him smell their funky feet before giving him his clothes and allowing him to leave.

But the fight was out of Todd. And the next day, he readily complied, when the women asked for foot rubs or when they wriggled their stinky toes in his face and demanded that he sniff them. And the last hours of the work day were invariably spent sucking on toes and letting them rub their feet in his face. Todd remained at the agency for another six months until he found a better job; but, he still maintains that Miranda’s feet are still the foulest feet he’s ever had the misfortune to smell.

by Byron

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