This story comes to me from a fellow named Eric and it may be one of the ealiest recorded stories about Miranda a.k.a. Stinkfoot. It takes place well before Miranda turned frat pledges into foot-sniffing worms for the pleasure of her fellow sorority sisters. And, according to Eric, it takes place in the eighth grade when Miranda couldn't have been more than thirteen or fourteen years old. It may be Miranda's first attempt at forcing a boy to smell not only her stinking feet but those of her friends as well. And it's clear, even from this tale, that Miranda was destined for greatness and to become the stuff of legends.

But enough chatter. Let me tell you what Eric told me. Apparently, Eric had fallen for Miranda, a girl who happened to be the apple of every boy's eye. She was lovely, even then. And Eric tells me that she was the first girl he ever fell in love with. And despite how unpleasant this experience was at the time, Eric would give anything just to have Miranda's sweaty feet planted on his face. Eric saw Miranda on occasion and just before Halloween rolled around, he'd worked up the gumption to ask her out. he suggested a film, but Miranda surprised him by asking him if they could go somewhere for more privacy. She was bolder than he'd imagined her to be. Since Eric's parents would both be away Halloween night, he remarked that Miranda could feel free to visit him then. They aaranged a time to meet and Eric gave her the address.

Well, Hallow's eve rolls around and Eric is waiting at home, eagerly anticipating Miranda's arrival, but not having the slightest idea what he might do with her. And while he was contemplating how he might ask her for a kiss, Miranda must have been cooking up a devious scheme which would irreparably alter the life of poor young Eric.

And then the doorbell rang. It must have been her. But when he heard girlish giggling , he figured it must be the trick or treaters making their rounds. He had no candy to give them and decided not to open the door. but something led him to believe that Miranda might be there. Perhaps it was just a hope but he didn't want to miss out on an opportunity for his first kiss with the cutest girl in school.

Eric peered through the peep hole and spotted Miranda. She was wearing a football helmet, but he could see enough of her face to know it was her. She was sharing a laugh with some of the other girls from class, but he couldn't imagine what they could have been laughing about. It was dissappointing to think that Miranda would have brought her friends over to visit when he so wanted to see her alone. After all, that's what Miranda suggested. But Miranda brought Evie, Claudia, Bonnie, Tanya and Annie. And they were all dressed in costume: Miranda as a football player, Evie as a punk rocker, Claudia as a nurse, Bonnie as a witch (isn't there always?), Tanya as a business woman and Annie as a female construction worker. Miranda rang the doorbell again while Eric pondered whether or not to answer the door. ANd he made the fateful decision to open it. Oh, poor Eric.

"Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet," roared the girls in unison. "Give me something good to eat." They giggled as they held out their bags to Eric. Eric hesitated and then Miranda spoke 'Come on, hand it over, we don't have all day."

"I .... don't have any candy," replied Eric. He didn't want to disappoint Miranda, but it was the truth.

"No candy," replied Mirand witha mischievous grin. "You know what that means," she added. She turned to the others and remarked, "alright girls." With high-pitched squeals, the girls crowded around Eric and pulled him inside the house. Miranda slammed the door behind them.

The girls escorted Eric into the living room and held onto him, snickering and giggling almost uncontrollably. And then Miranda, removed her football helmet and stood in front of him.

"Trick or treat, no treat, you get trick. You either give us something good to eat or you smell our feet." Eric was frightened but he didn't imagine that Miranda would actually make him smell their feet. The girls giggled at the suggestion and held him tightly as Eric struggled to be free of them.

"I'm sure I could find something to eat," said Eric.

"It's too late for that. You made your decision," she added. She turned to the others and spoke. "well, girls, shall we make him smell our feet?" The others cheered and seemed all to willing to administer the punishment. Miranda turned to Eric and spoke again. "I hope you don't mind stinky feet; we've all had our shoes sneakers on since P.E.." The girls were in hysterics; they were stomping their feet and pulling Eric back and forth, taunting him.

"Please, I'll get you all the candy you want," he ventured. But all of his pleading would avail him nothing.

Miranda ignored him and commanded the girls to tie him up. Tanya produced some rope from her trick-or-treat bag while the others pushed Eric to the floor. ERic struggled furiously but six girls were more than match for him. They held him while Tanya and Evie proceeded to tie his ankles together and his wrists together. They then tied him next to the sofa, so that squirm as much as he liked, he couldn't get away. The laughter was the most humiliating part of the whole ordeal; the most unpleasant part was yet to come.

Once Eric was affixed to the sofa, the girls let go of him and a few of them sat on the sofa. They were chanting "Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet," while a few of the other girls danced around him and waved their sneaker-clad feet over him. And then Miranda pulled a chair over to him and sat on it.

"Shouldn't we cover his mouth to make sure he breathes through his nose?," queried Bonnie. "Well, if you go first," replied Miranda, "you can put your sock in his mouth." The girls giggled at this. "Eeew, yuck," commented Annie while the others pulled faces.

Miranda stood up and Bonnie the little witch sat in the seat. She grinned as she pulled the Keds from her feet and held her sock feet over Eric's face. She began to lower them but Eric couldn't move his head. It had been secured between the sofa and an armchair. Bonnie lowered her sock feet until he caught a whiff of momething musty and fetid. Bonnie's feet stunk and she planted them firmly on his face, much to the delight of the other girls. They cheered as Bonnie rubbed her hot, moist sock feet over his face and implored him to smell her feet. A couple of the others remarked how disgusting this was; and Eric heard the occasional "gross" or "yuck" while Bonnie held her sock feet in his face.

And then she removed her feet from his face and peeled the damp socks from her sweaty feet. She wriggled her toes and grinned, just before telling Eric to open his mouth. She dangled the sock over his face.

Eric refused to open his mouth and so Miranda spoke up. "If you don't open your mouth, we'll pull your pants down." Most of the girls were too shocked to hear this to leaugh; but an isolated giggle could be heard. The girls must have been contemplating whether they could be so mean to him.

But Eric wasn't going to take any chances. he opened his mouth and let Bonnie shove her damp, slightly soiled sweat sock into his mouth. "That's so gross," squirmed Tanya. Everyone laughed when Eric groaned in an attempt to say something. he couldn't; he could only taste bonnie's cheesy-smelling sock in his mouth and suck on the sweat from the fabric.

Bonnie promptly returned her sweaty feet to his face and held her toes over his nose. "Smell my feet," she said with a girlish laugh. She wrigled her toes as Eric breathed in her foot odor, one sniff at a time. He had no choice. "Oooh, it feels nice when he sniffs," added Bonnie; "it's cool on my toes." The other girls were suddenly interested in what this might feel like; to force a boy to snif their stinky toes.

Bonnie was given about five minutes to rub the sweat from her feet onto Eric's face before Miranda reminded her that they had more trick-or-treating to do. So Bonnie slid her feet off his face and evie took Bonnie's place. Evie teased him about having to smell her "stinky feet" before pulling off her sneakers and pressing her warm sock feet in Eric's face. The stench was a shock to the body, and his nostrils filled with the stink of old sneakers and a stale sweaty foot smell. The girls giggled again as Evie began to take some pleasure in rubbing her socked feet over his face, and playfully scrunching his nose between her sock toes. She removed her socks and soon began to smear foot sweat all over Eric's face. The girls still waiting their turns watched with fascination and disgust as Eric breathed in Bonnie's pungent foot stink. As she wriggled her toes in front of his nose she made the following remark: "it does feel nice when he takes a breath; it's so cool, I like it."

Bonnie was having so much fun playing footsies with Eric's face that Miranda had to insist that she step aside to let the others have a turn. And so Tanya took Evie's place. "But it's gross," remarked Tanya. "My feet stink so bad." The others found this amusing and insisted that she give it a try. Bonnie and Evie attested to how wonderful it felt to have someone breathe in the warm, musty air from between their toes. With this reassurance, Tanya removed her shoes and the girls immediately reacted to the foul stench which filled the air. "That's nasty," said Bonnie. "I'm sitting back here," remarked Claudia with a giggle as she took a few steps back. "I'm sorry," apologized Tanya. But she didn't apologize to Eric as she pressed her gamy sock feet onto his face. When they heard Eric take his first breath, the girls cheered. "Yuck," said Claudia with obvious disgust.

It wasn't long before Tanya began to get into it and forget about Eric entirely. She rubbed her feet around his face as the girls began to sing songs from the radio. They contiued to chant "Smell my Feet," but less often. Tanya peeled off her moist socks and commenced to rub her soft bare feet over his face. Eric remembers her feet as smelling almost as foul as Miranda's; but there was only one Stinkfoot. The putrid smell of Tanya's sweaty feet almost began to turn his stomach; but, as with anything, you get used to it. And eric had to accept the fact that come hell or high water, these classmates of his were going to make him smell their stinky feet. And they were loving every minute of this inventive torture.

Tanya's turn came to an end and then Annie took her place. Annie was wearing hiking boots as part of her costume and she unlaced them to the steady chant of "Smell my Feet." As she pulled each boot off, she smiled at Eric and then planted her stale-smelling sock feet onto his face. Her sock feet were damp, just like the others; but the smell was different. It wasn't worse, it was just stronger, and the socks were even more damp. "Have a good whiff," said Annie. Everyone laughed. The other girls were simply chatting and goofing around as if Eric wasn't even there.

Five minutes later, Claudia took the seat and pulled off her Keds. She held her hot, steamy sock feet over his face before cupping her sock toes over his nose and commanding him to "smell them good." The smell was just as putrid as the other feet it was his misfortune to be forced to sniff; and it was redolent of old sneakers and foot sweat. It took all this time for Eric to overcome his shock to find out that girls could smell just as much as boys. he never imagined that girls could have such stinky feet. Claudia rubbed her sock feet in his face and then rrremoved her socks so that she could rub her bare toes over his nose and brush them up over his nostrils. Her toenails were especially cheesy-smelling; and CLaudia, noticing Eric's nose wrinkle, prolonged his torture by having him snif under her toenails and beetween her toes.

And then the doorbell rang again. Evie lef the room and within minutes, ERic could hear female voices approach the room. "Oh my god, you weren't kidding," laughed Monica. When Claudia pulled her feet from his face, he could make out Monica and Lisa, two other girls from his class dressed in costume.

ANd then Miranda spoke. "He didn't have any candy, so know he has to smell our feet." "Cool," responded Monica. "Can I try?" she asked.

Claudia stood up and let Monica sit down. "Oooh," said Monica "I've been wearing these shoes without socks, they probably really stink. Maybe I shouldn't." But Miranda reassured her by explaining that they all had stinky feet and that that was part of the fun.

Monica grinned and kicked off her shoes. Everone backed away as she held her slightly dirty and extraordinarily foul-smelling feet over his face and pressd them over his nose. She cupped her bare toes over his nose and when Eric took his first breath, the girls cheered again.

Doesn't it feel nice when he breathes through your toes?" asked Tanya. Eric took a breathe; and when he did, Monica sensuosly wriggled her toes. "it does, it's kinda cool." Eric remembers her feet smelling thoroughly cheesy and that the ball of ehr foot was too rank for words. She held her toes over his nose and cupped them there so he had ample opportunity to become familiar with how the ball of her feet smelled. And, unlike the other girls, Monica took the liberty of holding her heel over his nose; and she surprised even Miranda, when, with a miscievous smrik, she picked up her Dock Marten and held it over his nose. Eric could now imagine just how foul it would smell to be trapped inside Monica's shoe; and he'd seen her wearing these shoes practically every day to school. The others were laughing so hard it hurt; within seconds, several others took off their shoes again and took turns holding them over Erik's nose to make sure he got a good whiff or two. The smell of the old rancid sneakers was beginning to unsettle him; but there was nothing he could do but endure it.

Thankfully, Miranda called an end to the pandemonium by asking Lisa to take a turn. She did and pulled off her sneakers. He noticed that, unlike the others, Lisa had painted her nails, but the paint was chipping off. Her socks feet were damp and pungent; but her bare toes gave off the cheesiest smell. She rubbed her toes over his nose and giggled that poor Eric had to endure such stinky, cheesy toes. He remembers being revolted by the smell from under her toenails.

Before long, Miranda prepared for her turn. As usual, Miranda wore no socks with her old sneakers which were falling apart. Eric never remembered seeing her wear socks, not even for P.E. She smiled at Eric and told him to get ready. Eric hear her shoes drop to the floor and then his nose was assaulted by the most foul foot stink he'd ever encountered. It wasn't an unclean smell, it was just potent. her feet smelled as foul as everyone else's; but it was the smell turned up in volume. And his nostrils shuddered at the prospect of sniffing her feet.

Miranda presented him with her sweaty, slightly dirty souls which featured little specks of black dirt from the sneakers. She wriggled her toes which glistened with sweat and pressed them over his nose. She grabbed and clutched at his nose as if endeavoring to get a good toehold. And then she did. She forced him to sniff the cheesy odor of one set of toes while she rubbed her other foot all over his face.

The other girls were beside themselves from the smell and they'd backed away quite considerably. "They really stink," asserted Tanya. "Yeah, you're one to speak," replied Miranda. Miranda was enjoying this more than the others; and she rubbed her feet all over his face making sure that hs sniffed between her toes and under her toenails in addition to her heels and the ball of her feet. She finished by supping her sweaty feet over his face while Eric took breath after unendurable breath of her heady foot stink.

Miranda commited the final insult by forcing him to wear her old shoes on his face; and he'd never imagined that a girl's shoe could be so revolting to smell.

Once the girls had their fun tey began to untie him. But Miranda stopped them. She wanted a trophy of their visit so that she'd never forget. She wanted to take his pants home with her. The others laughed and Tany said "seriously" Some of the girls were hesitant about doing that, but enough of them thought it would be a great way to cap off the experience.

Eric was shocked that eight of his female classmates were going to see him in his underpants, and he struggled. But they laughed as several of them knelt down and began to unfasten his pants. The other girls who had misgivings about it watched the procedure intently, wondering what they might uncover. His fly was unzipped and the girls tugged his pants down. he could hear some of the girls gasp with surprise that they were seeing a boy in his briefs. Eight pairs of eyes were trained upon his crotch, as the girls untied his ankes and slid his pants off.

Claudia gave Miranda Eric's pants and broke into a fit of laughter. The others followe suit as they stood up and looked at him. Eric's hands were freed and he quikly removed Bonnie's old sock form his mouth. he dropped it to the floor and bonnie retirieved it with a giggle. "How did it taste," she asked. Eric said nothing. He didn't know what to say.

This will teach you to have candy next time,' said Miranda "And if you tell the other boys, we'll do this to you again and again; and we'll get some of the ninth grade girls to help us. " Eric was too humiliated to think of telling the boys; and he would keep it a secret until he told me.

Once Miranda finished speaking to him, she turned to leave. And the girls followed Miranda from the house. She waved his pants about and when Eric ran to the door in his shirt and underpants, he could still see Miranda waving his pants around whie the other girls followed giggling and singing "Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet."

Eric doesn't know if any of the other boys had to smell their feet that night; but we'll have to leave that to conjecture. But we do know what happened to Eric. And we can only be thankful that when we ere thirteen we never had to learn the hard way just how stinky girls' feet can be. In telling me the story, Eric added that he'd never known women to have feet that smelled as much as the feet of those thirteen/fourteen year old girls. And, if you're out there Miranda, Eric would be all too hapy to let you rub your stinking feet on his face. He'd never fallen out of love with her; but he would never approach her for a date again.


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