This story is the most recent, chronologically. Most likely, it takes place about five years after her track team / sorority days in college, well after her brief stint as a book clerk just after college, and shortly after her waitress work which she did to support herself while she pursued acting. Miranda Stinkfoot never gave up acting; but the career path was fraught with too many uncertainties. After working with a friend at an advertising company, Miranda decided to shift her focus to something more concrete. She would enter the corporate world and attempt to make a name for herself in the field of advertising. She was tough and she was creative, an ideal combination.

Miranda had only just embarked upon this career path of hers when she met Simon, a friend of a friend who was smitten with her just as every man was. Needless to say, Miranda took advantage of his devotions by having him run errands for her and having him make himself very useful to her. I speak of this with the help of Simon who has graciously offered me what he remembers about Stinkfoot. “She was beautiful, so sure of herself,” he told me. “I would have done anything for her, and I did.”

For kicks, Miranda had joined a feminist group which periodically took camping trips into the mountains. Miranda, not one to toe the feminist line, was an independent spirit who preferred doing things her way; but she joined the group because she enjoyed the idea of roughing it a bit in the great outdoors. When a July 4 weekend camping excursion permitted the inclusion of some men, Miranda invited Simon. She always preferred the company of men anyway. But Simon was a bit leery of spending his July 4 weekend with a group of feminist women; she told him she felt the same way and wanted merely to spend some time with him. Simon accepted.

Preparations were made, and the women organized themselves into groups of six or seven. Once Simon became aware that he would be the only male in the group, he began to have second thoughts about the trip; but Miranda suggested that perhaps the trip might offer romantic possibilities for them. Simon wanted her and thought little of how he might be designated as the convenient scapegoat for all of the harm done by men to women. Simon and Miranda left to meet the others and all seven of them set out for the mountains.

Joining Simon and Miranda were Joan, Adriana, Suzanne, Muriel and Esther. It was evident from the very beginning that they resented Simon’s presence; they wanted this trip to serve as an opportunity for female-bonding, for a chance to freely discuss the men in their lives. They didn’t wanted a man getting in the way; they didn’t want to worry about impressing a man. Simon would sense the resentment and he expressed his concerns to Miranda. Miranda reassured him that it didn’t matter; but Miranda was glad of this tension. After all, Miranda had plans to take advantage of it.

Simon didn’t help matters by openly challenging their disparaging remarks about men; and he failed to win any friends. The first day of a four day trip went rather uneventfully, but Miranda decided that the time was ripe to hatch a plan. Miranda wanted to make this an eventful trip for everyone, to amusing themselves, to give the women a chance to vent their frustrations with men and to give Simon an indelible memory. The evening of the first day, Miranda spoke with the other women while Simon was waiting for Miranda at the local lake; he assumed she would meet him there as arranged, but she never showed up for a romantic rendezvous.

Miranda gave the appearance of being very upset with Simon. When asked by the others what was wrong, she explained that Simon was the cause of her agitation. According to Simon (and Simon would hear of this later when he confronted Suzanne about the weekend’s bizarre events), Miranda Stinkfoot told them that Simon insisted on having sex with her by the lake, but that he refused to understand her reluctance. She came on the trip to be with them, and not to have sex with Simon. “Let him wait,” remarked Joan when Miranda told them that she left Simon by the lake.

Miranda then explained her disappointment with Simon. She remarked that Simon refused to give her a foot massage even though she worked hard all day. Esther then said that her boyfriend was a jerk because he wouldn’t give her a footrub; “He tells me,” continued Esther,” that my feet smell and he doesn’t want to hold them. OF course they smell after work; is that my fault?” The women all agreed that Esther’s boyfriend was selfish.

Miranda, inspired more than ever, then told them of a fictional bet which Simon had lost. “Simon and I were trying to quit smoking; we bet each other that the first person to smoke again would have to pay a heavy price. Since we hadn’t had sex yet, he proposed that if I lost the bet, I would have to become his sex slave and do everything he wanted. He wanted a few of my swinger friends to join us in bed.” Some of the women were shocked that Simon suggested an orgy.

Miranda continued. “So I said that if he lost the bet, he’d let me humiliate him a bit. He’d have to get undressed in front of me and some of my friends; and then we’d get to rub our feet in his face as much as we wanted, and make him smell our feet. Are feet would have been clean; for me it would have been the humiliation of being naked at the feet of my friends. Anyway, Simon lost the bet; he started smoking again only one week after we made our bet. But he refused to be a gentleman about it; he wouldn’t pay the price.”

”How like a man,” remarked Suzanne. Miranda continued. “I’m angry because he refused to honor his word. I felt like I couldn’t trust him. My friends were angry and said that they should make him abase himself in front of them. One of my friends even suggested that we get our feet really smelly before we forced him to worship them. I didn’t have the heart to force him to do anything. I just wanted him to be fair; but he just ignored me. I really want to humiliate him now, and I;ve imagined having my friends help me do it. I’ve thought how he deserves to have my friends rub their smelly feet in his face; but then I don’t want to hurt him.”

”he deserves it baby,” interjected Muriel. “He’s a bastard, and he’ll never learn otherwise. You should force him to honor his bet.” “And you guys should get your feet really smelly too,” added Joan with a laugh, The others laughed too. “God knows, I’d love to rub my feet in Simon’s face,” added Joan. The others laughed again. And then Muriel suggested what Miranda had been hoping to hear all evening. “Why don’t we help you, Miranda. There are enough of us to overpower him. We’ll strip him and then make him smell and lick our feet.”

”No, no, I couldn’t ask you to do that,” replied Miranda. “”Don’t worry, we’d enjoy it,” said Joan with a smirk. The others all seemed receptive to the idea of having a little fun at Simon’s expense. “I only wish this were my boyfriend,” added Esther to everyone’s amusement. Spirits were high, now that the women imagined humiliating Simon. “And let’s get our feet really stinky,” said Adriana. “You know, wear the same socks until the end of the trip, and then we’ll do him on the third day.”

”The same socks for three long days of hiking.” said Joan. “Our feet will smell so foul.” “Exactly,” Adriana reminded them. Everyone laughed; and then they began to prepare just how they’d have their fun with Simon.

The following evening, Simon remembers failing to secure time alone with Miranda; Miranda disappeared so he asked Esther and Muriel where she was. They only warned him that he’d better be nicer to Miranda. Simon didn’t know what they were talking about. And then when they took off their hiking boots, the stench was a bit revolting. Simon remarked about the stink, “don’t you girls ever change your socks?” But Esther and Muriel merely told him that if he had a problem with their feet, he could go to another part of the forest. Simon wrinkled his nose and left them to giggle to themselves.

The following evening, the women were ready to do the dirty deed. They set up camp after a particularly long hike, and sat down to dinner. Simon, as was his habit, took a little nap on the tarp before hoisting it up to create a tent for the evening. Simon was reflecting on how disappointing the trip had been since Miranda had neglected to spend much time alone with him; and they hadn’t even kissed. Simon felt someone sit on him and gazed up to see Esther’s smiling face; she was indeed sitting on him. the others were crowding around him, all of them with smiles on their faces. “What’s going on?” asked Simon. Then, in answer to his question, Joan and Adriana grabbed his wrists while Suzanne and Muriel grabbed hold of his legs.

Esther then got up, and invited Miranda over to help strip him. Hearing this, Simon struggled all he could; he was frightened of what they might be contemplating. But Simon couldn’t break free; there were too many of them, and they were making fun of him. Miranda appeared reluctant to do anything but Esther insisted. She brought Miranda over to Simon and commanded her to unbutton his shirt while she pulled his pants down. Simon was straining to break free but he could do nothing.

Miranda merely unbuttoned his shirt, apologizing to him (as this was part of her feigned innocence); while Esther enthusiastically unzipped Simon’s pants and slid them down his legs, to a road of applause from the women. Esther yanked his underwear down and then there was an even louder cacophany of shrill female voices. Suzanne and Muriel busily removed his pants and boxers before tying his ankles together with rope. Joan and Adriana pulled Simon’s shirt and undershirt over his head, and then tied his ankles together with rope. It all happened so fast; and before he knew it, Simon was laying naked on the tarp, his hands tied above his head, while the women laughed and high-fived each other.

”So who’s first?” asked Esther. “Before waiting for a reply, Esther sat herself down on Simon’s chest. “Well if you’re not going to do it I will,” she exclaimed. “Time to smell some feet, you bastard.” With that, Esther pulled off her hiking boots and held her crusty, damp sock feet before him. The stench quickly assaulted his senses and it was a fetid, smell, musty and vinegary. Esther pressed her warm, damp sock feet in his face, to more cheers and catcalls. Simon, gasped for air and breathed in the pungent stink. I t was sharp and cloying and caused him to lurch in a desperate attempt at escape. But escape was impossible. Esther was beginning to rub her sweaty sock feet in his face and he could do nothing but smell them. Joan was holding his head still with her hiking boots on either side of his face.

”You’re feet really stink,” said Adriana was gazing at the scene with evident amusement. “I don’t think I’m the only one,” asserted Esther. Everyone laughed at that. “Smell my feet you bastard,” ordered Esther. Simon was breathing her foot odor and kissing her socked feet whenever she told him to. And then she peeled off her damp socks to present him with the stale-smelling soles of her slightly dirty feet. Pieces of sock fabric dotted the balls of her feet and there was dirt between her toes. Ether rubbed her sweaty feet over his face, cupping them over his nose and brushing her stinky toes against his nostrils. “Have a good whiff,” she said. Simon emphasized how awful they smelled; and how much she enjoyed forcing him to smell her feet. And then Esther ordered him to clean her sweaty feet. “Lick them clean, or we’ll never untie you,” remarked Esther. Simon readily complied and began to feed upon the salty film which covered her soles and toes. She had him lick her feet from heel to toe and feed upon the tow jam from between her toes. Simon finished by sucking on her toes until she felt satisfied that he’d tasted every inch of her sweaty, stinky feet.”

”I’m next,” bellowed Adriana as she pushed Esther aside and sat on Simon’s chest. “Ready to smell some more feet,” asked Adriana as she untied her shoelaces. When Simon begged them to leave them alone, Esther shoved her rank hiking sock into Simon’s open mouth. “Now he as to smell your feet without protest,” said Esther. Adriana pulled off her boots and pressed her warm, funky-smelling sock feet in Simon’s face. He was instantly overwhelmed by the warmth and by the ripe stench which reminded him of old cheese. “Oh Adriana,” remarked Esther who was holding Simon’s head still with her bare feet, “you’re feet smell worse than mine.” Adriana giggled at this and began to rub her sweaty sock feet in Simon’s face, squeezing his nose with her clenched sock toes and grinding her toes over his nose. “How’s the air down there,” said Adriana. The others giggled.

”I thought this was going to be the worst hiking trip,” announced Adriana, “but I had no idea how much fun this was going to be. Then Adriana turned to Simon and spoke. “Stinky enough for you?” she asked as she curled her sock toes over his nose. Then, like Esther, Adriana removed her socks and rubbed her sweaty bare feet all over Simon’s face and wriggled her stinky toes over his nose, playfully clutching at it and squeezing it. Eventually, the sock was pulled from his mouth and he was ordered to clean Adriana’s cheesy feet just as he’d cleaned Esther’s feet. She dangled the toes end of her sock over his nose as he plied his tongue over her soles and between her toes probing for toe jam.

Soon enough, Suzanne occupied the coveted position and kicked off her boots to reveal yet another pair of damp, putrid-smelling sock feet which Suzanne pressed over his nose. The woman laughed, holding their noses to show how they felt about Suzanne's feet. But poor Simon couldn’t hold his nose; he took in breath after breath (with Esther’s old crusty, cheesy sock stuffed in his mouth) of Suzanne's stinking feet which smelled of foot sweat and old shoe. Like the others before her, Suzanne loved every minute of this perverse torture and repeatedly ordered Simon to smell her feet. As if Simon had a choice.

Suzanne slid her bear feet over his face and smeared it with foot sweat before pulling Esther’s sock from his mouth and commanding him to clean her feet. He used his tongue to lick the sweat from her toes and soles while using his teeth to more effectively clean the dirt from the hard patches of skin on her feet. She had him clean the dirt from between her toes while pressing the toes of her other foot over his nose. When finished, she stuffed one of her own rank socks into his mouth and left him to feed upon the acrid taste.

Muriel and Joan were next and both of them thoroughly drenched his face in foot sweat. They cupped their sock toes over his nose and forced him to breathe through the sweat-soaked fabric of their well-worn hiking socks. Their feet smelled of vinegar and cheese with a hint of fermented fruit juice; it was a sharp stench which could not be ignored. First Muriel humiliated Simon by having him lick her pungent feet clean; and then Simon would taste the salty sweat of Joan’s feet which were slightly calloused and dirty on the hard patches of skin. he scraped these clean with his teeth and licked her sweaty feet clean.

The girls had been teasing each other about who had the smelliest feet, and as it stood, Adriana took the prize. But then Miranda took her turn. Little did the others know that she’d been wearing g the same socks for days before the trip and that her hiking boots was already fermented inside with the extent of their use. Miranda sat atop Simon’s chest, apologized again (and, at the time, Simon was actually taken in by he apologies), and then removed her boots. Joan’s fetid sock was stuffed into Simon’s mouth; and as Miranda removed her shoes, the stench overwhelmed everyone. The women stumbled back and registered their surprise at such a smell. Miranda had been getting better and better at getting her feet stinky; she was a pro. And Simon had never smelled anything like it. It was an already rank gym smell turned up several notches to become positively deafening. Take the stink of rotten sneakers, crusty gym socks, old cheese and emphasize it. Simon lurched and struggled with the bonds; but he couldn’t move nor could he shake Miranda from off him. Adriana held his head straight with her smelly feet, while Miranda pressed her hot, rancid sock feet onto his face. Simon coughed and breathed in the sharp noxious fumes which emanated from her socked feet.

But Miranda was oblivious to his struggling; she was simply rubbing her feet in his face and playing toesies with his nose as if it were the most commonplace thing. The other women, knowing how strong the stench was, were in hysterics at the thought that Simon had to sniff them. Miranda cupped her toes over his nose as he took audible breaths through his nose. And then when she peeled off her socks, she rubbed her sweaty, dirty, stinky size 9’s in his face, letting his nose slip between her toes and wriggling them with care-free abandon. Miranda eventually asked him to clean them; she pulled the sock from his mouth and pressed one of her warm feet over his mouth. he licked the sour, stale sweat from her feet, and licked the dirt which accumulated on her heels, on the balls of her feet and from between her toes. Simon recalls being close to throwing up; but he survived the experience.

For some time after that, the women sat around him and rubbed their feet all over him, over his face, chest legs. There were twelve stinky feet slithering all over his body, and sixty stinky toes clutching at his nose and slipping into his mouth. Simon couldn’t have imagined anything more humiliating; but one more humiliation lay in store for him.

The women told him how much they’d enjoyed doing this to him, rubbing their putrid socks in his face as if to show affection. They loved hoe helpless he was and how they could humiliate him with their feet all they wanted. Not for a minute was hi face free of sweaty feet until the visitors arrived. One of the other camping groups set up camp nearby and a couple of the women, noticing the nearby campfire, walked over to greet them.

Esther then spoke to them. “Are there any men in your group?” she asked. “No,” was he reply. “Just six of us and we’re all women I can assure you.” “Good,” replied Esther as she led them to Simon, laying naked on the tarp, while Adriana and Suzanne rubbed their feet on him. The visitors were shocked but when Esther explained the entire situation, the visitors were by turns sympathetic and amused, and eager to take advantage of his helplessness as well.

And so the six women from the other camping group came over to laugh at Simon and to rub their feet in his face. The smell was nothing compared to what he’d just gone through with the others, so he considered himself fortunate. But he still felt humiliated that these women would giggle at his nakedness and at the fact that he had to sniff and lick their sweaty feet. Hiking boots were kicked off and smelly, musty socked feet and bare feet made themselves at home on his face. Fun was had by all but for Simon who fumed inwardly and contemplated revenge.

Once the women had their fun, and once Miranda had Simon worship her smelly dogs once again, they let him go, but refused to give his clothes until the morning. Simon curled up inside his sleeping bag to keep warm; and the following morning, the women taunted him about being naked and about having serviced their foul-smelling feet. “Which ones were your favorites,” asked someone; “which ones smelled the most,” asked another. Simon felt betrayed by Miranda; and that’s just what happened. Once the girls gave him his clothes back, he returned to town by himself. He never saw Stinkfoot again and felt too humiliated by the experience to speak of it until today. But Simon was just another victim of her perverse desire to force her foot stink on all men and encourage her fellow females to raunch men with their sweaty feet. And, needless to say, this was a July 4th weekend, SImon would never be able to forget.

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