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The SanyChem Company, is pre-eminent in the coating industry, manufacturing and selling throughout the world a wide range of products designed to provide solutions to various coating problems. SanyChem is ISO 9000 Certified. For more than ten years its SanyChem coatings have been specified for pipelines, water tanks, water and waste treatment plants, utilities, etc. by consulting engineers and architects who require proven, reliable, corrosion and chemical resistant coatings to withstand exceptionally severe and long-term service conditions.

A complete product catalog containing product data sheets for the entire range SanyChem Coatings high performance primers, sealers, linings and finishes:

Available Products

Product Data Sheet information is available as Adobe Acrobat PDF files for the following SanyChem Coatings' products. If you currently do not have Adobe Acrobat, it may be downloaded from the Adobe Web Site.


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SanyMastic S600 is a two-component, chemically cured, coal tar epoxy polyamide which can be applied as thick as 35 mils (dry) in one coat, to provide exceptional abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance. SanyMastic-S600 provides superior protection to steel, concrete and other surfaces subject to severe environmental conditions, including pipelines, sewage plants, chemical plants, flood gates, water dams, locks, bridge pilings and marine structures, etc. SanyMastic-S600 may be used under immersion or atmospheric conditions.
EpoSany 900 is SanyChem's most versatile and most widely used 2-component, high-solids, high-build, high-gloss, cross-linked epoxy mastic. It can be used as a self-priming, single coat corrosion protector on steel, providing high performance, excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, unusual flexibility, tolerance of damp substrates, and easy application by brush, roller or spray over hand-tool cleaned surfaces. EpoSany-900 is used for interior floors, walls, piping, equipment and structural steel, and for exterior coatings on rail cars and industrial environments subject to corrosive atmosphere, including chemical plants, offshore oil and gas, pharmaceutical, food, water and wastewater treatment plants, utilities, etc. Use 2 coats for immersion in water and wastewater service. FDA approval for incidental food contact areas. VOC Compliant
EpoSany-901 is a two-component, cross-linked, high solids, high gloss epoxy for use when lining steel or concrete potable water tanks, pipelines, valves, hydrants and other equipment in potable water immersion. EpoSany-901 meets the most stringent VOC regulations, and is certified by ANSI and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to Standard 61 for potable water tanks. EpoSany-901 is chemically accepted by the USDA for incidental food contact surfaces, and the FDA for direct food, beverage and pharmaceutical contact.
SanyMastic-5200 ALUMINUM is a two-component, high-build, aluminum pigmented epoxy mastic with excellent adhesion to rusted steel and aged coatings, including aged galvanized surfaces. SanyMastic-5200 ALUMINUM provides excellent protection and broad spectrum chemical resistance performance with minimal surface preparation. SanyMastic-5200 ALUMINUM is excellent for use on highway bridges and other steel structures where proper surface preparation would be difficult. It can be top-coated with practically any type of coating, including other epoxies, vinyls, urethanes, etc. SanyMastic-5200 ALUMINUM meets the most stringent VOC regulations. Can be used as a self-priming finish coat with single coat application as thick as 8 mils, providing significant labor savings.
EpoSany 250 Sealer is a unique, very high solids, two-component, thixotropic polymeric epoxy, universal primer and tie coat with capillary action to assure intercoat adhesion. It is a cross-linked penetrating sealer with excellent wetting properties used in place of "wash primers" on aluminum, etc. EpoSany-250 Sealer is highly flexible with good chemical and solvent resistance, and accepts a variety of topcoats. It is corrosion resistant and can be used over marginally prepared steel, including galvanized steel and over most old/existing coatings, which then can be top-coated with practically any kind of finish, including most epoxies, polyurethanes, alkyds or acrylics. EpoSany-250 Sealer meets the most stringent VOC regulations
KethaPol-3500 HS is a two-component, acrylic aliphatic polyurethane. It is an attractive, very high gloss ("wet look"), high solids urethane topcoat, which is easily applied by airless or conventional spray to yield a smooth, easily cleanable surface. KethaPol-3500 HS features excellentweatherability, flexibility and abrasion resistance. It is recommended as a finish coat for the exterior of tanks, equipment, piping, structural steel and concrete surfaces. It is an excellent coating for use in chemical processing, pulp and paper, petro-chemical, offshore, railcars, heavy marine, institutional and waste treatment where a highly chemical and abrasion resistant and attractive coating is desired. KethaPol-3500 HS meets the most stringent VOC regulations KethaPol-3500 HS is often used to provide a "graffiti resistant" protective finish (clear or pigmented).
EpoSany-4031 Clear SPLASH ZONE MASTIC is a two-component 100% solids epoxy polyamide mastic that can be applied underwater and will cure underwater or in air. EpoSany-4031 Clear is used to protect metals, concrete, wood pilings, piers, boat hulls, buoys, bridge abutments, etc. that are subject to erosion/corrosion in salt or fresh water.
DerCoat-2500 is a single component, silicone acrylic high temperature coating with a high gloss finish. It is resistant to continuous temperatures of 450° F. (232° C.), or non-continuous surges to 525° F. (274° C.), depending on color. DerCoat-2500 is recommended for the protection of the exterior of equipment such as stacks, cat crackers, boilers and heat exchangers and other steel surfaces. Application over ZinCoat primers on steel provides superior performance by preventing rusting and rust streaking. It has excellent weathering capability, as well as good flexibility and abrasion resistance. DerCoat-2500 meetsproposed EPA VOC regulations of 650 grams/l on high temperature coatings.
DerCoat-2800is a single component, modified silicone high temperature coating with a low gloss finish. It is resistant to continuous temperatures of 750° F. (399° C.), or non-continuous surges of 1000° F. (538° C.). DerCoat-2800 is recommended for the protection of the exterior of equipment such as stacks, incinerators, furnace exteriors and heat exchangers, and other elevated temperature steel surfaces. Application over ZinCoat primers on steel provides superior per-formance by preventing rusting and rust streaking. DerCoat-2800 meetsproposed EPA VOC regulations of 650 grams/l on high temperature coatings.


A single package, fast drying Primer/Sealer for use on a wide variety of substrates including gypsum board, plaster, wood, bare, metal, PVC, galvanized metal and other surfaces. Waterborne Acrylic Primer/Sealer

KoraTex-680 is a high quality latex coating formulated from durable 100% Acrylic resin to protect and beauty interior and exterior surfaces. KoraTex-680 is an advanced technology, premium quality, waterborne acrylic Semi-gloss enamel for interior or exterior use on properly prepared wood, metal, or masonry surfaces. Bonds to clean glossy, hard surfaces such as aged oil base or alkyd enamels without sanding. Features alkyd-like hardness and durability, exceptional adhesion, superior flow and leveling, fast dry, easy application, excellent gloss and color retention, low odor and high hiding. Low VOC. Application characteristics include “Dry-Fall” under most conditions.
KoraTex-500 HB
Water-borne Acrylic Primer
An advanced technology, premium quality, waterborne acrylic semi-gloss enamel for interior or exterior use on properly prepared wood, metal, or masonry surfaces. Bonds to clean glossy, hard surfaces such as aged oil base or alkyd enamels without sanding. Features alkyd-like hardness and durability, exceptional adhesion, superior flow and leveling, fast dry, easy application, excellent gloss and color retention, low odor, and high hiding. Low VOC. Application characteristics include “Dry-Fall” under most conditions. (see Application) . 100% Acrylic Latex Semi-Gloss
KoraTex-750 is an advanced technology, premium quality, Satin waterborne acrylic coating for use as a protective maintenance rust inhibitive direct-to metal (DTM) primer. Bonds to clean glossy, hard surfaces such as aged oil base or alkyd enamels without sanding. Is a high perfomace, direct-to-metal acrylic primer which can tolerate a variety of topcoats. KoraTex-750 has exceptional film strenght and chemical resistance.
Water based Elastomeric Sealing compound. Roof-Primer is a 100%  acrylic “Rubber-Like” coating, made with superior Elastomeric acrylic polymers. It is specifically designed to be applied to asphalt surfaces with little to no bleed through.
MEMBRACOAT®-100  Seam Sealeris an elastic sealer for laps of roofing felts, nail heads and joints of insulation or metal decks. MEMBRACOAT®-100  Seam Sealer is used prior to the application of MEMBRACOAT-250 or other SanyChem´s Membranes. MEMBRACOAT® -100 Seam Sealer cures to a tough elastic sealant which effectively inhibits water penetration  between laps, seams and nail holes of roofing systems.
MEMBRACOAT® --250 Universal  Roofcoating is a water dilutable product based on a modified acrylic copolymer. The product contains rust-inhibitive pigments and is lead-and chromate free.



Low VOC Alkyd Metal Primer. Multi-inhibitive pigmented, Soya modified Alkyd Primer.

Single package, Fast drying, Modified Alkyd.
A high quality, low VOC rust-inhibitive lead and chromate free red oxide alkyd primer used for general purpose shop or field priming.

KoraGloss-300 RS is a quick dry, corrosion resistant gloss enamel specially formulated for finishing metal products. Free of mercury, lead and chromate hazards. KoraGloss-300 RS is a high-solids, VOC compliant, modified long oil alkyd finish that dries to a uniform tough film.

KoraGloss-150 is a premium quality silicone alkyd gloss industrial enamel for use on machinery, equipment, piping and tanks. Color and gloss retention superior to conventional alkyd enamels. Free of mercury, lead, and chromate hazards.

KoraGloss-180 is a rust inhibitive, self priming finish coat that will bond to and protect a variety of substrates. Normally a single coat will provide a uniform color. KoraGloss-180 is a premium quality alkyd flat coating for use on machinery, equipment, piping and tanks. Single Coat, rust inhibitive Interior Alkyd Finish.

A premium quality low VOC phenolic Modified Alkyd gloss enamel for use on machinery, equipment, piping and tanks. Toughness and fast dry provide maintenance with minimum plant interruption. Free of mercury, lead and chromate hazards.



Two component Modified Epoxy-Polyamide

100% Solids, two-component epoxy-polyamide

Modified Epoxy-Phenolic, Amine Adduct Cured

EpoSany-790 HB
Heavy Duty Two component Modified Epoxy-Polyamide

EpoSany-791 System
Two component Modified Epoxy-Polyamide for tank lining system for fresh water, including potable water service

EpoSany-791 HB
EpoSany-791 HB is a high performance, two component, chemically-cured one coat, high-build epoxy coating system for steel and masonry which can be applied up to 5 mils (125 microns) in one coat. Meets the stringent performance requirements of the American National Standards Institute, ANSI N101.2 and ANSI N5.12. Has performed satisfactorily in radiation resistance and decontamiation testing laboratories. Heavy Duty Two component TOPCOAT  Modified Epoxy-Polyamide

EpoSany-793 LF
An economical, lead-free, high-build maintenance coating primer, Epoxy-polyamide. EpoSany-793 LF is recommended for protection of structural steel, concrete, equipment and tank exteriors in chemical food plants, breweries, paper mills and other industries with corrosive conditions. Excellent protection for equipment subjected to impact abrasion, detergents, water, steam and oils.

EpoSany-793 Finish
An economical, lead-free, high-build maintenance coating Finish, Epoxy-polyamide. EpoSany-793 Finish is a Lead-Free corrosion resistant epoxy Protective Finish and Coating are two-component, 100% solids epoxy coatings based on multi-functional high performance resin and anticorrosive pigment. EpoSany-793 Finish is used as a two coat system. Provides corrosion resistant protection to steel and other metals.
Cross-linked Epoxy.  Is a high solids, high-build epoxy primer with excellent corrosion resistance. EpoSany-903 is a High solids corrosion resistant Epoxy primer and intermediate. Used either as a primer or an intermediate coat over steel and inorganic zinc primers. Can be topcoated with a broad variety of high performance finish coats. Can be applied by spray, brush or roller to yield a cured film which is tough and abrasion resistant.



PhenoSany-1200 Primer
A two component heavy-duty Modified phenolic primer

PhenoSany-1200 Finish
A two component heavy-duty Modified phenolic finish Coating

A two component topcoat Modified phenolic topcoat for inmersion

A heavy duty, high build primer for steel and concrete with excellent adhesion

A two component modified phenolic system with excellent broad range chemical resistance

A glass flaked epoxy-novalac


EPOXY-COAR TAR (Epoxy Mastic)

High build Epoxy-Coal Tar coating for the protection of steel and concrete in inmersion service

Two component Epoxy-Poliamide coal tar


HIGH TEMPERATURE (Primer & Finish)

DerCoat-2100 Primer
Single Package Silicone Alkyd Primer. DerCoat-2100 Primer is an organic silicon resin paint which can resist 450 °F ,designed to use as primer for various kinds of facilities such as pipeline, engine, boiler, etc., which are operated under high temperature. DerCoat-2100 Primer is an excellent heat resistant primer for steel surfaces where operating temperatures do not exceed 450 °F (232 °C) continuos and 500 °F (260 °C) non-continuos. DerCoat-2100 Primer has a very good flexibility, excellent weathering characteristics and good chemical resistance.

Modified Epoxy-Phenolic Adduct

Glass Flake filled Phenolic Amine Modified Epoxy Novalac

 High Gloss Silicone Acrylic

DerCoat-600C is a single component coating finish coat designed to protect steel surfaces operating at temperatures of 1000°F (538°C). Aluminum (250-EL3601) will withstand peak temperatures up to 1200°F (649°C). DerCoat- 600C exhibits outstanding resistance to thermal shock from 1000 °F to 32 °F. Only one coatis required, but may be applied over ZinCoat HS400 HS base coat for superior performance. A ZinCoat 400 HS base coat prevents rusting of steel and rust streaks during shutdown or when operating temperature falls below 200 °F(93 °C).


POLYURETHANES (Primer & Finish)

KethaPol-2000 HB
Two component Aliphatic polyurethane, high-build, satin finish topcoat

Single-package, polyurethane alkyd copolymer. KethaPol-550 is a premium quality interior/exterior alkyd-urethane gloss enamel for use on wood or above grade concrete porches or floors not laid directly on damp or water bearing surfaces. May be used on interior or exterior above grade surfaces.

Two component aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane topcoat.

MembraCoat-517  is a tough, flexible and resilient elastomer used as protective coatings or lining over concrete, steel or other surfaces. It is Airless-Spray applied at ambient temperature at virtually any film thickness in one applicaction, even on vertical or inverted surfaces.

MembraCoat-540 is a Modified Urethane Elastomer.  A Cold applied liquid coating, Catalyst(Curing agent) added just prior to application. An elastic, weather resistant urethanemembrane for re-roofing wornout and leakingtar or asphalt roofs. MembraCoat-540 is applied directly over old roofing - It is not necessaryto completely remove wornout felts. Also recommended for protection of sprayed in-place urethane foam and concrete decks.



Self curing, Zinc filled inorganic coating. ZC350 is a weldable inorganic Zinc Primer

ZinCoat-400 HS
Self curing, high solids inorganic Zinc Primer. ZC400HS consists of a basic Zinc Silicate Complex
Self curing, inorganic Zinc Primer. ZC600 consists of a basic Zinc Silicate Complex. ZinCoat-600 is a high solids inorganic zinc rich primer that protects steel galvanically, eliminating sub-film corrosion. It easily meets VOC regulations regarding metal filled coatings, while providing the proven performance of alkyl silicate zinc rich coatings technology.

ZC700 is a three component, Zinc Filled, cross-linked Epoxy Primer. ZinCoat-700 is a three package, polyamide epoxy, zinc rich coating which provides cathodic protection to ferrous metal. Recommended with proper topcoats for surfaces exposed to weather extremes, atmospheric corrosion, moisture, salt air, chemical environments and water immersion. More tolerant of surface preparation and application variables than inorganic zincs. ZinCoat-700 is a high solids, organic zinc primer for protection of structural steel in salt or weathering environments.

Two pack, Zinc-Rich, polyurethane Primer



Flake Glass Polyester

Flake Glass Polyester



SanyBond- WP100  is a two component, vinyl butyral / phosphoric acid wash primer used over cleaned metal surfaces and zinc rich primers,  as a tie coat for subsequent priming with anticorrosive primers or finish coatings.

FlexCoat-1200: Is the standar anti-fouling used by teh U.S. Navy for the protectionof a wide variety of its surface craft, from keel to the light load line.

FlexCoat-1600 HC
FlexCoat-4020 is a modifed vinyl anti-foul finish which gives positive repellence to barnacles and other shell forming animal life. Contains high level of cuprous oxide to maximum effectiveness.

SanyBond-6000 HS
SanyBond-6000 HS: A single package, Vinyl Copolymer. Is a high build, Vinyl topcoat readly applied at thickness of 4-5 mils in one coat. Is principally used as a topcoat directly over ZinCoat-400HS or SanyMastic-4100.

SanyBond-8000: A single package modified , Vinyl-Alkyd.. Is an excellent primer for bare steel and tie coat for the following generic coatings. Developed specifically for maintenance, permits rapid topcoating.



SanyChlor-450 System
SanyChlor-450 Primer & High Build  is a chlorinated rubber paint  based on chlorinated rubber. This is a thermoplastic composition and is an air drying system. This paint has very good alkali and acid resistance. Also resistant to salt water, moisture and mechanical strain

DuraTraffic  is a fast drying, flat Chlorinated Rubber Traffic Paint High quality striping paint for asphalt or concrete. Fast drying, extremely durable, excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, salt and water.



MetalCleaner # 100: Is a water based dispersant which removes hydrocarbons contaminants from painted surfaces prior to topcoating.

MetalCleaner # 200: A surface treating agent for preparing previously coated surface for recoating after they have been allowed to cure past recommended recoat times.

SanySurface AC Cleaner
SanySurface AC Cleaner: Is a fast acid etchant for preparation of aluminum and galvanizing for topcoating.

SolvenSany: All the thinners for use with the SanyChem´s Protective Coating & Linings.


We will either manufacture a quality paint or coating for you, or search for a coating from one of our specialty coating providers, such as SanyChem Company. Whatever your needs, we look forward to helping you. Please give us a call toll-free, or write, e-mail or fax SanyChem at the numbers shown below.


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