Sanctum Hermeticum Revisited

A tall, smiling man dressed in heraldic garb bows low to approaching party. "Greetings, wayfarer. In the name of the covenant, welcome to our lands. I am Ricardus Keymaine and I have been sent by the honourable magi to escort you and tend to your needs; let me then be your very Mercury. Within our covenant you will find that my masters have waived their rights of retaliation, and have opened their sancta to all who might wish to peruse their tomes and experiments. Please feel free to wander the halls, and examine whatever interests you."

Welcome to Sanctum Hermeticum Revisited. Here we present a selection of resources for the Ars Magica roleplaying game. We welcome the submission of articles, stories and artwork for the site. Please consult our submission guidelines. We also welcome comments and suggestions. Please mail us at [email protected].

Spring Castle
Spring Castle, by Eric Pommer

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