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Opera Propria

The door of this chamber sticks initially, and it is only with great effort that you are able to move it. When it eventually does move, the hinges shriek horribly. You're not sure you're meant to be in here - this chamber is clearly dedicated to the more unique, and dangerous, tomes kept at the covenant. The bookcase contains a number of iron boxes, each tightly closed, padlocked and chained to the shelves. The top of each box bears the title of the work it contains. The padlocks are somewhat old and rusted, however, and you think that if you pull hard, you might be able to break them, open the boxes and examine the volumes within.


By Jarkman

A series of articles exploring the topic of magi who specialise in Terram magic, especially those found within House Guernicus. This project includes a Terram-based Mystery Cult, two small related lineages of House Guernicus magi that specialise in their Founder's original area of magical expertise, and some unusual Terram spells.

Pax Hermetica

By Tom McKinnell and Niall Christie

A modern setting for Ars Magica sagas. Pax Hermetica includes notes on the history and geography of the Order in the modern day, revisions to the character creation and combat rules, and an FAQ where the authors are willing to answer any questions about the setting.

Camera Mysteriorum

An on-line resource for Ars Magica Fifth Edition sagas. This project presents a number of different types of resource, such as characters, beasts, magic items and spells, intended for quick and easy incorporation into sagas. Contributions are welcomed.

Material for Fourth Edition

This material will require a little alteration for use with Ars Magica Fifth Edition.

Vestiges in Sand

By Niall Christie

This sub-supplement provides additional rules and ideas for Levantine sagas, which were omitted from Blood and Sand and its on-line PDF accompaniment, Secrets in Sand.

Gifts from the Moon

By Timothy Ferguson

Gifts from the Moon presents additional material not included in Sanctuary of Ice in the form of a number of Alpine legends and suggestions for how to incorporate them into Ars Magica sagas.

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