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1976 Episode Summaries
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Kenneth (Ty McConnell) and Faith (Faith Catlin)
Nell's second aneurysm bursts, causing her to go into a vegetative state. Pat ends his relationship with Faith. A deranged Kenneth locks Faith up in the Riverside Hospital basement. Mary gets a job at Channel R after meeting reporter Sam Crowell, who Jack does not like. Delia and Frank are unable to make their marriage work.
Nell (Diana van der Vlis) and Seneca (John Gabriel)
Reenie (Julia Barr)
Seneca illegally takes Nell off life support. Pat rescues Faith from the basement. Nick's daughter, Reenie, is admitted to Riverside Hospital after her legs are temporarily paralyzed. Delia and Roger become closer. Mary becomes very ill, which makes Jack realize how much he loves her.
Seneca (John Gabriel) and Nell (Diana van der Vlis)
Mary (Kate Mulgrew) and Frank (Michael Hawkins)
Roger and Delia sleep together. Mary and Johnny have a heated argument over Jack, and she moves out. Kenneth continues to stalk Faith and accidentally kills her father. Reenie and Sam decide to run a grass operation together. Jill agrees to represent Seneca. Mary gets involved in a nursing home abuse story.
Sam (Dennis Jay Higgins)
Jack (Michael Levin) and Mary (Kate Mulgrew)
Kenneth is finally caught, but not before Faith has a complete nervous breakdown. Delia and Frank began to reconcile their differences. Jack asks Mary to marry him. Seneca is officially arrested for Nell's murder. Reenie begins to pursue Bucky's affections.
Jillian (Nancy Addison)
Kenneth (Ty McConnell)
Faith leaves to undergo treatment for her mental illness. Roger blackmails Delia into continuing their affair, which Jill finds out about. Seneca's trial begins. Nick is exposed as the owner of the nursing home where abuse has occurred, which Reenie worries will ruin her chances with Bucky.
Delia (Ilene Kristen) and Roger (Ron Hale)
Kathleen (Nancy Reardon) and Art (Gregory Abels)
Preparations are made for Mary and Jack's wedding; Kathleen visits home in order to attend it. Jack begins to have doubts about marrying Mary. Seneca is sentenced to one week in prison. Sam is forced out of town after Nick finds out he has been dealing drugs with Reenie; Bucky dumps Reenie after discovering she just wants his money.
Mary (Kate Mulgrew) and Georgia (Gloria Rothchild)
Jack (Michael Levin) and Mary (Kate Mulgrew)
Jack and Mary are married. Jill and Seneca make love at the Coleridge beach house. Frank discovers Delia's affair with Roger. Faith returns from her treatment. Seneca's medical license is revoked.
Jillian (Nancy Addison) and Seneca (John Gabriel)
Delia (Ilene Kristen)
Delia threatens to commit suicide by jumping from a window ledge, but Pat saves her. Pat and Faith grow closer. Jack and Mary's marriage becomes slightly strained due to her devotion to Frank. Frank hopes to reunite with Jill, but Seneca is also interested in her. Word of Frank and Delia's divorce ruins Frank's hopes for a Congressional run.
Bucky (Justin Deas) and Faith (Nancy Barrett)
Faith (Catherine Hicks)
Mary meets Jack's friend, Alex McLean. Jack is almost killed in a car accident. Pat and Delia find Frank and Jill in bed together. Both Faith and Delia find themselves interested in Pat. Delia is served with divorce papers. Seneca finds himself completely in love with Jill despite the fact she is interested in Frank.
Alex (Ed Evanko)
Mary (Kate Mulgrew) and Jack (Michael Levin)
Jill finds herself pregnant with Seneca's child and considers getting an abortion. Delia tries to ruin Faith and Pat's date at a formal ball. Mary discovers that Jack is now impotent. Delia prepares for a custody battle over Little John. Jack starts to become jealous over Mary's relationship with Alex.
Delia (Ilene Kristen)
Jill (Nancy Addison), Faith (Catherine Hicks), and Maeve (Helen Gallagher)
Mary discovers she is pregnant, which angers Jack. Delia pushes Jill over a tricycle, almost causing a miscarriage. Frank mistakenly believes Jill is pregnant with his baby. Custody of Little John is awarded to Maeve and Johnny. Jack and Mary move in with Maeve and Johnny so they can be close to the hospital.
Anne (Jody Catlin) and Delia (Ilene Kristen)
Alex (Ed Evanko) and Mary (Kate Mulgrew)
Jill tells Seneca she is carrying his child; both Frank and Seneca worry that she will have a miscarriage. After Delia runs away with Roger, Pat rescues her; Pat and Delia sleep together. Jack becomes even more insecure about his marriage. Pat tries to concentrate on his relationship with Faith.
Mary (Kate Mulgrew), Frank (Andrew Robinson), and Johnny (Bernard Barrow)
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