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October 1976
Episode #0322
Original Airdate: October 1, 1976
As Jack's condition stabilizes, Alex convinces Mary to go home and get some rest. He agrees to give her a few more moments alone with Jack, and exits the room. Jill arrives at Ryan's Bar and asks Johnny about Jack's condition. Johnny sits Jill down when she becomes faint. Delia picks a fight with Jill, who for once isn't up to it. As she gets up to leave, she faints. Faith is at the emergency room when Johnny brings Jill in. Faith convinces Jill that they need to get to the bottom of her symptoms, and begins to prepare a series of blood tests. Later, Alex explains Jack's current condition to Mary and Johnny. After Alex leaves, Mary tells Johnny that she has a terrible feeling that Alex knows something that he isn't telling her.

Episode #0323
Original Airdate: October 4, 1976
Mary and Delia share a moment of affection as Mary confides in Delia about her fears regarding Jack. Mary decides to go back to the hospital just as Sister Mary Joel arrives. Frank arrives at Jill's office to check on her condition. She reassures him, telling him that Faith has run a series of tests on her. Mary comforts Sister Mary Joel, and they agree to go to the hospital together. While Mary gets dressed, Sister Mary Joel tells Delia how much Jack means to her. Seneca arrives at Jill's office and finds her with Frank. Frank leaves them to talk, but when Seneca leaves later, he finds Frank waiting for him. Frank confronts Seneca and asks him to leave Jill alone, but Seneca tells him that he will honor that request when it comes from Jill, and Jill alone. Later, as Mary and Sister Mary Joel stand by Jack's bedside, Jack whispers Mary's name.

Episode #0324
Original Airdate: October 5, 1976
Delia makes a date for a picnic in the park with Pat, and then arranges for Pat to discover her with Roger. Mary confronts Alex and tells him that she knows he isn't telling her everything about Jack's condition. He explains to her that Jack's immediate future will not be pleasant, and that it would be better for him to remain unconscious while his body undergoes the tremendous pain that his injuries are causing. Mary continues to insist that she wants to know everything, admitting her fear that Jack is going to die. Delia is flirting with Roger and allowing him to fantasize about their future, when Pat arrives and sees them together. Alex tells Mary that he is going to do everything in his power to assure that Jack doesn't die, but that he can't make any promises. Hearing this, Mary breaks down for the first time since the accident. As Pat approaches them, Delia convinces Roger to leave. She then tells Pat how sorry she feels for Roger, and how lonely he is. When Pat asks Delia to stay away from Roger, she agrees, but questions whether or not Roger will stay away from her.

Episode #0325
Original Airdate: October 6, 1976
Frank visits Jill at her office, and she informs him that she does not think they have a strong custody case against Delia. Frank tells her that he has an idea that might solve all of his problems with Delia, and heads off to put his plan in motion. After he leaves, Jill begins to feel ill again, and phones Faith. Delia asks Roger to cover for her and confirm to Pat that his meeting with her in the park was by coincidence. When Pat confronts Roger, Roger tells him that he has honorable intentions with Delia, and plans to marry her. Frank offers Delia a cash settlement in return for a divorce and custody of Little John. Delia considers it for a moment until she realizes she has an audience. She then blows at Frank and tells him that she may be poor and powerless, but that she'll never give her baby up. A worried Faith informs Jill that the tests that she has run so far have come back normal, but that she would like to run an additional test. When Jill inquires about the additional test, Faith avoids answering, explaining that she doesn't want to worry Jill unnecessarily. Pat tries to warn Delia against Roger. After she hears him out, she lovingly tells him what his support has meant to her in the recent days.

Episode #0326
Original Airdate: October 7, 1976
As Mary sits by Jack's bedside, she hears him groan at the intense pain and pleads with him to lie quiet. When Pat and Bucky arrive, Mary asks Pat to find out Jack's full situation from Alex and let her know. Delia receives a present from Roger, and fantasizes what it would be like to be married to him. She resolves that it is Pat that she truly wants. Mary and Jack share a tender reunion as he regains consciousness. She leans down to kiss Jack sending him in a bout of pain as she has moved him by mistake. Pat is horror stricken as he shares with Bucky the problem that Alex anticipates for Jack. Faith and Pat take comfort in each other's friendship as they worry about Jill and Jack. When Delia sees them together, she fumes. Bob is shocked when Delia confides in him that she is determined to win Pat's love.

Episode #0327
Original Airdate: October 8, 1976
Seneca upsets Jill when he informs her that Frank has warned him against seeing her. She tells him that she would appreciate it if he would not try to get in the middle of their affair. Faith is visibly shaken when she gets Jill's test results. Alex tries to comfort Mary when she becomes emotional over Jack's intense pain. Jill confides in Seneca that things aren't going well for Frank with his plans for divorce. Seneca leaves when Faith arrives and tells Jill that she has her latest test results. Alex helps Mary deal with her anxiety, and she returns to Jack's side calm and relaxed. As she reassures Jack, she catches a worried look between Alex and Clem. Jill learns that she is pregnant.

Episode #0328
Original Airdate: October 11, 1976
Mary presses Alex to tell her Jack's full prognosis. Alex finally relents and explains to her that Jack may experience a level of sexual dysfunction. Jill's shock at finding out that she is pregnant is compounded by her realization that Seneca must be the father. As Mary questions Alex, he explains that the side result of Jack's extensive abdominal surgery could be impotency. Mary refuses to believe this news, and warns Alex that he is not to tell Jack these details. Jill tells Faith not to tell anyone about her pregnancy until she figures out what she is going to do. As she questions whether to tell Frank and Seneca this news, she tells Faith that she isn't sure she's going to have the baby. Jack wakes up and comforts a teary eyed Mary. When he drifts off to sleep, Mary weeps.

Episode #0329
Original Airdate: October 12, 1976
Delia receives pearls from Roger and drops them into her purse as Mary arrives. She convinces Mary to watch Little John and runs out to see Roger. Mary confides in Maeve about Jack's possible impotency. She tells her that loving is the one way that Jack can truly communicate and fears that with this she may have lost his trust completely. Delia returns the pearls to Roger but assures him that if he keeps them safe she will wear them on special occasions with him. As she makes an excuse for a quick exit, she promises that they will see each other soon. Jill's obstetrician confirms that she is pregnant, and that Seneca is the father. Delia tells Pat that she returned the pearls to Roger and that he was so desperate that he pinched her arm. She shares with Pat her concern but tells him that she and Roger understand each other and there's no denying it. As Pat leaves, Delia is delighted with his concern for her.

Episode #0330
Original Airdate: October 13, 1976
Jill calls Seneca and makes dinner plans, not knowing that Frank is standing in her office. As she hangs up, Frank questions her need to have dinner with the man trying to take her away from him. Faith and Maeve share a loving moment as they discuss her upcoming date to the dinner dance with Pat. Pat arrives and joins the conversation. Delia glares as she watches the flirtation between Pat and Faith, and later explodes to Bob that she hates the Coleridge sisters. Jill covers when Frank questions her dinner plans with Seneca, saying that there is a medical matter that needs Seneca's attention and that this is the best time for them to discuss it. They go on to discuss Frank's custody case, and he leaves to see Little John. Bob attempts to calm Delia, who promises to make Faith sorry for going after Pat again.

Episode #0331
Original Airdate: October 14, 1976
As Jill waits for Seneca to arrive at the restaurant, she remembers the moment Faith told her she was pregnant. Seneca arrives and tells her how much he has been looking forward to the evening. Mary and Jack share a loving moment as she brings him messages from Jumbo, Maeve and Johnny. Later, she is shocked when she realizes the degree of pain that he is in. Jill prepares to give Seneca news of her pregnancy. When he shares his feelings about a father's rights in the custody of a child, Jill becomes discouraged from telling him about the pregnancy just yet. Alex treats Jack and gives him medication to get him out of pain. When he tells Mary that Jack will have to tolerate high levels of pain in the upcoming weeks, Mary protests and tells him that Jack will never be able to handle that. He then challenges her with the grim question, "Would you rather see him paralyzed or dead?" Later, Jack apologizes to Mary for scaring her earlier. Mary pleads her love to him, which makes Jack fantasize about making love to her. Jill confides in Faith her reasons for not telling Seneca about the baby. She then asks Faith to make an appointment for her at the abortion clinic so that she can fully understand her alternatives.

Episode #0332
Original Airdate: October 15, 1976
Delia becomes jealous about the idea of Pat taking Faith to the dance and sets out to make him feel sorry for her. When she kissed him and tells him that she loves him Pat becomes concerned for her. Maeve and Johnny share in their excitement of Faith and Pat going to the dance and marvel and how lovely she looks. Jill tells Mary that Jack doesn't have insurance and asks her if she has given any thought to how they are going to pay his hospital debt. Mary hopes that her family's insurance will cover Jack and leaves to talk to Johnny. After calling to make sure her appointment is still on Jill leaves for the abortion clinic. Delia sets out to destroy Faith's confidence when she finds the Ryan's admiring her and her new dress. Mary steps in to defend Faith and starts a fight with Delia. Once assured that she has Pat's attention, Delia throws a tantrum and heads off to Roger's apartment against everyone's wishes Pat follows her. Once there she cries on Pat's shoulders and his rented tuxedo is ruined when it starts to rain. She tells him that she is sorry that his suit is ruined but takes pleasure in the fact that he will not be able to make it to the dance. Mary and Faith comfort one another after their episode with Delia. Faith tells her that she finally understands Jill's feelings about Delia. Jill sits down with Doctor Thompson to find out everything she wants to know about having an abortion.

Episode #0333
Original Airdate: October 18, 1976
Jill tells Doctor Thompson the details of her pregnancy. The doctor tells Jill that her pregnancy is advancing and that she will have to make a decision as soon as possible. Later, while sitting in the waiting room Jill meets a 16-year-old girl that had an abortion that afternoon. Delia defends her reason for running to Roger and blames it all on Mary's attack of her. Mary and Pat fight over his defense of Delia. Pat insists that they stick together to keep Delia away from Roger. Faith makes arrangements so that the soaked to the bone Pat can take her to the party. Mary is afraid for Pat and his attention toward Delia. Laurie tells Jill her story and that she is grateful for all of the help that she has received. Bucky lends Pat a jacket to replace the one that was soaked in the rain. Delia, sure that she has succeeded in ruining Pat's evening, offers Faith a half-hearted apology. Moments later she is taken aback when Pat comes out in a fresh jacket and leaves with Faith. A young mother decides against an abortion and implores upon Jill to think the situation through before making a decision that will affect her the rest of her life.

Episode #0334
Original Airdate: October 19, 1976
Pat and Faith have a moment of rediscovery as they dance in another's arms. When Mary finds Delia in an unhappy state she asks her if she's wrong or was Delia really trying to sabotage Faith and Pat's evening. She becomes upset when Delia blames her anger on her concern for Jack. When Mary blames her for trying to manipulate Jack, Delia tells her that she loves Pat and he loves her and that no one can take that away from her. Maeve interrupts the two and sends Delia to bed. When she leaves, Mary tells her mother that as long as Delia remains in the house they are going to have nothing but trouble. Maeve is concerned for Little John and wants Delia to remain in the house as long as possible. Later, Mary shares her money and insurance problems with Maeve who promises to talk with Johnny to see what, if anything, they can do to help them. Faith returns home from her date with Pat and recaps to Roger Delia's plans to ruin the evening. He promises to do everything that he can to remove the distraction of Delia from Pat Ryan's life. Pat comes home and finds Delia asleep in his bed. When he awakens her, Delia puts her arms around him, deliberately trying to arouse him and Pat is troubled. He puts her out of his room but has a difficult time putting her out of his heart.

Episode #0335
Original Airdate: October 20, 1976
Mary pays a late night visit to Jack and is stunned when he viciously asks her to leave. Maeve and Johnny discuss Mary and Jack's problems. Johnny offers his savings to them but Maeve is concerned that the money could make more trouble for the couple, given Jack's independent frame of mind. Maeve defends Jack against Johnny's comparison of Jack to Art, Johnny comes to a realization that Maeve is growing to love Jack more and more. Jill gives Faith an account of her experiences at the clinic and tells her that she is more tormented now than she was before and truly does not have a clue about what she is going to do. Agitated, Jack asks Mary to leave again and she does so, shaken and eyes filled with tears. Alex comforts Mary and tells her that the pain will begin to subside. Explaining her insurance problems, she questions him about the medical costs and finds out that they are talking about thousands of dollars. Jill arrives home to find Frank waiting at her apartment. At his concern that she was with Seneca she explains to him that she was with a friend of Faith's. When they discuss his case against Delia he tells her that he plans to fight for Little John until he wins so that no other man will have the chance to raise his baby. Jill starts to cry when she considers what this and pregnancy means to their future.

Episode #0336
Original Airdate: October 21, 1976
Mary pays a visit to Jack and realizes that his mood is no better than it was the night before. She questions him about the insurance policy and leaves the room in tears when he flares up and tells her that he does not care and just wants to be alone. Pat makes a lunch date with Faith, to Maeve and Johnny's delight. Delia confronts Maeve and Johnny with her plans to have lunch with Roger. When they express disapproval she tells them that since they are only tolerating her for the baby she has no other friend to see. Mary tells her mother of Jack's treatment of her and tells her that she does not know what to do. Maeve comforts her and gives her the assurance she needs to make it through the day. Delia persuades Roger to take her to Lem's for lunch knowing that this is where Pat is taking Faith. Maeve and Johnny consider the thought of Roger as a stepfather to Little John. Pat leaves word with the hospital and leaves to meet Faith for lunch. Maeve pays a visit to Jack and succeeds in helping him to forget about the pain. He asks her to apologize to Mary and to tell her that as soon as the pain is gone things will be better.

Episode #0337
Original Airdate: October 22, 1976
While having lunch with Roger, Delia puts on a show of intimacy when she sees Pat and Faith arrive. When Pat sees the pair he becomes enraged. Jill pays an unexpected visit to Seneca and probes his feelings about abortion and is surprised by the intensity of his reaction. When he expresses a strong desire to have a child, Jill leaves troubled which has Seneca looking after her puzzled. Delia and Roger discuss what life would be like if they were married. Pat defends Delia's actions to Faith. Pats anger at seeing Delia with Roger causes trouble between him and Faith. Seneca confesses to Bucky that he thinks that he has lost Jill. At the beach house Jill questions if having an abortion would be fair to Seneca when he wants a baby so much. Pat goes to the Ryan's apartment to see Delia and she comes out of her room wearing only a slip. When she wraps herself in his arms and tells him that she wants him and him only, he fights to keep his composure.

Episode #0338
Original Airdate: October 25, 1976
Pat struggles at keeping his feelings for Delia suppressed while she, on the other hand, is pleased with her progress. Mary talks with Johnny about Jack and her concern over their money problems. When he offers her his savings, she turns him down knowing that Jack would not want to accept their help. When Pat walks through the kitchen, the two worry that Delia has gotten to him. Pat uses Faith to divert himself from the feelings that he is having for Delia. When the two leave to enjoy a night out, Delia watches from the kitchen upset and pouting. Johnny is staggered when he learns from Seneca the amount of the bills that Mary and Jack will face. Faith questions Pat's new intensity with her and is answered with a kiss as Pat tells her he is just glad to be in her company. Delia makes plans to spend more time with Roger in an effort to drive Pat crazy.

Episode #0339
Original Airdate: October 26, 1976
Delia's lawyer tells her that Frank has filed for custody of Little John and that she should expect an unexpected visit from a social worker some time in the next few days. When they discuss how the family testimonies will play a part in the judge's decision for custody, the lawyer tells Delia to do everything possible to get a positive statement from Maeve. Jill warns Faith to consider her past relation with Pat before they jump into another one. When the two discuss Jill's pregnancy she tells Faith that divorce seems to be the only option. Later, Jill's decision about abortion is shaken when Mary counters her argument with the fact that the baby should also have a say in the matter. Delia tries to get Maeve to not say anything negative during the custody hearing and realizes that Maeve intends to testify against her and for Frank. Maeve gives Jill an emotionally honest statement about abortion and leaves Jill upset and crying.

Episode #0340
Original Airdate: October 27, 1976
Alex gives Jack a check up and offers him medicine when he sees how much pain he is in but Jack turns him down. Alex leaves when Mary comes in and when she is also unable to get through to Jack she leaves when he tells her that he wants to be alone. Jill tells Faith that she can't bring herself to have an abortion and that she will tell Frank the truth, but only after the custody hearing is over. Mary is touched when Bucky offers to pay Jack's hospital bills but turns him down. Later, she accepts a dinner invitation from Alex in hopes of forgetting all that is troubling her. Jill goes to see Frank and tells him that she doesn't want to lose him. In his arms she pleas for him to never let her go. At dinner, Mary learns more about Jack and Alex's friendship. Later, Jack is angered when he learns that Mary and Alex went to dinner together.

Episode #0341
Original Airdate: October 28, 1976
Jill snaps at Seneca, and asks him to leave her alone and give her some space for a while. Delia asks Pat to go trick or treating, but he tells her that he already has plans with Faith for the evening. After Pat leaves, the caseworker arrives just as a very messy Little John enters from the bedroom. Jack is very irritable when Mary visits him at the hospital. As she explains that she had dinner with Alex last night, Jack gets very quiet. Later, Clem tells Mary that Jack should be able to leave the hospital soon. Seneca inquires with Faith about what's going on with Jill. When Seneca alludes to Frank making Jill sad, Faith assures Seneca that Frank has been good for Jill. Afterward, Faith tells Jill about her conversation with Seneca, and advises her to tell him what's going on soon. Delia tries to make Frank look bad during her conversation with Mrs. Simon, the caseworker.

Episode #0342
Original Airdate: October 29, 1976
Delia questions Johnny about their conversation with the caseworker but he does not give her the answers she is looking for. She later cons Bob into babysitting Little John, convincing him that she is just going out for a walk when she is actually planning to meet Roger for dinner at Lem's. The Ryan's discuss the visit from the caseworker and come to the conclusion that if Delia wants Little John she is going to have to grow up. Mary talks to her parents about her problems with Jack's hospital bills, and is shocked when Johnny suggests that Jack should stay in Mary's old room at their apartment. He promises to be on his best behavior so that the two men can get along. Delia meets with Roger at Lem's and intentionally gets him drunk, hoping to get him to take her back to the Ryan's apartment. Mary shares a nice moment with Alex over drinks, and he assures her that Jack should be able to leave the hospital in a week or so. Delia convinces Roger that she is so drunk that she needs help getting back to the Ryan's apartment. Bob tries to defend Delia's parenting to Maeve. As they conclude their conversation, Delia and a drunken Roger arrive - much to the dismay of the Ryan's.

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