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January 1976
Episode #0128
Original Airdate: January 1, 1976
Mary arranges an interview for Frank before she leaves for a meeting with Jack and Sister Mary Joel. Jack tells Sister Joel that he fears that he may hurt Mary in the long run. Mary arrives and gives Sister Joel a New Year's present. Frank shares his feelings about Delia to Fr. McShane. He does not want to share the same bed with her and wonders if time and forgiveness will solve that? Mary and Sister Joel have a moment of mutual affection and understanding. She later tells Jack that Mary is an upbeat girl and to make sure he is giving something back in their relationship. Mary reorganizes things for Sam's interview with Frank and wins instant approval from everyone - including Sam.

Episode #0129
Original Airdate: January 2, 1976
Mary continues to organize Sam as the interview begins. Faith arranges a very private weekend and Pat confronts her about being over-involved with him. The Ryan's take to Sam - Jack does not. Unaware that Jack has proprietary interest in Mary, Sam flirts outrageously with her. Faith has an unhappy disagreement with Bucky that makes her cry. Kenneth sees Faith crying and makes plans to help her.

Episode #0130
Original Airdate: January 5, 1976
Bob and Frank pay a visit to Nick to deliver summons and some advice. Mary and Jack discuss Nick's underhanded tactics. Jack decides to pay Nick a visit. Bob and Frank rejoice in the outcome in their meeting with Frank. Delia makes a special lunch for Frank but he gets out of it by claiming a heavy workload. As a precaution, Jack moves to protect Frank. Delia arrives with a surprise lunch and makes Frank miserable.

Episode #0131
Original Airdate: January 6, 1976
Sam has a desperate problem and Mary proves to be very helpful. Nell turns to Maeve when she begins to experience depression. TV studio is in organized chaos, which forces Mary to realize he needs help. Maeve expresses to Nell her belief in life after death. Frank arrives and reinforces this with a personal account of his own dying. Sam flirts with Mary and offers her a job. Mary tells him that if she considers the job it will be strictly business.

Episode #0132
Original Airdate: January 7, 1976
Mary raises subject with Frank of her working for Sam. Sam raises the same subject with Johnny and Maeve. Jill makes one final attempt of cutting her ties with Frank. Maeve and Johnny accept situation. Mary accepts the job and is encouraged by Johnny to devote herself completely to the job. Delia asks Frank if he would like to take a nap with her. An emotional confrontation occurs when he refuses.

Episode #0133
Original Airdate: January 8, 1976
A distraught Delia pulls Pat away from Faith. An emotional confrontation between Roger and Jill leaves Jill crying when Seneca arrives. Pat comforts Delia with affection and sings her song to her. Faith interrupts this display of affection, which does not go over well with Delia. Seneca is kind and generous to Jill and she begins to see him in a new light. Faith and Pat have their first real fight.

Episode #0134
Original Airdate: January 9, 1976
Kenneth tries clumsily to comfort Faith, who interprets his presence as annoying interference. Maeve helps Mary assess her current situation in terms of Jack and her new job. Faith and Jill are drawn together by discovery that they share reactions to Delia. Mary is surprised when she finds out that Jack is opposed to her new job and the reasons why. Faith makes up with Pat. Kenneth plans a place for her where she can get away from Pat and be safe.

Episode #0135
Original Airdate: January 12, 1976
Delia attempts to seduce Frank who makes it clear that he does not want to be seduced. Nell is struggling with depression and Seneca is frustrated when he is unable to help. Frank and Delia have a fight in the middle of the night and wake Maeve and Johnny. Seneca has a nightmare and shares with Nell his fear on impending loss and pain. Nell has an emotional release and is able to cry for the first time. Maeve and Johnny are terribly worried about Frank. Maeve tries to comfort a hurting Delia, but to no avail.

Episode #0136
Original Airdate: January 13, 1976
Faith and Pat spend the night together and he starts to feel smothered. Mary reports to work and realizes how much Sam needs her and how awesome her ambition is. Pat is distinctly annoyed by Faith's public possessiveness. Bucky is angry with Pat for letting Faith get so involved. Sam and Mary have their first professional disagreement and Sam wins. Mary tells him that she would like for them to do their first in-depth story on Nick Szabo. Bucky warns Faith that Pat is not the man for her and tells her that she should leave now while she can. Kenneth puts the finishing touches on his basement room.

Episode #0137
Original Airdate: January 15, 1976
Frank is sworn into office. Maeve convinces Frank to make another try with Delia. Sam and Jack have different plans for Mary's evening. Delia is comforted by Frank's regained interest in her and shocks him when she mentions that they should have another baby. Jack tells Mary that Sam's interest in her is more than professional. Johnny asks Mary how long her relationship with Jack is going to go on. Delia is hurt when Frank tells her that they should not even consider a baby at this point in their marriage. An argument between the two sends him knocking on Jill's door.

Episode #0138
Original Airdate: January 16, 1976
Jill is surprised to see Frank and hesitates before letting him in. Faith expresses to Ed the need for tranquility and peace and says that she wants to take Pat to the beach house. In her excitement she has a warm conversation with Kenneth and shares with him about the teacup that Maeve gave to her. This leads him to make a decision. Jill refuses to resume her relationship with Frank - although she wants one more than anything. Frank returns home and sadly vows to Delia to try and mend their differences. Kenneth breaks into the Coleridge home and finds the teacup. Faith convinces Clem to give her and Pat the same time off. Faith arrives home and realizes that someone is there when she is attacked from behind.

Episode #0139
Original Airdate: January 17, 1976
Kenneth forces Faith to the floor in an effort to escape from the house without being recognized. When Faith hears the front door close, she screams. An emergency case is admitted to neurology. Pat cares for elderly lady while Clem scrubs for surgery. Roger comforts Faith and calls police. Nick is concerned about his long - term relationship with Johnny. Johnny tells him that their friendship is over. Pat promises Mrs. Monroe that he will be there for her when she comes out of surgery. Faith arrives at the hospital and tells Pat what has happened. When she invites him to the beach house he is annoyed that she took matters into her own hands and had his schedule changed.

Episode #0140
Original Airdate: January 18, 1976
Pat continues to cool things off with Faith. Later, he goes through extraordinary means for Mrs. Monroe, which concerns Nell. Sam is clearly disappointed when Mary sets him straight about Jack. Faith refuses Jill's advice when she tells her to let Pat make the next move. Pat is shaken when Mrs. Monroe dies in his arms. Nell and Mary try to comfort Pat who feels he should have done more to help his patient live. Faith tries to reestablish her relationship with Pat and is upset when he breaks things off with her.

Episode #0141
Original Airdate: January 19, 1976
Faith gets word from the police that there is little they can do to help her and decides to go to the family beach house to ease her worries. Sam gets a little piqued when Mary thinks that she can solve all of his news problems. He sends her out on assignment assured that she will fail. Faith makes a desperate effort to mend fences with Pat and fails. Kenneth learns about the bird Faith had as a child. Mary is forced to admit to Sam that the news business is harder than she thought. Faith is miserable when she realizes that what has happened between her and Pat is over. Kenneth buys a canary.

Episode #0142
Original Airdate: January 20, 1976
Faith plans to go out to the beach house alone. Kenneth is ready to show Faith his surprise for her. Roger renews his effort to persuade Seneca to change his mind and is furious at his refusal. Faith's plans to leave for the beach house are delayed for a few minutes. Kenneth tells Faith that he has something to show her and persuades her to go to his special room. Nell's acceptance of death has given her a joyous sense of her own life. Kenneth lies to Faith in order to get her to go into his room.

Episode #0143
Original Airdate: January 21, 1976
Kenneth shows Faith the room that he has dedicated to her and she realizes that he is her secret admirer. Nell has a slight headache and refuses to spoil the romantic atmosphere between her and Seneca by relaying the news to him. A terrified Faith tries to convince Kenneth to let her escape and fails. Nell's second aneurysm explodes. Faith manages to escape and hurts herself. Kenneth carries her back into his basement room where he promises to take care of her.

Episode #0144
Original Airdate: January 24, 1976
Kenneth leans over a badly injured Faith as she pleads for medical care. Nell remains unconscious as a frightened Seneca states his love for her. Kenneth announces to Faith his intention to care for her himself, including setting the bone in her broken leg. Nell's illness is diagnosed as the expected aneurysm. Seneca decides to do the one-in-a-million operation himself. Kenneth sets Faith's leg and leaves her alone when he goes off to get more items that will make her more comfortable.

Episode #0145
Original Airdate: January 25, 1976
Jack finds the camaraderie between Mary and Sam disturbing. Preparations are made for Seneca to perform surgery on Nell. Sam convinces Mary to work late in order to interview a confidential "source", which does not go over well with Jack. Mary finds out that Sam tricked her into working late and comes to Jack's defense when Sam calls Jack arrogant. Surgery is under way on Nell. Seneca is taken aback when he realizes what the results will be.

Episode #0146
Original Airdate: January 26, 1976
Faith tries to walk and passes out from the intensity of the pain. Kenneth arrives and is determined to comfort her. Delia is jealous when Frank gives all of his attention to Little John. Pat gives Maeve the news about Nell. Kenneth does all he can to care for Faith. Delia seeks comfort from Pat and he sends her back to Frank. Frank pretends to be asleep. The mechanic calls for Faith to come and pick up her car. Kenneth tells Faith that he will always be there for her.

Episode #0147
Original Airdate: January 27, 1976
Seneca and Ed have emotional discussion about Nell. Nell stops breathing. Mary is pleased when Jack starts having feelings of jealousy. Seneca refuses to let Nell die and puts her on a respirator. Sam shares with Maeve his delight in her food as well as her company. Sam enjoys breakfast at the Ryan's and their company. Jack gives Sam a warning to not interfere in his and Mary's relationship. Ed and Jill share concern for Nell. Neither of them are concerned about Faith putting her disappearance off as nursing a broken heart.

Episode #0148
Original Airdate: January 28, 1976
Faith makes Kenneth angry when she tells him that it is Pat that she wants and loves. Nell goes into violent convulsions. Kenneth scolds Faith for continuing to love Pat when he has treated her so badly. Faith gets an idea. Seneca and Bucky get the results of Nell's EEG. Faith manages to attach an S.O.S. note to Kenneth's back. A neurology patient reads the note.

Episode #0149
Original Airdate: January 31, 1976
Mrs. Rodriguez, who cannot speak English, shows Kenneth the note that was attached to his back. He tells her that someone is trying to play a trick on him and heads to the basement. EEG indicates that Nell has no brain wave pattern. Seneca takes it personal and feels that if he had not done the operation this would never have happened. Ed learns of Nell's condition. Bucky calls his mother. Seneca renders a loving apology to a lifeless Nell. Kenneth is very angry at Faith and tells her that she is just like his mother. Jill expresses her concern over Faith's disappearance with Ed and they begin to search for her. Jill and Ed decide to question Faith's friends as to her whereabouts. Kenneth makes Faith promise that she will not try and escape. Once he leaves, Faith decides on a new plan.

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