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February 1976
Episode #0150
Original Airdate: February 1, 1976
Delia invites Frank to lunch as a political ploy and is upset when he refuses. Roger becomes annoyed when Seneca shows indifference to him. Maeve sympathizes with Seneca and tells him what Maeve said about the quality of life. Frank shares with Mary the despair he feels for his marriage. She reassures him about her relationship with Jack and tells him that her relationship with Sam is strictly business. Sam convinces Mary to go into the sewers to do a story on environmental protection. Dee encounters Roger and invites him to lunch.

Episode #0151
Original Airdate: February 2, 1976
Pat becomes worried when Jill tells him that Faith is missing. Kenneth overhears Jill telling Pat that Faith is missing. Faith starts a new plan to escape. Delia and Roger share cooking lessons and lunch at Lem's. Kenneth pretends to be worried about Faith and tries to convince Jill and Pat to go to the police. Faith uses a chair as a crutch and walks toward the door. Delia is humiliated, again, when Frank refuses her advances. Jill and Pat attempt to put in a missing person's report through Bob. Kenneth foils Faith's escape attempt.

Episode #0152
Original Airdate: February 3, 1976
Mary and Sam prepare for their trip into the sewers a possible big, attention getting story. Diana realizes the horror of Nell's condition and asks Seneca to either do something for her or let her die. Sam and Mary are joyously telling the Ryan's' of their sewer adventures when Jack pulls her away. Seneca decides to consult a specialist before pulling Nell off of the respirator. Mary reassures Jack when he begins to feel unsure of their relationship.

Episode #0153
Original Airdate: February 4, 1976
Jill and Pat report Faith's disappearance to the police. Faith tries to escape. Seneca hopes the Consulting doctor finds something he has missed. Kenneth disarms Pat and Bucky when they question him about Faith's disappearance. Frank has a chance meeting with Jill and behaves well - although it costs him painfully. Pat and Bucky reconcile their differences in their concern for Faith. Kenneth catches Faith before she has a chance to escape.

Episode #0154
Original Airdate: February 7, 1976
Kenneth realizes that Faith's injuries are more serious than before. Ed and Bob realize that Faith is definitely missing. Nick tries to mend his broken relationship with Frank, but to no avail. Faith pleads with Kenneth to tell her father, and he is at the point of agreeing. Nick makes Delia an offer, which she is able to refuse - this time. Bob inadvertently frightens Kenneth and he doesn't tell Faith about it.

Episode #0155
Original Airdate: February 8, 1976
Kenneth makes Faith write a note to her father that she is safe and well and that he should not try and find her. Mary is getting sick. Kenneth is dismayed with the reactions to Faith's note and realizes that his difficulties are increasing. Pat examines Mary and tells the family that they have to get her to the hospital as soon as possible. Faith realizes that if something is not done soon she is going to die.

Episode #0156
Original Airdate: February 9, 1976
Delia misplaces a week's worth of house money and Frank has a hard time suppressing his anger. Dr. Hagen confirms Seneca's diagnosis that there is no hope for Nell. Frank runs into Jill in the hospital and endures a moment of unspoken feelings. Delia interrupts the two and has a triumphant moment before she meets with Roger. Seneca explores the thought of taking Nell off of life support and allowing her to die. Pretending to be uninterested, Delia manipulates Roger into inviting her to dinner.

Episode #0157
Original Airdate: February 10, 1976
Emergency Room doctor suspects that Mary has meningitis. Clem tells Seneca that although his is sympathetic to Seneca and anguished for Nell he cannot take her off of life support. Maeve takes care of a delirious Mary and Sam arrives. Delia and Roger find they have a great deal in common, including trouble because of Frank. Mary's condition worsens.

Episode #0158
Original Airdate: February 11, 1976
Faith is very ill and Kenneth chooses to believe she is pretending. Jack arrives at the hospital to visit Mary and is upset that no one called him. Kenneth questions Seneca and gets the answers he needs regarding Faith's illness. Nick asks Maeve for advice to deal with his daughter. Seneca arrives with the results of Mary's tests. Ed provides the police with a handwriting sample of Faith's and they confirm that she is weak or emotionally disturbed. Kenneth is told that the gas has been turned back on. Gas leaks into Faith's special room.

Episode #0159
Original Airdate: February 16, 1976
Gas continues to leak into the basement room. Bucky has an accident relating to the gas being turned off and tells Pat of the incident. The canary dies. Incoherent with fever, Mary thinks she is married to Jack. Seneca diagnoses Mary's illness and tells the family that she is going to be all right. Bob tells Pat and Bucky that the person that is after Faith is someone in the hospital. Faith is unconscious. Maeve and Jack explore the future of Mary and Jack's relationship. Kenneth realizes that Faith is in danger.

Episode #0160
Original Airdate: February 17, 1976
Kenneth arrives to rescue Faith from the gas. Pat tells Bob that Kenneth was acting strangely. Seneca mother arrives and learns of Nell's condition. Pat and Bob talk to Kenneth's landlady and learn that he has not been around much lately. Kenneth attempts to comfort Faith. Marguerite tells Seneca that he has placed Nell in the exact position that she did not want to be in. Seneca is very moved by his mother's understanding of Nell. Bob and Pat set out to find Kenneth. Kenneth becomes desperate when he finds Faith in worse condition.

Episode #0161
Original Airdate: February 18, 1976
Seneca helps Nell through convulsions. Ed tries to help Seneca deal with what is happening to Nell. Kenneth promises to bring Faith oxygen but loses courage when Bob questions him. A delirious Faith pleads with Kenneth to bring his father or Pat to her - but Kenneth is not there. Conflict erupts between Roger and Seneca over what is to be done about Nell. Seneca arrives at a decision - he refuses to allow Nell to continue along in this condition. Bob throws Kenneth into absolute panic but he manages to slip away.

Episode #0162
Original Airdate: February 19, 1976
Frank and Delia have a fight over her use of the business checking account. Nick arrives and hears the argument and tries to use it for his advantage. Bucky brings Mary some company when he admits a new patient who refuses to answer his questions. Nick is tough with Frank during their meeting and softens when his daughter calls to tell him that she is sick. Mary ties Miss Mills in with Mrs. Monroe and frightens her when she calls for Bucky. An angry and unhappy Delia runs into Roger and fixes on him as a source of help.

Episode #0163
Original Airdate: February 20, 1976
Delia is going out and is furious when she sees how little Frank cares. Bob and Pat are looking for Kenneth. Pat learns where Kenneth is and follows him. Nick arrives and finds a very sick daughter who is also hiding something else from him. Delia is determined to have a good time, and Roger finds himself sharing in the fun with her. Pat follows Kenneth into the basement and arrives at the door where Faith is staying.

Episode #0164
Original Airdate: February 23, 1976
Pat discovers a terrified Kenneth making an emotional farewell to Faith. Delia shares some truths about herself and is having fun, which Roger finds intoxicating. After a hysterical confrontation, Kenneth escapes when Pat's attention is on Faith. Delia has an emotional letdown when she arrives home and realizes that no one missed her. Horror of what has happened to Faith sinks in on Pat. Pat leaves Faith to get help.

Episode #0165
Original Airdate: February 24, 1976
Ed is horrified when he finds Faith and realizes that she is very close to death. Jack confesses to Mary that with her being sick made him realize that he cares for her more intensely than he knew. Seneca gets angered when Jill explains the legal ramifications of taking Nell off of life support. Mary is appalled when she learns more about the nursing home from Miss Mills. Faith is upset when she is faced with questions regarding whether she and Kenneth had sex. She becomes upset further when she learns that he is roaming the streets and is not in police custody.

Episode #0166
Original Airdate: February 25, 1976
Nick causes an uproar when he takes Reenie to the hospital. Delia's unhappiness with Frank is causing her to make a decision. Seneca and his mother explore the idea of life after death. Seneca tells her that he wants to release Nell from her current condition. Bucky takes Reenie's history and learns about the situation leading to her arrival at Riverside. Nick learns that Reenie's situation is serious and is worried. Maeve tries to reason with Delia, and fails.

Episode #0167
Original Airdate: February 26, 1976
Delia and Frank aren't speaking. She arranges for a cooking lesson and Roger is more than agreeable. Sam apologizes to Mary for taking her on the expedition that made her sick. A conflict occurs between Sam and Jack and Mary puts them both out of her hospital room. Mary explains her suspicions about Miss Mills to Frank. When Frank questions Miss Mills she refuses, there isn't anything that he can do without a statement. Delia and Roger enjoy one another's company and regret when he has to leave to make his rounds. Bucky and Marguerite try to convince Seneca to consider the consequences of taking Nell off of life support. Seneca leaves for the hospital before he tells them of their decision.

Episode #0168
Original Airdate: February 26, 1976
Faith dreams of Kenneth and when she wakes she is comforted by Pat. Seneca remembers a love scene between he and Nell and kisses her before approaching the respirator. Roger receives a diagnosis of Reenie's illness. He promises that he will first get her well before he tries to reshape her life. Faith tells her father that she is afraid of Pat. Faith is upset by Bob's questions but is distraught when Kenneth calls. Bob orders a guard for her room. Seneca disconnects Nell's respirator and holds her as she dies. When Roger enters the room Seneca orders him out.

Episode #0169
Original Airdate: February 29, 1976
Seneca shares moments with Nell as he watches her die. Roger tells Bucky what Seneca has done and Bucky takes off for Nell's room. Johnny has a moment with Ed when he goes to visit Faith and finds a guard posted outside of her room. Faith has a Kenneth nightmare and is terrified by Johnny's arrival. Bucky refuses to let Seneca tell him what has happened and sends him to see Jill. Faith has a moment of great need for closeness with her father. Kenneth orders flowers for Faith. Seneca tells Jill what has happened and asks for her advice and that she represents him. Roger tells Clem that Seneca has murdered his patient.

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