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November 1976
Episode #0343
Original Airdate: November 1, 1976
Bob questions Maeve and Johnny on their conversation with the social worker and has to come to Delia's defense when they tell him that Delia should not get custody of Little John. When Delia and Roger arrived he and Johnny get into a confrontation, ending with Bob escorting Roger out. As Delia sobs to Johnny how unfairly he treats her, Pat arrives. Jill finds Seneca in his office and apologizes for the way she treated him in their last meeting. Seneca continues to ask her to explain to him what's going on, but she refuses and tells him that she will give him the information when she is good and ready. When Delia gets upset with Johnny for treating her like a child Maeve intervenes and tells her that Johnny is the head of the family and if she wants to stay with them then she has to respect that. When she threatens to leave, Johnny tells her that if she takes his grandson out of their apartment he will have her in family court and make sure she loses Little John. Johnny and Pat get into a heated conflict over Johnny's treatment of Delia and Maeve tells them that if they cannot talk sensibly then they should not talk at all. Jill tells Faith that her only hope of maintaining a relationship with Frank is to present him with the truth in her own way at her own time. She goes on to say that the last thing Frank needs during the custody hearing is for anyone to find out that she's pregnant. Bobby tells Delia that while she was out with her drunken admirer, he was defending her and all she did was prove him wrong. He tells her that she is damaging her custody case and becomes upset when he figures out that she is using Roger to make Pat jealous.

Episode #0344
Original Airdate: November 2, 1976
Maeve catches Mary making a phone call, but Mary avoids telling her what it was about. Mary is very nervous as she heads off to convince Jack to move into the Ryan apartment. Roger asks for Faith's opinion about Delia's relationship with Pat. Faith tells Roger that Delia plays on Pat's instincts to nurture because of her need for attention. Faith also tells him that Pat may very well be the person she (Faith) wants to spend her life with, and that she's going to let their relationship develop carefully. A suspicious Jack eavesdrops on Mary and Alex. After he pretends to wake up, he is very short with Alex. Maeve tells Faith about her concern for Pat's relationship with Delia. She candidly tells Faith that she thinks Pat is on the verge of settling down, and that she hopes it's with Faith. Jack is appalled at Mary's suggestion that he move into the Ryan's.

Episode #0345
Original Airdate: November 3, 1976
Jill decides that she will definitely not have an abortion, but tells Faith that she is going to wait for the outcome of the custody hearing before telling anyone that she's pregnant. Pat accepts Faith's invitation to lunch at the Coleridge house. Meanwhile, Delia arrives at Roger's apartment, and Roger is overjoyed that she's joining him for lunch. She tells him that she is going to make him forget all of the time that they have been apart. Later, Delia panics when they hear footsteps overhead and Roger tells her that it's Faith and Pat. He becomes frustrated when Delia makes a quick exit without spending the time with him that she promised. As Frank and Jill discuss the custody hearing, Frank senses that Jill is worried, but he is distracted by his assistant's news that he is double-parked. After he leaves to take care of his car, Jill finds herself alone with Little John. As she plays quietly with him, Delia arrives. Delia is furious at finding Jill with her baby, and viscously tells her that if she wants a baby, she should adopt one just like the Coleridge's adopted her. As Jill tries to make her escape Delia grabs her arm and makes her stay to hear her out.

Episode #0346
Original Airdate: November 4, 1976
Bucky runs into Mary outside of Jack's hospital room, and they have a brief conversation about Mary's troubles. She tells Bucky that the best solution to their troubles would be for Jack to go back with her to her family's apartment, but that Jack is too independent to agree to that. After she enters Jack's room, Bucky walks away thoughtfully. Mary tries to talk to Jack again about the Ryan apartment, but he insists that he would rather move to a ward where he could make a quick recovery. Jill tells Seneca that she thinks that he is consciously not being controlling with her because he's trying to make up for what he did to Nell. When Seneca doesn't take offense, but instead admits that she might be right, Jill is touched by his honesty and openness. Mary confesses some of her problems to Maeve, who suggests that Johnny might be able to help. Bucky makes arrangements with his lawyer to pay Jack's hospital bills anonymously. Mary meets with Dr. Wolfe, who confirms that her suspicions are correct.

Episode #0347
Original Airdate: November 5, 1976
Delia tells Pat that she needs him and tries to hurry him home from the hospital. She becomes furious when he tells her that he is not her personal guidance counselor and refuses to be at her beck and call. Johnny tells Jack that his being at the Ryan's apartment is important to Mary and convinces Jack to agree to recuperate at the Ryan apartment. Johnny tells Mary the good news as he passes her on her way in to see Jack. Before she goes in she prays for the right words to say what it is that she has to say. Jill is about to confide in Maeve about her pregnancy, but is interrupted by Johnny's arrival. Jill moves into the living room and rests on the couch, just as Delia comes in and confronts her. Mary talks with Jack, who informs her that he is already full of regrets for agreeing to recuperate at the Ryan apartment. Unable to deliver her news, Mary leaves Jack close to tears. Moments later, she arrives at Maeve and Johnny's, and announces that she's pregnant. As the confrontation between Delia and Jill builds, Delia shoves Jill who falls unconscious over Little John's bike. As Maeve, Johnny and Pat are reacting to Mary's news, Delia comes running into the kitchen and says that she has killed Jill Coleridge.

Episode #0348
Original Airdate: November 8, 1976
Pat and his parents find Jill unconscious and call the hospital. Pat searches for and finds a pulse as Mary tells a weeping Delia that she has done it this time. As Pat supervises the medics, Delia tries to explain to Johnny what happened. Mary arrives and says that Frank is on the way and confronts Delia when she finds out that Delia did it on purpose. Maeve questions her, and Delia explains the argument that they were having that led to Delia pushing Jill. Frank arrives and asks what is going on. Jack confides to Alex that he is not looking forward to recuperating at the Ryan's, especially in the company of a two year old. He tells Alex that what he is looking forward to is getting back to his own apartment and getting his marriage going, with about ten days in bed with Mary. Frank goes straight to the emergency room and gets the full details on Jill's condition. Later, Delia tells Frank, in front of his family, that she didn't mean to push Jill. He furiously tells her that of course she didn't mean to, just like when she didn't mean to push him down the stairs. There is stunned silence from the family as Delia tries to explain. When she finally turns to Pat he tells her that she better call her lawyer.

Episode #0349
Original Airdate: November 9, 1976
Delia calls her attorney and asks to see her right away. When she joins Maeve, Johnny and Mary and asks about Jill's condition, Maeve tells her that Pat will let them know soon. Mary tells Delia that she will never forgive her for what she did to Frank and for what she put the family through. As Delia protests, Johnny and Maeve put her in her place. Maeve tells her that the family has rallied around Delia and loved and supported her over the years, and in return she has been taking and taking and undermined the family. Later, Mary and Johnny share a nice moment as she confides in him that she is worried about Jack's reaction to finding out that she is pregnant. Johnny reassures her, and says that when Jack learns the full story about his condition, the fact that Mary is pregnant will make all the difference to him. Pat questions Faith about Jill's enlarged abdomen and asks if she might be pregnant. Faith confirms that she is, and pleads that Pat let Jill tell Frank herself. As she is telling Pat that Jill is three months pregnant, she turns to see Frank at the door. Mary finally tells Jack that she is pregnant, and his reaction is just as she feared. When she tells him that she does not know how it has happened he tells her that she planned it. Anne advises Delia that barring a miracle, she can just about kiss any hope of gaining custody of Little John goodbye. Faith explains to Frank that Jill wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret because she didn't want to jeopardize his custody case. Frank immediately assumes that the child is his, and is ecstatic. Frank promises Faith that he will take good care of her sister before he leaves to go and inform the family of her progress. Faith leans over Jill and asks her how to tell Frank that he is not the father.

Episode #0350
Original Airdate: November 10, 1976
Mary denies that she got pregnant on purpose and tells Jack that for him to think so hurts her more than she can say. When Mary asks if he means that he doesn't want the baby, he says that's right - he doesn't. Roger arrives at the hospital and is shaken when Faith tells him that Delia pushed Jill. He is stunned further when Faith reveals that Delia also pushed Frank down the stairs resulting in him nearly dying. Maeve and Johnny comfort Mary as she tells them what happened with Jack. When Frank arrives Mary tells him that she is pregnant and he is excited for her and tells her that he wishes his news were as good. Roger reviews Jill's medical chart without permission and realizes that she is pregnant. Faith pleads with Roger to stand by Jill and not tell anyone about her condition. He tells her that he would like to do that but the problem is that he would also like Delia. Meanwhile, Frank tells his family that Mary's timing is remarkable - Jill is pregnant, too. Maeve and Johnny are clearly distressed, but Frank assures them that he intends to get his divorce and marry Jill. He asks the family to keep Jill's pregnancy a secret until the custody hearing is over. Maeve tells the family that although she is not overjoyed, she does not feel bad at the thought of having Jill Coleridge as the mother to her grandchildren. At the hospital, Faith is at Jill's bedside, questioning whether or not she should tell Frank that the baby Jill is carrying is Seneca's?

Episode #0351
Original Airdate: November 11, 1976
Pat runs into Frank waiting outside Jill's room. He assures Frank that he believes Jill will be okay. The Ryan brothers share a nice moment as Pat tells Frank that he should have listened when Frank tried to warn him about Delia. Maeve confides in Johnny that she is very worried about Frank and Jill having a child out of wedlock. Later, Seneca confronts Frank and questions how he is going to handle taking care of a pregnant Jill while still married to Delia. Johnny waits up for Pat and inquires about Jill and the baby. Pat can't help but smile when Johnny says that the baby is going to be a Ryan. Pat apologizes to Johnny for all the times that he confronted him while defending Delia. Delia overhears their conversation, and pretends to cry when she knows Pat will be walking by her room. When Pat informs Delia that he will not defend her as a proper mother for Little John, she breaks down. After he leaves, Delia falls onto the bed crying, truly scared that Frank is going to take Little John away.

Episode #0352
Original Airdate: November 12, 1976
On the morning of the custody hearing, Delia finds Maeve and Mary as they are preparing to leave the apartment. Delia makes an emotional appeal to them, but to no avail. Jack asks Mary if she can "undo" her situation, referring to her pregnancy. Mary tells him no, and Jack says that he feels that he's been fooled. Mary runs into Alex as she leaves for the custody hearing, and tells him that she's pregnant, and that Jack is so furious with her that he has vetoed the plan to recuperate at her family's apartment. A frantic Delia informs Bob that Jill has won; that she's taken everything that meant something to Delia. She pleads with Bob to help her stop Jill from taking Little John. Meanwhile, Faith is with Jill when she opens her eyes for the first time since her fall. Faith tells a very groggy Jill that Frank knows that she's pregnant, and that he assumes that it's his baby. Alex talks to Jack and tries to convince him to stick to his agreement of recuperating at the Ryan apartment. After a heated argument, Jack finally agrees, but only so that he can get well quickly and take control of his life again. Bob and Delia make a final plea to Maeve for her to defend Delia to the judge, but Maeve tells them that she has to do the right thing for Little John, and that's to support Frank in gaining custody.

Episode #0353
Original Airdate: November 15, 1976
The custody hearing begins, and Frank explains that his lawyer is not present because she's been hospitalized due to injuries caused by his wife. In his opening remarks, Frank explains that he has seen a pattern of emotional instability in Delia during their marriage that causes him to believe that Little John is not safe in her custody. Frank openly admits to his affair with Jill, and goes on to say that when Little John was born, he ended it. Faith explains to Jill that not only Frank knows about her pregnancy, but his parents know as well. As they are talking, Seneca enters and asks Jill what she has to say for herself. During Frank's testimony, he discusses Delia's affair and her fake suicide attempt, during which she left Little John alone in the hotel room. After his testimony, Delia's attorney proceeds with a cross-examination. Frank announces during cross that he plans to marry Jill and that in his view, Jill will be a better person than Delia to raise his son. Jill confirms with Seneca that he knows about her pregnancy, and he asks Faith to give them a moment alone. Seneca apologizes to Jill for pursuing her so adamantly, and says that now that it is clear that she is going to be with Frank and have Frank's baby, he will fall out of love with her and leave her alone. Jill is clearly upset by this news, and begs Seneca to promise that he won't go away. As Johnny ends his testimony supporting Frank, Delia confronts Frank and asks how he could be so mean to her.

Episode #0354
Original Airdate: November 16, 1976
Pat is cool with Delia when she returns from the hearing. Delia begs Pat to testify on her behalf, but Pat tells her that Little John would be better off with Frank. When Pat receives a call from Faith, Delia picks up a phone in the bedroom and eavesdrops. Delia hears Faith and Pat discuss Jill's "condition," and immediately heads to the hospital to see Jill. When Bucky looks for Jill's chart, the nurse informs him that Seneca is keeping it in his office. Bucky asks Seneca why he is keeping Jill's chart confidential, and Seneca shares with him that Jill is pregnant. As Seneca explains to Bucky how important it is that Delia does not find out, they see Delia approach the nurse's desk. Bucky advises Delia against visiting Jill, but when he turns the corner, Delia quickly enters Jill's room. As she probes Jill about what her "condition" is, Frank arrives and makes her leave. Pat and Faith are enjoying dinner at Lem's when Pat tells Faith that Mary's pregnant. The discussion leads back to Delia, and Faith observes that Delia is brilliant in her way of drawing all attention back to herself. Jill tries to tell Frank that he is not the father of her unborn baby, but Seneca interrupts their visit.

Episode #0355
Original Airdate: November 17, 1976
Maeve testifies that to her belief, Little John would be better off with his father. Mary tells Alex that she's helped Jack as much as she can, and now it's time for Jack to make some effort of his own. Delia presents her case, telling the judge that she knows that she has to grow up or that she will lose everything, including her baby. Frank questions her, asking if he couldn't make her happy, how does she expect a two year old bear the weight of keeping her happy? Mary tells Jack that he's miserable and that he's trying to make her miserable too, but that he can't. She insists that she's glad she is pregnant, and that she is not going to leave him, and he is not going to leave her. She finally breaks through to him, and they share a kiss. Bob testifies and is very torn as he says how much he loves Frank, but that he believes that Little John should be with his mother. Later, Pat testifies, and is obviously sad about siding with Frank, which makes it even more effective. After Pat's testimony is complete, Delia's lawyer turns to her and tells her that the only thing that can get her custody now is a direct miracle.

Episode #0356
Original Airdate: November 18, 1976
Bucky runs into Delia at the bar, and she presses him about Jill's "condition". Bucky refuses to give her any further information, leaving Delia furious. Seneca shares his questions and concern about Jill with Faith, but Faith isn't able to help much. Seneca questions why Jill is so agonized. Faith insists that the source of her agony is the thought of her pregnancy becoming known before the custody hearing is over. When Seneca continues to question her, Faith advises him that she can't stay and give him answers that she doesn't have. Pat sees Bucky at the bar, and Bucky warns him about Delia's inquiries. Afterwards, Pat runs into Delia in the kitchen, and she tells him that she thinks everyone is keeping a secret about Jill's condition from her. Pat tells her to put Jill out of her mind, and leaves Delia alone and frustrated. Delia immediately calls Roger and tells him that she desperately needs to come over and see him. Faith visits Jack in his hospital room, and admits that she knows about Mary's pregnancy and his reaction to it. Jack confesses to Faith that the more honest he is about his feelings with Mary, the more he feels like a rat. Delia arrives at Roger's and explains to him exactly what happened when she pushed Jill. Delia tells him that she feels like everyone is hiding something from her about Jill, and she sees Roger hesitate. Delia insists that she will never forgive Roger if he keeps something from her that causes her to lose custody of Little John. As Delia presses him, Roger finally breaks down and tells Delia that Jill is pregnant.

Episode #0357
Original Airdate: November 19, 1976
Delia arrives at her lawyer's office first thing in the morning and informs her that Jill is pregnant with Frank's baby. Anne initially advises Delia that this news won't change anything; until she sees Delia launch into a highly emotional, chin quivering fit of indignation. Anne thinks for a moment, and says that if Delia can summon that sort of fit on demand, then they might just have something. Johnny visits Jill at the hospital to offer her some support. When he tells her how much it means to him that he and his late best friend Ed would share the same grandchild, Jill gets very emotional. Johnny apologizes for upsetting her, and leaves before he can upset her any further. Anne and Delia meet with the judge and Frank, and Delia announces that Jill Coleridge is pregnant with Frank's illegitimate baby. When Frank and Delia get into a heated argument, the judge stops them and says that he has an announcement. Jill is in hysterics as she tries desperately to get to a phone to call Frank. Clem finds her just as she is about to collapse, and helps her back to bed. He assures her that he will leave messages for both Frank and Faith, and that there is nothing for her to do but wait. The judge announces that he will need to recall two witnesses before he makes a final decision.

Episode #0358
Original Airdate: November 22, 1976
Frank tells Johnny that he thinks that he might not be awarded custody of Little John since Delia announced to the judge that Jill is pregnant. Meanwhile, Seneca visits Jill at the hospital. He tenderly gives her advice about managing her pregnancy. Jill is very serious as she begins to tell Seneca the truth about the baby, when Frank walks in. After Seneca leaves, Frank explains to Jill that Delia told the judge about Jill's pregnancy. Jill becomes very emotional, saying that she's going to go crazy if they don't unravel everything now. She prepares to tell Frank the truth, but Faith interrupts their conversation. Alex gives Jack the good news that he is ready to go home. Jack is very serious as he questions what Alex really thinks about Mary. When Alex tells Jack that he's damn lucky to have her, Jack replies that he's going to get well fast because he doesn't like the idea of Mary and Alex having daily medical consultations. Faith convinces Jill to concentrate on getting better, and to wait to tell Frank until she's back at home. Meanwhile, Seneca thinks back to the weekend he spent with Jill at the beach. Episode #0359
Original Airdate: November 23, 1976
Delia tells Mary that she has a hunch that the Ryan's are going to treat her better when she has custody of Little John. Mary is infuriated, but manages to control her temper and leave. Later, Faith and Jill congratulate Mary on her pregnancy. When Mary tells Jill that she cannot wait for them to finally be sisters-in-law, Jill gets noticeably upset. After everyone arrives at the judge's chambers, the judge explains how he arrived at his decision. It is clear to him that the divorce is going to be complicated, and that things are further complicated by Jill's pregnancy and Delia's instability. He awards temporary custody to Johnny and Maeve. Faith is with Pat and Little John when Delia runs into the apartment and into Pat's arms. Delia is explaining to Pat that Maeve and Johnny got temporary custody as they arrive home. They assure Delia that she will always be Little John's mother, and that she is welcome to stay at the apartment. Later, Delia asks Pat to have dinner with her, and he says that he can't. Feeling rejected, Delia announces that she is going to see Roger Coleridge. After she leaves, Pat starts to follow her, but Maeve and Mary stop him.

Episode #0360
Original Airdate: November 24, 1976
Delia seeks comfort in Roger, but insists that she isn't in the mood to make love. Meanwhile, Faith questions Pat about his history with Delia, asking if they were ever lovers. Seneca is with Jill as she prepares to leave the hospital and return home. When he questions Jill's apprehension, she asks him to phone her later tonight. Frank arrives to take her home, and after Seneca leaves them alone, Jill indicates that there is something that they need to straighten out when they get to her apartment. Pat admits to Faith that he and Delia were lovers in high school, and that he's felt protective over her ever since he had to break it off. At Roger's apartment, Delia asks Roger to run away with her. Roger indicates that he would like to make their relationship permanent, but Delia tells him that she's not quite ready for that. Jill arrives at her apartment with Frank to see that Frank has fully prepared for her return home with flowers, champagne and a promise ring. As he professes his love to her, Jill finds that she can't tell him the truth about the baby. Seneca's call interrupts them, but Jill cuts the call short, saying that things didn't work out as planned, and asks him to call her tomorrow. Delia returns to the Ryan apartment and tells Pat that Roger asked her to go to Europe with him. She taunts Pat as she slips into a nightgown and asks him to massage her neck. Pat is having a hard time resisting her, and finally leaves the room.

Episode #0361
Original Airdate: November 26, 1976
In a wheelchair, Jack goes through another bout of therapy moments before he is taken to the Ryan's apartment. Clem tells him if he does not take it easy he will face back or heart problems for the rest of his life. Delia brings a cold Little John home from the park and is upset when Maeve questions her ability to take care of him. Later, Little John is miserable and Delia wants to call a doctor. Maeve tells her to call Faith and Delia quickly changes her mind. Jack arrives and is apprehensive about staying at the Ryan's; especially when he finds out the Little John is sick. Against Maeve's wishes Delia convinces Clem to take a look at the baby and is told that he is definitely sick. Johnny arrives home with the news that Jack's hospital bills have been paid in full. The consensus is that it was either Bucky or Seneca but with no way to know for sure they decide to accept it. When Little John continues to cry Mary asks her parents to do something about it and quick, before Jack decides to go to a nursing home after all. Maeve has a talk with Jack who is able to relax and accept her help to get through the upcoming weeks. When Faith finds out that Jill has yet to tell Frank the truth, she warns her that if she waits too long it will only make matters worse. When she admits to being jealous of their relationship Frank tells her that after all the time they wasted they are happy to be together and there is nothing that is going to change that. Later, when the baby awakens in tears Jack takes pain pills in order to sleep. This is a sure sign that things are going to become worse in the days ahead.

Episode #0362
Original Airdate: November 27, 1976
Jack and Mary awake and are able to laugh about the night before with Little John. When Jack has severe chest pains Mary calls for Alex against Jack's wishes. He tells her that he does not want Alex to have to spend any more time with her than necessary. Jill makes plans to keep her secret from Frank so that they can have a week of bliss alone together. Mary asks Jack if she is beginning to show and is upset when Jack does not want to talk about any aspect of her pregnancy. When Jack questions Johnny about the paid hospital bill Johnny assures him that he will investigate it and let him know. Alex arrives and when Jack notices the easy matter between Alex and Johnny he becomes a tad jealous. Alex examines Jack, who is not too pleased to have him there and tells him that he is coming along nicely. Later, when he hears Alex and Mary laughing in the living room Jack becomes angry and beckons Mary - angrily. Johnny questions both Bucky and Seneca and accepts their denial of paying Jack's hospital bill. Later, Seneca tells Bucky that he thinks that paying the bill was a nice thing for him to do. Mary tells Jack that she and Alex were laughing about her pregnancy and that if he cannot handle hearing news about the baby then she will talk to someone who can.

Episode #0363
Original Airdate: November 28, 1976
Frank pays a visit to Delia to ask her for a divorce and tells him that she will do it, but only if she can get full custody of Little John. Frank tells her that sooner or later he will get a divorce and she replies that he will - but not before Jill's baby needs a name. Mary presses Bucky to find out if he was the one that paid the hospital bill. He evades and tells her that whoever it was does not want to be thanked and that she should leave it at that. Later, Bucky tries to comfort Mary by telling her that he understands Jack's feelings about being a father because it would mean that he had to share Mary with someone else. Delia takes satisfaction at having the upper hand over Frank - for once. When Bob questions Delia's motives about not giving Frank a divorce she tells him that it does not suit her and that the one thing that can speed up the process is that if she and Pat were to get together. Pat is appalled when he finds out of Delia's plans to go to Europe with Roger. Mary tells Maeve that she hopes that Jack can learn to share her feelings about children. Maeve tells her to have faith and that everything will be all right. Pat tells Delia that she were willing to grow up a little then she could take care of herself and not have to rely so much on others. Half dressed, she falls into his arms and tells him that she only wants to be with him but since she can't then she will just have to take what or who she can get. And that is Roger Coleridge.

Episode #0364
Original Airdate: November 29, 1976
Jack is being a difficult patient, which does not sit well with Mary. When he makes a comment about the breakfast that she made for him her temper flares and they fight over the tray. Jill shares memories with Faith of the times that the three musketeers; her, Frank and Bob worked closely together. When Bob arrives he and Jill discuss the current situation and Bob confirms for her that the future of their friendship looks shaky. When Mary tells Jack that he needs to be more considerate of her family, Jack becomes sarcastic causing a rift to come between the two. Maeve tells Johnny that she would be happier if Pat would pay a bit more attention to Faith than Delia. Johnny gets upset when he sees the mood that Jack has put Mary in. Maeve tells Mary to put on a good face around her father if she does not want him to straighten Jack out. Mary remembers happier times between her and Jack and ends up in tears. Bob tells Jill that it is her fault that Frank's dreams have come crashing down around her. Bob defends Delia to Jill and she tells him that she is on the verge of losing a lot more than Delia has lost. Maeve and Johnny fill Alex in on Jack's behavior. Maeve and Johnny are grateful when Alex invites Mary for a trip to the farm. When she tells Jack where she is going he pretends to be asleep and she goes without his permission. Later, Maeve takes Jack some breakfast and when he inquires about Mary she tells him that Alex took her for a drive. When Jack explodes Johnny intervenes and Maeve has to break the two up. Maeve takes Johnny into the living room to calm him and he asks her, "If Jack is behaving this way now, what is he going to do when he finds out what is really wrong with him?"

Episode #0365
Original Airdate: November 30, 1976
Delia receives travel books in the mail and when she calls Roger he convinces her that they need to take their trip as soon as possible - hopefully New Years Day. He makes plans to take her to get her passport and take her shopping, which she accepts when she hears Pat come in looking for Mary. When Mary returns from her trip with Alex Jack gives her a piece of his mind and ends up insulting every member of her family - especially Johnny Ryan. Frank intervenes and tells Jack that if he has anything to say to say it to him. Roger takes Delia shopping she strings him along and tells him that they can leave for their trip soon. Frank tries to calm Jack but to no avail. Jack tells him that Mary is finally out from under his shadow and that he cannot tell him how to treat his wife. Mary tries to apologize to Frank for Jack's behavior and is comforted by Frank when he tells her that he understands Jack's pain. She shares her fears with Frank about what is going to happen when Jack finds out the truth about his sex life. Delia tells Pat that she knows that they cannot be together but will be able to keep him in her heart during her travel to places that she and Pat dreamed about. Pat comes close to kissing Delia and leaves her room.

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