Listed on this page are dog & cat breeders who are committed to a "raw-is-best" lifestyle with MINIMAL/NO VACCINES for their dogs.  If you are looking for a puppy from a Breeder who follows these principles then this is the place to start!  

If you are a dog (or Cat!) breeder who also follows these principles and your link is not listed here then contact me with you details. You MUST be committed to a natural lifestyle via one of the RAW diets such as BARF, Schultes, Pitcairn, Natural Rearing or other recognised raw diet with minimal or no vaccines to be able to list here.

For ease of listing, and because being Australian I am unfamiliar with Breed Groupings overseas I have decided to set out the listings in Alphabetical Order of Breeds, rather than in Groupings.  I feel that this will prove much easier for updating, also, as the list of breeders increases.

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Kristy Dougherty
Weimaraners & Rhodesian Ridgebacks
[email protected]

Alice K Raymond
Adelgrau Weimaraners
[email protected]

Pam Wenzel
JC's Weimaraners
[email protected]


Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

 Karen R Smith
Footfall Cardigan welsh Corgis
[email protected]

Pawcific Cardigans
Kathy & Emily Fish
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Camas, WA
(360) 834-0670
[email protected] 



Welsh Springer Spaniel


Lisa & David Hubler
Glyndwr Welsh Springer Spaniels
Vista, CA
(760) 643-1421
[email protected] 



Teri Johnston
Fireside Welsh Springer Spaniels
Sparrowbush, NY




West Highland White Terrier

Charlotte Adamczyk Pedersen
Kennel Snedronningen
Snedronningen Vej 2 Dall Villaby
9230 Svenstrup, Denmark , Europe
(ph) +45 98 382524
[email protected]

Marian Bulger
Whiteapple Westies
Kennewick, WA
[email protected]


Roberta & James Jamieson & Kim Green,

Lepus Perm. Reg’d Whippets (1976) and Italian Greyhounds (1991)

Raw fed since 1987, no vaccines, naturally reared and holistically cared for, functional, sound sighthounds, excelling in the show ring, on the field, in the agility ring and in your lap! Puppies occasionally that are available only to raw feeding, holistically minded homes.


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Canadian Natural Rearing Support Group:

Naturally Reared Italian Greyhounds:

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Yorkshire Terriers


Sandy Cook 
Corvallis, Or. 9733- 
Ph. # 541-745-5481 
[email protected]



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