Listed on this page are dog & cat breeders who are committed to a "raw-is-best" lifestyle with MINIMAL/NO VACCINES for their dogs.  If you are looking for a puppy from a Breeder who follows these principles then this is the place to start!  

If you are a dog (or Cat!) breeder who also follows these principles and your link is not listed here then contact me with you details. You MUST be committed to a natural lifestyle via one of the RAW diets such as BARF, Schultes, Pitcairn, Natural Rearing or other recognised raw diet with minimal or no vaccines to be able to list here.

For ease of listing, and because being Australian I am unfamiliar with Breed Groupings overseas I have decided to set out the listings in Alphabetical Order of Breeds, rather than in Groupings.  I feel that this will prove much easier for updating, also, as the list of breeders increases.

 P - T:


Kathy Fish
Joyvnture Papillons
3419 NE 242nd Ave
Camas, WA, 98607 USA
ph. 360 834 0670
[email protected]


 Anne Saylor 
 NR Papillons  
Sugarmaple Papillons
[email protected]



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Polish Lowland Sheepdogs ( P.O.N) 

Cheryl Kerner
Sinclair P.O.N's
[email protected]

Dr's Halina & Kris Bienkowski
Nicponie P.O.N's

Poodle (Standard)

Julie Borst
Standard Poodles
5514 La Jolla, CA 92037
ph. 858-488-9500
[email protected]

Halo Standard Poodles
Kadelia Hamilton
3712 Woodland Hgts Rd
Little Rock, Ar 72212
[email protected]

Cathy McGinnis

Ridgewood Standard Poodles
114 Spring Forest Trail
Sharpsburg, GA 30277
770-304-0409 - home
770-633-8920 - cell/voice mail
770-304-0668 - fax
[email protected]


Marion Banta
ParrisHill Standard Poodles
215 Asbury/West Portal Road
Asbury, New Jersey 08802-1151
[email protected]

Min poodles, black & brown. 
Chardonnay regd, 
Lisa Dykes. 
8184 117 street, Delta B.C,v4c 7a6. 
phone 604-596-3571. 
 [email protected]



Portuguese Water Dog

Norm & Janice Starr
Portuguese Water Dogs & Lagotto Romagnolo
[email protected]


Lori Kroehner
Vaganza Pugs, Saskatoon,
SK. 306-683-3644
[email protected]

Lori Prostebby
Vaganza's Reg'd
No vacc/worming/heartworm/rawfed
Saskatoon, SK
[email protected]



Linda Hall
Whirlwind Pulis
Lafayette, Colorado USA
[email protected]





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Rhodesian Ridgeback


Kristy Dougherty
Rhodesian Ridgebacks & Weimaraners
[email protected]

Deborah Adams
Orangewood Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Box 1681 Valley Center
California USA 92082 -3322
[email protected]

Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
Avril Hall
BeauBijou Kennels
2460 - 164th Street
Surrey, BC, Canada
Ph 604-542-0610
[email protected]

Salmon River Ridgebacks and Basenjis.
Jerri Langlais
91 De Fremery Drive
Brentwood California 94513
925 513 3165
[email protected]




Rita Raeker
Von Raeker Rottweilers
[email protected]

Mary Ann & Wes Snyder
Rocky Bay Knls
 Rottweilers & Chinese Cresteds
[email protected]

Debbie Cornell-Charneski
Trojan Reg'd Rottweilers
[email protected]
7494 May St,
Mission, BC, Canada
V2V 3E1

Chellen Rottweilers
Michelle I. Lennon
715 Red Cedar Lane
Monroe, NC 28110 USA
[email protected]
(704) 289-2759

Cathy Soter
Von Bingen Rottweilers
Northborough MA USA
[email protected]






Monica Stoner
[email protected]


 Deborah Fiedler 

 Pasadena, Maryland, USA
Kennel Prefix: Magic Mist 
email address: [email protected]


Schnauzer (Min)

Tina Holloway
Schnauzer (Miniature)
[email protected]

Janie Tilton
Koerklein Miniature Schnauzers
Champion stud service available. Salt/Pepper and Black/Silver
Puppies occasionally
Raw fed totally
18040 SE Emi St 
Clackamas, Or 97015-8831

Scottish Terrier

KC Scottish Terriers
Contact: Kathleen
email: [email protected]
Diet: Species Appropriate, raw, prey model
No vaccs
Holistic Health Care
Naturally Reared and Bred

Shar Pei

Jeanie Taber
Unique Shar Pei
[email protected]

Shetland Sheepdog


Breed(s) Shetland Sheepdogs
Name Darla Duffey
Location Jacksonville, Florida
Telephone number 904-262-5420  (anytime)
E-mail address  [email protected]

Type of Diet followed (BARF/Shultz (12 years)
Vaccination Schedule nosodes or none
Availability and prices: Occasionally puppies/young adults/older adults -
Companions & Show Prospects

Probably most importantly of all is what you feed your Sheltie.  We haven't spent all these years raising good healthy dogs to sell them to buyers who are not committed to excellent nutrition and an alternative approach to any needed veterinary care.
They thrive on fresh whole foods every days of their lives. This means optimal health for your sheltie, and our grand-dog and practically non-existant vet bills for you. Most chronic disease to dogs is directly traceable to commercial foods.

We believe in no vaccines..
Darla Duffey

Jacksonville Sheltie Rescue  <>     

If there are no dogs in heaven,then when I die I want to go where they went

Mailto:[email protected]

Lyn Schaber
Fairwood Shetland Sheepdogs
[email protected]

Tammy DeJong 
Shetland Sheepdogs
235 Doolittle St. ,
Rapid City, S.D. 57701 
(605) 718-9443 
 [email protected] 
puppies due soon!

Al & Karin Stever
Saskatoon SK Canada
Shetland Sheepdogs
[email protected]

Toni Pomasl.
Mtn. Mysts Shelties.

Address is 15142 S. Elk Creek Rd.;
Pine, CO 80470,
phone is 303-838-3753.

Independent Consultant for the Pampered Chef 
Mtn Mysts Shelties 
[email protected] 

Shiba Inu

Susan Beattie
244 Bessborough St
Fredericton, NB Canada E3B 2Y4
ph. 506-455-8410
[email protected]

Siberian Husky


 Lori Clark 
my web site url: 
email addy: [email protected]
 Siberian Huskies




Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier  

Nancy & Virgil Elijosius
Fairfield Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers
Ontario, Canada
[email protected]



Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Jenny Griffiths
Maxnjay Staffordshire Bull Terriers
Melbourne Australia
The home of Champion BARF Fed Staffords



Sussex Spaniel


Debbi Miller, B.S., N.D
5939 Trumbull Rd.
Geneva, OH 44041
phone 440-474-4504
fax 440-474-4094
 [email protected]
web- under construction - 






Tibetan Terrier

Yvonne and Jim Mantell,
Kintara Tibetan terriers,
Hamilton, New Zealand.
email [email protected]


Toy Manchester Terrier

Miriam Tyler
Sertnly Toy Manchester Terriers
Phoenixville,PA. USA
[email protected]

Linda Richard
Nanrox Beauceron & Toy Manchester Terrier
4281 Ste-Rose Blvd
Laval, Quebec, Canada H7R 1X5
ph. 450-627-5562
[email protected]


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