If YOU are a CAT BREEDER who follows the guidelines for being listed here, ie Min/NO Vaccs and a Raw, Natural Diet and would like to be listed here then please email me with your contact info.

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Kennel Prefix; 

email address; 

Website URL if you have one; 

Breeds you own; 

other details that can be included such as address/phone no.



Michelle Bernard
Naturally Raised American Shorthairs
e-mail: [email protected]
Located near to Charlotte, NC


Crystal Snow
Crystal Pond Persians and Himalayans
[email protected] 




Julie Spayde
Maine Coon Cats.

We feed a natural raw diet consisting of RMBs,
organs and muscle meat. We do not vaccinate.

Koontucky Maine Coons
[email protected]





 Ashh Molloy
Cattery name: Puddha's Palace
Breeds: Orientals Shorthairs, Siamese, Oriental Longhairs and Balinese
http:// www.puddhaorientals.co.uk
Email: [email protected]
Location: England
Further info: Small breeder, breeding from family pets. High ethical standards. Species appropriate diet, natural remedies, minimal vaccination. Comprehensive advice and support for kitten buyers.




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