Listed on this page are dog & cat breeders who are committed to a "raw-is-best" lifestyle with MINIMAL/NO VACCINES for their dogs.  If you are looking for a puppy from a Breeder who follows these principles then this is the place to start!  

If you are a dog (or Cat!) breeder who also follows these principles and your link is not listed here then contact me with your details. You MUST be committed to a natural lifestyle via one of the RAW diets such as BARF, Schultes, Pitcairn, Natural Rearing or other recognised raw diet with minimal or no vaccines to be able to list here.

For ease of listing, and because being Australian I am unfamiliar with Breed Groupings overseas I have decided to set out the listings in Alphabetical Order of Breeds, rather than in Groupings.  I feel that this will prove much easier for updating, also, as the list of breeders increases.

F - J:


Fila Brasileiro

Jennifer Hubbart
Fila Brasileiro


French Bulldog

Jennifer Hubbart
French Bulldog





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German Shepherd Dog

 Talynnhaus German Shepherds
[email protected] 

Valerie Gainer
Vom Haus Weinbrand German Shepherds 
[email protected]

Shelley Fritzke
Tehillah German Shepherds
[email protected]


Lisa Clark
Zu Treuen Händen,
working German Shepherd Dogs
11700 Burmeister
Manchester, Michigan, USA 48158
[email protected]

working Labrador Retrievers
and German Shepherd Dogs.
Joanne M. Reitz
[email protected]

Bonnie Kuhlman
Kuhlman Haus German Shepherd Dogs
617 W. Smoke Tree Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85233
[email protected]
West German Working Show Line German Shepherds
Black and Reds
Parents raised on raw diet - no grains, no dairy.
No vaccinations except Rabies for legal compliance.

Von Ragus German Shepherds
Nina & Dave Despres
732 Fisher Road
No. Dartmouth, MA. 02747 USA
[email protected]

Giant Schnauzer

Wayne & Leah Hill
Flynhamer Giant Schnauzer
La Mirada, CA


Glen Of Imaal Terrier

Holly Best
Powheiri Glen of Imaal Terriers 

Martha Parry
Parrson's Glen of Imaal Terriers
Gales Ferry, CT
[email protected]

Alison Seall
West Sussex, UK
 [email protected]
Raw feeding details on the 'Nutrition' page

Golden Retriever

Ruth Turner
Amilone Golden Retriever
[email protected]

Jane Fall
Fernfall Golden Retrievers
[email protected]

Wendy Galt
Coquitlam, B.C.
Wengar (Reg'd) Golden Retrievers
Unicity/Enrich IBO
email: [email protected]

Elaine Petersen
Dannebrog Golden Retrievers
Ontario, Canada
[email protected]


Katrina J Taylor
Soldongold Golden Retrievers
Queensland, Australia
ph. +61 7 406119649
[email protected]

Kathy Burgess
Golden Quest Golden Retrievers
[email protected]

Robin Bowen
Golden Retrievers
Hixson TN 37343
telephone # is 423- 718-4363.
[email protected]

Great Danes

Jody Loop
Jaya Great Danes & Border Collies
see also Border Collie listing
[email protected]

Lisa E Davis
Allyndane Great Danes
[email protected]

Betty Lewis
Animal Communicator & Holistic Consultant
Waccabuc Great Danes & Whippets
[email protected]

Magda Aguila
Aquiline Great Danes
Naturally Reared Fawns & Harlequins since 1988
Animal Nutrition & Homeopathic Consultations
Greenville, South Carolina, USA
[email protected]  


Joanna Kimball
Much Ado Great Danes
West Virginia, US
E-mail: [email protected]

VonHapbsurg Danes
3 Generations of Naturally Reared Danes
Raw diets and no vaccines ever.
[email protected]






Robin and Jim Mosher
Havana Silk Dogs Havanese
[email protected] (under construction)
We raise and show Natural Reared AKC Havanese
Raw Prey Model, No vaccines, No use of commercial
flea or worm products.
in Palm Desert California



Christa Wendlandt
Vom Sonnenschein Hovawarts
[email protected]

 Susan Garka
Kennel Name: Vom Treuen Freund (Faithful Friends)
Email: [email protected]



Icelandic Sheepdogs/ Iceland Dogs

Valerie Sharp
Greenstone Icelandic Sheepdogs & Iceland Dogs
[email protected]

Irish Terriers

Anne B. Bird
[email protected]
Irish Terriers
Orange, VA 22960

Irish Water Spaniel

Florence Blecher
Hooligan Irish Water Spaniels,
Los Angeles, CA
[email protected]

   Irish Wolfhound


Donna Castle
Castlekeep Irish Wolfhounds
Ontario, Canada,
[email protected]


Karontara Irish Wolfhounds, Reg'd
Karon Volk
3560 Horse Creek Road,
Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA 82009
home phone: 307-637-8999
bus phone: 307-634-5943
e-mail: [email protected]

   Italian Greyhound

Naomi Kane
Lewenhart Italian Greyhounds & Leonbergers
Toronto, Ontario
[email protected]

Laura & Mark Thompson
Equus Italian Greyhounds & Rescue
Connecticut, USA
[email protected]


Mary Marlowe
Rhamah Italian Greyhounds
Athens, Georgia
[email protected]

 Rebecca DeFelice
Dachshund (Min);Cocker Spaniel; Italian Greyhound
Bloomington, Indiana
[email protected]


Roberta & James Jamieson & Kim Green,

Lepus Perm. Reg’d Whippets (1976) and Italian Greyhounds (1991)

Raw fed since 1987, no vaccines, naturally reared and holistically cared for, functional, sound sighthounds, excelling in the show ring, on the field, in the agility ring and in your lap! Puppies occasionally that are available only to raw feeding, holistically minded homes.


NR/BARF Supplier and Breeder Directory Listings:

Canadian Natural Rearing Support Group:

Naturally Reared Italian Greyhounds:

Having problems with unwanted aggression?:


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Jack Russell Terriers

Barbara Bancroft
Ashland Jack Russell Terriers
[email protected]



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